Parents can only give good advice or put them on the right paths, but the final forming of a person's character lies in their own hands.
-Anne Frank
Lord Galen
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Anti-Abortion is Anti-Woman!
(Except When It's Not)
July 7, 2013

The title of this rant is a bit misleading and the point I'm going to be making is a bit convoluted. Let me start by stating that any law trying to control the reproductive rights of women IS anti-woman. I'm not trying to make any point that any laws that affect women negatively should not be classified as "anti-woman."

The problem is that while such laws are most certainly anti-woman, that isn't how they're intended by the Pro-Lifers. I see posts everyday from liberal Facebook pages and such that seriously seem to be saying that they think Republican legislators and activists are all sitting in a dark room, stroking their mustaches, saying, "What can we do to fuck with woman today? We're not oppressing them hard enough!"

While I'm loathe to "defend" these douchebags, I'm even more disgusted at the Left taking a page straight out of the old Fox News playbook: Let's just make up our enemy's motives and then demonize it!

Those who are "pro-life" hold the sincere and honest belief that abortion is the murder of innocent babies. With this belief, they feel that no woman (or indeed, no person at all) has the "right" to murder babies. They are correct that nobody has the right to murder babies. The flaw in their thinking is the belief that a 6-week-old fetus is the same thing as a human infant.

Flaw or not, THAT is their real motivation. They are seeking to protect innocent lives and, yes, they get downright mean and nasty about it. Wouldn't you? If you sincerely believed that murdering babies was legal, would you be fucking nice about trying to stop it? Wouldn't you, in fact, feel that almost anything was justifiable to stop such a monstrous thing from happening? Of course you would, don't bullshit me! If you really thought the government was endorsing and allowing baby-killing, you'd lie and make up "facts" and fight like a vicious bitch to see that it stopped!

Now, as I said, they're wrong. We know they're wrong, but the flaw in the Pro-Choice thinking is "since we know they're wrong, they must know it too!" Under that assumption, Pro-Choice pumps out the propoganda that they're only doing this shit because they want to control and oppress women. After all, when you assume that they know a fetus isn't a baby, that's the only reason there could be! But that assumption is as bad as theirs.

They DON'T know they're wrong.

For them, women's rights don't even enter the equation. After all, nobody has the right to murder a baby. Why in the hell would it ever even OCCUR to them to think of the woman's "right to choose?" Nobody can choose MURDER, right?!

I don't agree with their belief, but that doesn't give me the right to just make up shit about them in order to make them look like assholes. They're not assholes. They're fighting to protect (what they believe to be) the lives of millions of innocent children.

This morning I saw a news article about the Texas legislature passing an anti-abortion bill in spite of fierce opposition. The comment by the liberal who posted it to Facebook was something about the "fist of the patriarchy." My eyes nearly rolled out of my fucking head. Listen, you moron, this has nothing to do with any patriarchy. The Texas government didn't push that law through because they want to keep women in the kitchen, they passed it because they think they're saving babies! What is so fucking hard to understand about that?!

So why am I, a very liberal and Pro-Choice person, sitting here defending the Pro-Lifers? I'm not. I'm defending the truth. It doesn't matter where stupid bullshit comes from, it is the job of every single one of us to call it out! When Fox News makes out like Pro-Choicers are a bunch of baby murdering atheist shitholes whose only real goal is to push Satan's agenda, that's bullshit and it needs to be slapped back down. BUT, when liberals sit there at their keyboards and on TV making out like Pro-Lifers are a bunch of 1950s men who are only against abortion because THEY want to be the one's controlling what women do, that's fucking bullshit too and it also needs to be slapped the fuck down!

So no, I'm not "defending" people for being against abortion. They're idiots. They think that a fucking clump of cells incubating in the body is the same goddamn thing as a fragile innocent human life. But, at the same time, I have to respect them for exactly that same reason. They think they're defending innocent and helpless human lives. All they're trying to do is keep babies from being murdered, not oppress women.

The sad reality is, we know good and damn well that their actions ARE oppressive toward women and that their entire movement is one of the most anti-woman things on the planet. We know that to be true, but they don't and acting like they DO and that it's all just some big plot to keep women down is fucking retarded.

It's like this old episode of The Outer Limits from the 90s. There was this war between Humans and some alien race. The humans had been told that the aliens were vicious evil monsters that wanted to enslave them and murder them. At the end, you find out that the aliens had been told the same damn thing and they were really no worse than human beings.

Yes, the Pro-Choice movement is right, but that's not because the other side are a bunch of vicious woman-hating monsters, it's because they're ignorant; they don't that what they're doing is wrong. They think they're right and they think they're fighting for a just and noble cause. The moral here? Pro-Lifers aren't evil and they aren't out there trying to oppress women. I mean, they ARE trying to oppress women's rights, but they're not trying to oppress women's rights. Do you see what I'm saying?

At the end of the day, it all comes down to the fact that lies and bullshit should be unacceptable from either side.

"Pro-Choicers are baby-killing monsters who think women should be able to choose to murder their children if it's convenient for them!"
• • • That's a LIE and it's unacceptable!

"Pro-Lifers are agents of the Patriarchy whose goal is to keep women down and deny them their rights to control their own bodies!"
• • • That's a LIE and it's unacceptable!

The reason it's so hard for us to see that the 2nd one is a lie is because, from our perspective, it's not. It's the reality of the situation and that's fine to say when discussing the reality of the situation. But when discussing the motives and the people behind the Pro-Life movement, it becomes a lie, because those things are not their goals, not their passions, not what they care about at all. They don't give a shit about oppressing women! That's the last thing on their minds! They only want to stop the murder of innocents. And that's a damn fine goal, I just wish they had picked the actual murder of actual innocents on which to focus that goal.

It comes down to this: Both sides are guilty of making shit up to make the other side look like complete assholes. I'm proud to call myself Pro-Choice, but I will not disrespect my opponents by just making things up about them. I know their real motivations on this issue and I'd rather keep fighting what they really believe instead of fighting a lie about what they believe. The idea is to win hearts and minds and you don't do that by screaming at them "UR OPPRESSING US, DWN W/ PATRIARCHY!!!!!!1!" When you do that, they honestly and legitimately have no fucking clue what you're even talking about. They came for the babies, you came for the women's rights and neither of you seems to know that you're not fighting on opposite sides of the same war, you're each fighting a completely fucking different war!

Both sides and their distorted bullshit need to be brought out into the light of day. Yes, brought out into the light and left to rot and die. You might say that both Pro-Choicers and Pro-Lifers need to have their bullshit....... aborted.

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