The history of liberty is a history of resistance. The history of liberty is a history of limitations of governmental power, not the increase of it.
-Woodrow Wilson
Lord Galen
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Victim Blaming
June 6, 2012

If you're not familiar with this term, you're an idiot, but let me define it quickly just in case. "Victim blaming" is pop culture's witty catchphrase for the act of making it seem like it was a crime victim's own fault that they were the victim of a crime. Something like "She got raped because she dresses like a slut" is an example of victim blaming. Instead of putting the responsiblity where it belongs (on the perpetrator), the idiots act like it's somehow the job of every person on Earth to prevent themselves from being attacked in whatever manner some whackjob chooses to attack them.

From my explanation, you can pretty easily tell that I don't exactly approve of victim blaming. It is highly retarded in many situations to act like the victim is at fault in any way whatsoever. However, you wouldn't be here reading this if you thought I was just going to parrot the mainstream fucking hipster crap that you could hear from any feminist blog. You're here because you have a feeling that I'm about to go off on a long ass spiel about how it IS the victim's fault.

Well, that's not entirely what I'm going to do, but you're right. Sometimes, it really IS the victim's fault! Or, at the very least, the victim could've prevented their unfortunate situation by not being a moron. Let me start off with an extreme example. Please consider the image below:

And, keeping this picture in mind, consider the following scenario. Let's say I'm dressed exactly like that and I walk into a rough neighborhood filled with black people. A "ghetto" you might say. Now, I'm just casually walking down the road wearing my Klan outfit, right? No laws being broken there. If I start shouting about how I dislike people of color, I'm just expressing my opinion. No law being broken there. But now as I'm doing this, I hear a loud crack and feel a sudden pain. Oh shit, I've been SHOT! I fall down on the sidewalk and start bleeding out as people gather around to kick the shit out of me and possibly piss on me or set fire to me.

In this scenario, I wasn't doing anything technically wrong. Everything I was doing was offensive, sure, but not legally wrong. I was not victimizing anyone. But I became the victim of a vicious beating and murder. Why? The first reaction of any intelligent person would be to say "What the fuck did you THINK would happen?!" But, tsk tsk, that's VICTIM BLAMING! You can't do that or the hippy police will come slap you on the balls and call you an evil victim blamer! Why, nobody ever DESERVES violence against them and nobody is ever "asking for it." That poor racist Klan fucktard was just ignorant and deluded, but he certainly didn't WANT to get shot and beaten to death!

Sorry new-age fags, but in this scenario it was the dumbfuck Klansman's own fault that he got killed. He could've just, I dunno, NOT put himself into a situation that any rational person KNOWS is going to stir up violent sentiment towards him.

But, that's just too easy, right? I'm just making up some extreme example. That's stupid and unfair. So let's take a real case.

This is Alicia Kozakiewicz. She made friends in Yahoo! chat (before they banned minors). She found out that one of those friends was an old dude. Old Dude introduced her to his pal Scott. Scott crawled inside Alicia's head and completely fucking owned her little brain. Scott told her to leave her home and come meet him, so she did. Alicia spent a few days chained up in Scott's house being his bitch until Scott was a Grade-A fucking retard and put Alicia on cam bragging about how he "captured a teenager." So, of course, Scott got exactly what an idiot of tha caliber deserves.

Yup. When you're dumb enough to show off your kidnapping victim online, the FBI is probably gonna kick in your door in short order.

Now, in this case it's obvious who the bad guy is. It's obvious where the fault lies. And we would never ever EVER want to put any of the blame on the victim.... right? I mean, sure Alicia WAS a complete fucking moron. Yeah, she DID kinda give Scott exactly all the information he needed to find her. And yes, she did leave her house of her own accord to jump right into Scott's waiting arms. That's all true, but GOD JESUS MARY JOSEPH AND FUCKING BUDDHA FORBID that we should ever call HER an idiot and blame her!

Alicia has since gone on to become a public speaker on the dangers of the Internet. She talks to middle school kids and gives them her grand nuggets of wisdom like "The boogeyman is real and he lives on the Internet" (real quote from her, by the way).

No, no, no, no, GODFUCKINGDAMNIT NO! Scott Tyree did not find your stupid teeny-bopper ass by climbing through the fucking screen and snatching you away to the evil demon land under the bed, you dumb cunt! He found you because you practically drew him a map and then you put one pale leg in front of the other to move your retarded ass straight to him!

"OMG Galen! You can't be blaming a girl for getting chained up and raped when she was 13! IT'S NOT HER FAULT!"

Did I say "fault?" Did I say she asked for that to happen? Did I say she wanted that to happen? I'm sure it was absolutely the most horrible thing that's ever happened to her. No, it's not her fault that she got kidnapped and raped. But I'm not about to let her off the hook for all the dumb shit SHE DID just because it turned out badly for her. It's absolutely Scott Tyree's fault that he was a child rapist and a fucking monster. But, when you tell the dragon where you live and then walk out to give him a fucking hug, you don't get to act like you weren't an idiot when the fucking thing burns you!

The idea of "victim blaming" comes from you retarded assholes who base your worldview on how the world *should* be rather than how it IS. You're right, a woman should be able to wear "booty shorts" and a bikini top while walking through a dark parking lot at night. She SHOULD be able to do that, but y'know what, we don't live in fucking Candyland and if she does that and then gets raped SHE'S A MORON! She didn't deserve it. It shouldn't have happened, but that's exactly what DOES HAPPEN and bitching, moaning, and pissing yourself about how it's unfair isn't going to change the reality of it. Shut the fuck up and put on some clothes, you whore!

Let's review:

If I walk through a ghetto wearing a Klan outfit, I'm going to get my ass kicked. For being stupid.

If I tell creepy dudes online where I live and then go hop in their car, I'm going to get raped. For being stupid.

If I walk alone in a rape zone wearing "HEY COME RAPE ME" clothes, I'm going to get fucking raped. FOR BEING STUPID!

This is natural selection, folks. The dumbest among us weren't meant to survive. Being stupid gets you fucked up. Stop pretending that it's ok to be stupid just because your stupidity got you hurt by someone slightly less stupid than you. That's how it fucking works, dumbass.

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