That which can be destroyed by the truth should be.
-P.C. Hodgell
Lord Galen
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Sniper Radio

I suppose this is what they call a "podcast" which is really just me putting an MP3 online and calling it "radio" when it's not. But whatever. If retarded ass bloggers can do this shit and call it whatever the fuck made-up name they want, I can too! You can listen here or download the MP3 for later listening (or if you're on dial-up like me, it's a lot easier to download than to stream).

» Sniper Radio 20 - Click Here To Listen
It's been an unbelievably long wait for this, the 20th episode of the lamest podcast on the entire Internet! Join Lord Galen as he bitches about things and runs through a list of his wishes.

» Sniper Radio 19 - Click Here To Listen
Finally, after the LOOONG absense due to technical issues, Sniper Radio returns! Bigger and lamer BADDER than ever! FUCK YEAH!

» Sniper Radio 18 - Click Here To Listen
Another long-awaited update on all the bullshit happening in the magical land of Galen's real life.

» Sniper Radio 17 - Click Here To Listen
Just an update on the marvelous life of Lord Galen

» Sniper Radio 16 - Click Here To Listen
The return of everyone's favorite guest star...!

» Sniper Radio 15 - Click Here To Listen
This one's been a long time in the making, yet it's no better than the others, lol. A crazy voicemail, and the final episode of the Crimson_Might Trilogy!

» Sniper Radio 14 - Click Here To Listen
It's sing along with Galen! Plus, Episode 2 of the Crimson_Might Trilogy!

» Sniper Radio 13 - Click Here To Listen
Interview with Meg, a talk with Crim, and the first installment of a very special biography.

» Sniper Radio 12 - Click Here To Listen
Wadekarl gets his chance to "pwn" me and blows it, causing great lulz.

» Sniper Radio 11 - Click Here To Listen
Everything on SnipeMe sucks ass, plus two "celebrity" interviews

» Sniper Radio 10 - Click Here To Listen
The very first in a new line of Sniper Radio. Bigger, Longer, and other adjectives that could also be used to describe Lord Galen himself. Tune in, motherfucker!

» Sniper Radio 9 - Click Here To Listen
What is Lord Galen thankful for this year? Listen to the special Thanksgiving edition of the show to find out!

» Sniper Radio 8 - Click Here To Listen
An art teacher got fired from her job because her students saw nude statues on a field trip! How fuckin' stupid is that shit?! YEE-HAWWW!!!! We done haked this de skripshun!

» Sniper Radio 7 - Click Here To Listen
Crazy conspiracy nut, the sequel! Join Lord Galen and special guest host Apoplexy Chaosmagick as we fuck with the mind of the whacko from Sniper Radio 6!

» Sniper Radio 6 - Click Here To Listen
Best Sniper Radio episode yet! It's Lord Galen's half-hour prank call special!

» Sniper Radio 5 - Click Here To Listen
If you're old and fucking ugly (two things that usually go hand in hand), this one's for you! Plus, if you smack your kids like the fucking moron you are, this one's for you too!

» Sniper Radio 4 - Click Here To Listen
Revel in the sad random ravings of a stark mad Galen. This episode includes fat women, myspace, and American Idol. A sure hit!

» Sniper Radio 3 - Click Here To Listen
Ah, the joys of stupid fucking idiot anti-sex parents when they're completely PWN3D by fate. It's awesome, but sad and frustrating too....

» Sniper Radio 2 - Click Here To Listen
The W3C has pissed me off once again! Damnit!

» Sniper Radio 1 - Click Here To Listen
Lord Galen bitches about hand moisturizer! It's the infamous Sniper Radio debut!