That which can be destroyed by the truth should be.
-P.C. Hodgell
Lord Galen
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Hobby Lobby Sucks
But At Least They're Honest
July 1, 2014

Yesterday, we saw one of the biggest and most controversial rulings come down from the Supreme Court. In that ruling, it was determined that Hobby Lobby and other such privately owned businesses can refuse to cover certain things on their employee's health insurance because of religious freedom.

To start with, Hobby Lobby are a collective bunch of idiots and they'll never see a single dime of my business again. I would've said the same thing about Chick-fil-A, but they have delicious chicken and that trumps all moral/ethical concerns. Hobby Lobby, on the other hand, are a bunch of self-righteous and, by the way, WRONG assholes. Their entire argument was that things like "Plan B" are chemical abortions and abortion is against their religion.

Plan B (and the 3 other forms of birth control covered by this ruling) works by preventing conception. It does NOT work by terminating a pregnancy. But don't bother to tell them, their lawyers, or the Justices of the United States Supreme Court any of that. No, we couldn't possibly invoke facts into your shitty retarded little debate. Let's just make landmark decisions that affect millions of people based on what we "believe" to be reality. Let's not do anything simple like, I dunno, getting Plan B and reading the goddamn instructions where it explains how the fucking thing works! No, no...

But all of that is a given. A retarded little bullshit arts & crafts store where the owners think their shit doesn't stink and their employees should be forced to sniff it. That doesn't even piss me off nearly as much as what the fucking liberals are doing right now.

Lying. I fucking HATE liars and, especially, when you're lying for political gains. Every left-leaning friend and Facebook page I've seen is up in arms because now women can't get birth control if they work at Hobby Lobby. How dare they?!

Except you should do some research, you knee-jerking idiots!

See that picture? Yeah, I'm sure you've seen it on your Facebook feed today. Here's the thing: It's an outright lie. The picture above labels standard low-dose hormone birth control pills as "not covered" when, in fact, they are still covered. As are *most* common forms of birth control.

The Supreme Court's ruling covered the category of "emergency contraceptives" or, what Hobby Lobby and their supporters have labeled as "abortifacient" drugs. My objection to this is that the drugs are *not* actually abortifacient, but are preventative of conception. Regardless, Hobby Lobby won on those grounds and got 4 drugs banned from their own insurance plan.

Yes, 4 drugs. There are still sixteen other forms of birth control that are covered and not at all affected by this ruling, INCLUDING the fucking pill!

Now, I'm sure that the average person re-posting this shit on Facebook doesn't know they're spreading a lie. Or maybe they do and just don't care? I mean, it sure goes a long way toward making your opponent sound like evil misogynist bigots to say that they're not allowing their employees to have birth control, doesn't it? Fuck, who cares if that's not the TRUTH, right?! Can't have anything like the goddamn TRUTH getting in the way of making anti-abortionists look like dicks!

Liberals should really go make friends with people who think and act like they do. Hmmm... I wonder if there's any other group of people in this country who consistently make shit up about their opponents, outright lie, and go out of their way to build straw men to misrepresent the other side. You guys think there might be a group out there who acts exactly like that?

And THIS is why I will never let anyone call me a "liberal" no matter how many left-leaning ideals I espouse. Because BOTH sides are fucking full of shit and this Hobby Lobby case is a wonderful example of it! On the right, we have a maelstrom of idiots chanting about how wonderful and awesome this is that Hobby Lobby doesn't haven't pay for chemical abortions (and these idiots are fucking wrong). Then, on the left, we have a 70-foot tidal wave of dumbfuckery screaming about how evil and bigoted and terrible it is now that the Supreme Court has carved in stone that women aren't allowed to have birth control because their boss says so (and that, too, is fucking wrong)!

I usually expect better of the left, although I don't know why. On *both* sides of this debacle, I see nothing but a bunch of goddamn mindless assholes reposting, reblogging, retweeting, and not understanding one goddamn word of what they're even fucking talking about!

Supreme Justice Galen has spoken! Court is adjourned! All of you get the fuck out and shut the fuck up about it now!

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