Of all bad men religious bad men are the worst.
-C.S. Lewis
Lord Galen
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Image Gallery

Below are links to some images that I've used for various purposes here (and on other websites).

The Official SnipeMe.com mascot telling you to fuck off
Proud of your flag? HA, you sissy! Burn that son of bitch!
The "Public Educators' Handbook"
Galen's standard Birthday wish to everyone
Ohio House Bill 265 (Re: this rant )
Hate assholes and their bullshit petitions?
Animated "You're A Fucking Retard"
"Texas Fucking Sucks"
(well... it DOES!)
Galen's been naughty in Iraq....
The cover of Galen's best selling how-to book!
"The South Will NEVER Rise Again"
(Fuck the South... those bastards)
The Cover

The Inside
Galen's version of a "Get Well" card
(ie, the "Get Dead" card)
"Debating on the Internet..."
(this was not created by Galen, it's just funny as hell)
Galen and a friend in drag and copping a feel
Firefox Sucks!
Maybe Florida will get the hang of voting one of these days...
(not created by Galen)
Sometimes the environmentalists just push Galen too far....
Those zanny Iraqis again....
Mathew Lesko, the guy who promises tons of free money, reveals his dirty little secret....
(thanks to Apoplexy Chaosmagick for the idea)
Remember Al Bundy's little organization?
The single largest search phrase leading to this site is, for some strange reason, "Pirates of the Carribean." So, I made them a special greeting
Christopher Reeve speaks to us from beyond the grave...
Here's a dollar for you to Shut The Fuck Up!
Galen displays his "colorful language"
The man himself!
A cartoon woman strips for SnipeMe user, "Bud" because that's the only thing he can get....
(Warning - animated nudity - those under 18 are advised not to click)
(Created using FKiss)

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