Common sense isn't all that common.
Lord Galen
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Misc. Shit

This section of the site is for just random shit that I've thrown together. There's no standard "point" to any of it, though each thing may have it's own individual merits. Enjoy.... or don't. Fuck you.

SnipeMe Games
A collection of Lord Galen's favorite online flash games.

Trends in Premarital Sex in the United States, 19542003
A very important study, reprinted here for discussion as well as the purposes of further disseminating this information.

List of Iraq Casualties under the age of 21
Old enough to die for your country, but too young to have a fucking beer? Read the names and get sick about it. You should.

How Santa Came to Be
A new SnipeMe Christmas story telling the TRUE history of where Santa Claus really came from.

Galen Saves Christmas
It's a SnipeMe Christmas story, narrated by Lord Galen himself. This was written for Christmas 2004, but for some reason it never got publicly listed her until now.

How to Fix WinMX
Thanks to the buttfucks at the RIAA, WinMX had to shut down. Lucky for us, the loyal user base got it up and running again on their own. If you're a former WinMX user still pining away for the program, check this out to see how to make it work again.

Galen's First Comic
Despite it's name, this is not really a comic. It's just a little animated...something....that I've thrown together out of sheer boredom. Please note that I am not an artist which is why the art sucks. Despite that, it still rules because I did it.

Don't let the short title fool you... This is one fucked up ride. I will caution you though. If you have a weak stomach, this story is not for you.

The Great Shit Story
An infamous tale of a psycho roommate. This is supposedly a true story, though who can really be sure of that considering that this is the Internet. However, there's some crazy fuckers out there, so I wouldn't doubt that this is all true.

Galen's List of Quotes
A collection of quotes kept by Galen for the past decade or so.

How Galen is Going to Die
A fucking awesome story written by SnipeMe reader, SciVille. Images
Many of the images used on in rants and on the Forum.

Anti-Drug Commercial
A spoof of all those retarded ass "anti-drug" commercials. This idea was given to me by Alex Koroknay-Palicz (President of the NYRA). 9/11 Tribute
A memorial to the children who died in the WTC attacks on September 11, 2001.

JonBenet Ramsey Memorial
A small memorial standing on to honor the life and tragic death of JonBenet Ramsey

You Are An Idiot!
A flash file to proclaim what an idiot you are. This flash is usually played on sites when the site has just infected you with a virus or something nasty like that. Not here though.... I prefer to just play it to remind you all of your place! You'll notice that the link name doesn't give away what it actually is... good way to surprise your friends.

A guide on how to use a message board (ya dumbass...)

The Olsen's Thong
A short video clip from "Two of a Kind" that proves once and for all that at least one of the Olsen Twins wears a good 'ol T-back!