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How to Fix WinMX
November 6, 2005
(Last Update: July 5, 2006 - PIE Patch 3.2)

Under the threat of a lawsuit from the RIAA, the makers of the WinMX p2p client had to shut down. Their website and central servers (which held the master caches) were taken down in September 2005 and because of this, even though it's a p2p app, people were unable to connect to the service.

Personally, WinMX has always been my favorite p2p app. I love it and I'm glad the community fixed this problem. Oh yes, the WinMX community took care of shit and WinMX does work now. However, you need to apply the user-created patch.

In the interests of telling the RIAA to go fuck itself, here's the fix. Please note that P2P apps should be used responsibly and you should not download copyrighted material with WinMX because doing so is illegal. You have been warned, therefore anything you do with WinMX is your responsibility, not mine.

1. Open your Windows HOSTS file. It's located at:
C:\WINNT\system32\drivers\etc\. The file is simply named "hosts" with no extension. Open it with Notepad.

2. Find the line (usually the last line) that says:   localhost

3. Skip a line and paste the following right below it:

Again, I cannot say this enough (to keep my ass legal), DO NOT USE THIS FUCKING INFORMATION TO DOWNLOAD COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL!!!

Credit for this patch goes to Operation PIE I'll try to keep things up to date here, but please visit their site to make sure you have the latest patch version. Also, if you can help out with Operation PIE, please volunteer your time!

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