Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.
-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Lord Galen
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a few of the commonly asked questions or issues that people send mail about. Click on the question to expand or collapse the answer.

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What the fuck happened?! Where's Snipers Inc.?!

Why does your site suck so much? Don't you know anything about web design?

Why are you so mean?

What makes you right and everyone else wrong?

Why are you so arrogant? Get over yourself!

Why do you hate everyone?

Galen, your site sucks dude!

Can I have an e-mail address?

Why is spamming me?!

I think you're a racist / pervert / pedophile / chauvinist pig / sissy / bastard / prick / asshole / etc, etc, etc, ad nauseum.

Dude! The colors for the links... Is that pink?!?!?

What happened to my favorite rant?

I tried to register on your forum but it asks me for an Invitation Code. What is this?

Why didn't you post the Guest Rant I submitted?

Will you post a link to my site / trade links with me?

Why don't you provide sources for all of your "facts?"

How can you reprint entire news articles? Isn't that copyright violation?

You did [x] thing. Take it down or I'LL SUE YOU!

Can I use BB Codes or something to format my Guest Rant or Dear Galen submission?

One of my loved one's names is on your list of Under 21 Casualties in Iraq. I don't like this. I want you to remove the name.

When are you going to update your site next?!

Why didn't you answer my Dear Galen letter? I really needed help with my boyfriend/girlfriend/blind date/whatever!

Want to ask your own stupid question?
Go ahead and give it your best shot