In a society in which it is a moral offense to be different from your neighbor your only escape is never to let them find out.
-Robert A. Heinlein
Lord Galen
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HHS Mandate: Religious Persecution?
Give me a fucking break
By: Bar_Nowl  |  July 7, 2013

(A disclaimer: this rant applies to many, BUT NOT ALL, Christians, Written by a Catholic.)

Unless you live in a cave, I'm sure that many of you are aware of the HHS (Health and Human Services) Mandate proposed by Barack Obama. With that said, I'm also sure that you are aware of the opposition of this mandate from Christians (mainly Catholics). Now, that mandate was not a good move. However, many Christians bitch and whine about how "we are being persecuted, we must fight for freedom of religion", etc because of this HHS mandate. Lack of religious freedom for the Christians? More like lack of full political power for them.

If religious persecution truly existed, then why am I finding myself going to Church every Sunday and passing by Catholic schools every now and then? I'll bet that the Hispanics about to cross the fucking border in Mexico are screaming "¡ Ay no, Señor, there is religious persecution in America! Back to Ciudad Juarez, where there is freedom". How about in the Middle East, where Catholics about to get burned at the stake for practicing their religion tell their kids, "Sweetie, at least we don't live in America, that fucking shithole, where there is no religious freedom."

If you can HONESTLY fucking tell me, with a straight face, that there is religious persecution in America because of Obama, then get the fuck out. You clearly miss the times that your Church would be in political control of the country. "Religious toleration" does not equal the president patting your asses and giving you the head of the table, like Bush did. I would have been pro-life if it weren't for you damn idiots CONSTANTLY bringing up abortion. Isn't doing a random act of kindness daily, helping the homeless, elderly, disabled, victims of abuse, etc. important too? I bet some people at the March For Life walk past homeless people clearly in need and don't give them a dollar. Let me assure you, in downtown Washington DC, there are plenty of beggars to be found.

Now, I myself am a Catholic. But am I crazy for thinking that some people are TOO FUCKING OBSESSED with abortion and being pro-life? TOO MOTHERFUCKING OBSESSED! THAT'S ALL YOU CAN EVER THINK ABOUT!

In the 1500s, what made you Catholic was whether or not you believed that the bread and wine became the Body and Blood of Christ during the consecration (during a Christian Sunday Church service, about 2/3 of the way in, the priest will raise the bread and cup and bless it). Now, in 2013, it seems like you have to be pro-life in order to be a Catholic. The times really DO need to get with the Church! I could have had a V8! Hey, you guys were right!

I still love my religion, but there is SO MUCH MORE to being Catholic than picketing abortion clinics. Lastly, praise the Lord that the Church hasn't made an official stance on gun control. Their stance on abortion and gay marriage cause enough debate as it is.

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