Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.
-Benjamin Franklin
Lord Galen
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These games are here just because I fucking like them. That's all. Play them, enjoy them, or fucking don't. The games are gathered from various sites around the web, such as,, etc. Y'know, the standard "omgflashgames!" sites. These are just my personal favorites.

Each game page opens in a new window/tab and contains nothing but the embedded game file itself. Hit F11 to go fullscreen and get the most out of it.

Sugar, Sugar - Draw lines to control the flow of sugar in order to fill the cups. A seemingly simple physics puzzle that soon becomes quite a challenge.

Gravity Master - Draw shapes (which become reality) and use the laws of physics to get your ball to the targets. Starts out simple, but gets fucking hard involving ramps, levers, etc. Kind of addicting!

Zombie Assault - Kick-ass zombie shooter. Earn money for each zombie killed and use it to buy upgrades like better weapons and barricades. You only have one life, so do your best to keep your insides on the inside. Mwahahahahaha...

Click here for the hacked version that allows you to cheat

Portal - This is a flash version of Valve's Portal that came with the Orange Box. Use your portal gun to navigate various obstacles and reach... safety? Best re-wire your brains, bitches, cuz now you gotta think with portals!

Sniper: Year One - This sniper game starts out kinda easy, but it quickly get tough and calls for some fucking skill. Be patient, take aim, and most importantly: Headshots or you're a pussy!

Divine Intervention - Another zombie shooter. This one is fucking hard (not to mention gruesome). Seriously, 5 steps into the game, you'll be going "OMGWTF?!?!" And just when you think you've got the hang of it, a goddamn zombie pops up out of fucking nowhere and feeds you your asshole. Enjoy!

Mort the Sniper - A pretty simple (but fun) sniper game. No, it's not the advertures of a Jewish sniper. "Mort" is apparently the name of an agency of snipers. The sniper's name is Andre. I know, I don't get it either, but the game makes up for the stupid title.

Dune Buggy - Not bloody, gory, or even involving weaponry. Yet, for some reason, this little game kept me hooked for an entire weekend until I beat the bastard. This game contains 15 progressively more difficult levels. You CAN mute the sound and pause the game, which I didn't know when I first played it (upper left corner).

Box Clever - Not much to this little game. It's just a cute little time killer. Don't get me wrong, it DOES require some brain power as the levels get harder and it can be slightly addicting too. Guide your little blob guy through various levels, dropping, pushing, bouncing boxes as you go. No blood, gore, guts, sex, or violence, except for killing off "the diseased" little blob guys that stand in your way.

God's Playing Field - This is just a simple little time-waster for when you're bored... and feel like murdering everyone with God's powers! Start off with the Fist of God, earn money for every person you smash and buy more powers, eventually unlocking Freestyle Mode after you've nuked the world.

Warlords: Heroes - A pretty involved adventure/fighting game. Easy at times, hard as fuck at times, and it seems like it could go on for hours. Don't worry, the game saves your progress so you can quit and continue later.