A terrorist is someone who has a bomb but canít afford an air force.
-William Blum
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Amanda Todd
November 25, 2012

Since it's possible that some people reading this may not know the story of Amanda Todd or, even if you know the story, may not have seen the original video that started it all, here is the original:

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The story ends with this girl killing herself about a month after this video was posted to YouTube.

A lot has been said about the Amanda Todd story. Every opinion that can be given has already been given. We on the Internet tend to view it as a joke, the way we view most serious things. But I'm going to take some time here to really connect to it. Rather than viewing it as a just some random event that happened, I'm actually going to take it seriously and allow myself to feel the emotions that a human being should feel when confronted with something like this. I'm going to DEAL with it, because there are likely other people out there who might be going through a similiar situation and those people might not know how to deal with it.

But how DO you deal with something like this? What could've been done? What should've been done? What can be done now? How can we stop things like this from happening to other people? Those are all very good questions and they're questions that cause most people to come up blank. No good answers? Well, bullshit! There are good answers and there are solutions and like so many other situations, I'm here to slap you in the fucking head and point out exactly what went wrong and how it could've been prevented.

The first breakdown in this story comes from the "Us vs. Them" mentality between adults and youth. At the very first message of blackmail, Amanda could've done one simple thing. She could've gotten up from the computer immediately and gone to her parents. When that dickhead said "Put on a show for me or I send ur boobs" the very next thing he should've seen pop up on his screen should've gone something like this: "This is Amanda's father. The police have been called. Good-bye." But that didn't happen and it's not likely to happen in any such situation. Why? Because Amanda fucked up by flashing her tits to some random dude online. Parents do so much ass-kicking to their kids because of their fuck-ups that we reach the "Us vs. Them" impasse. Parents are not seen as allies or as someone who can help, but rather they are seen as someone that the truth of any fuck-ups must be kept from at all costs! Her parents could've stopped this right then and there. Instead, she kept it from them and by the time they found out, it was too late. The damage was done.

Note that I called this the first breakdown. Pay attention to the fact that I didn't fault Amanda for the original fuck-up of showing her tits to random people online. I don't count that against her because, while it was an incredibly stupid thing to do, the consequences of it should be simply the natural consequence of looking back on it years later and thinking "holy shit, that was dumb, I was so fucking stupid back then...." There are natural consequences of being embarrassed for your past actions. No underage girl flashing her tits online should ever need to fear any further consequence than that. I don't count it against Amanda because, frankly, it should've been just an innocent mistake that shouldn't have cost her anything more than a knock to her own pride and self-respect.

And yes, one could easily say instead that first problem to occur here was that dildo who tried to blackmail her, but that's too easy. We're not going to come up with a solution to any problem by just saying "Well people shouldn't do bad things and then that solves every problem durr hurr!" No shit, you flaming retard! What's the solution to preventing rape in America? Men should stop raping women, problem solved, let's all go home! Are you intellectually challenged?! That's not a solution. Stating that bad guys shouldn't exist doesn't fix anything, so get that dumbass idea out of your head right now. Twisted sick fucks do exist and they always will. We have to work around that, not twirl our hair and muse about how great the world would be if they could just be nice! I'm SICK of hearing the comments about that guy and what a douche he was, etc, etc. Yeah, NO SHIT PEOPLE, but now let's stop stating the obvious because it's not actually going to SOLVE anything!

Anyway, back to solving this problem.

So the first breakdown was in the parent-child relationship. The punitive nature of this relationship made it so that Amanda couldn't just say to her parents "I fucked up, but now it's so much worse, please help me." Almost no teenager would ever do that. I blame all parents, everywhere, for that. I blame the ageist society we live in for that. But, as I said, the logical route was not one that any teenager would ever think to take. So what else could've been done?

The solution is simpler than you think. The solution is violence. Y'know how people say "Violence solves nothing!" Well that's a crock of shit. Violence solves a LOT and it's greatly underrated. At this point, you might be asking yourself exactly how the fuck violence could've helped with an already barbaric problem. Well, that's the trick! You don't confront barbarism with academia. It's not like fighting fire with water, where the opposite of the thing you're fighting is what will defeat it. Oh no.

See, once Amanda's boobs were out there for the world to see, she had two choices of how to react to it. She chose to be meek, quiet, subdued, etc. She was a victim, yes, but she made the choice to act like a victim.

A better choice would've been violence. See, if someone makes fun of you and you break their nose, they're not going to open their fucking mouth again. It doesn't matter if they responded and kicked your ass. It really doesn't. Think about it. If you saw a mouse running across your kitchen counter, would you reach out and grab it? Why not? Because the fucking thing would bite you and that hurts! But so what, right? I mean, it could bite you, but you could snap its neck and kill it SO easily! Yet, you still avoid that initial bite regardless of the fact that you're so much larger and more powerful than that itty bitty mouse.

And that's the language bullies understand. It doesn't matter that they know they can beat the shit out of you. What matters is that they know the process is going to start with their own pain. Bullies aren't going to target you in that case for the same reason you're not going to reach out and pick up a mouse. Doesn't matter who's bigger and tougher. Doesn't matter who'll get the worst out of that violence. It matters that you're not a fucking VICTIM and an easy goddamn mark!

Look at me. I went through middle and high school at a ghetto ass fucking place. For that entire time, I was 5"6' 120lbs. I could've gotten my ass beat every fucking day of high school, but I didn't and I never even threw a punch. What I did was not act like a victim. I didn't act like someone who was going to let you just walk all over me. I didn't just sit back and take it. Even if I didn't fight back, I also didn't shut up. I was defended by my fucking attitude. Bullies didn't see this scrawny little white boy as an easy target because I didn't MAKE myself an easy target!

Amanda Todd did.

Now listen, I don't wanna make it sound like "Amanda Todd was a pussy and that's why she's dead!" No. I'm not saying that. I AM saying that if she'd have dotted a few eyes right there at the start, people would've known better than to talk shit. Most people are too fucking stupid to act right of their own accord; they need consequences. When the teachers and administrators and parents aren't handing out those consequences, it's up to you. YOU. I'm saying all this not to belittle Amanda, but to encourage YOU, the reader, in how to conduct yourself properly in a situation like hers.

I've heard a lot of people say "I wish I'd known her. I would've been her friend. She could've talked to me. I would've stood up for her!' I'll echo those sentiments. I wish she'd discovered my website and written to me. I even thought about doing this as a fake Dear Galen instead of a rant, as if she really had written to me for advice. I think I really COULD have helped her with this advice.

The best thing anyone can do with the Amanda Todd story at this point is use it as a lesson. She responded to her situation with sorrow, self-pity, and depression. Ladies and gentlemen, there is only ONE correct response to being blackmailed or bullied and that is RAGE. If someone is treating you like this, don't bury your anger the way this fucking hippy dippy society tells you to. DON'T YOU DARE! Feel that anger. Meditate on it. Take a page from the Sith and let that hate and anger flow through you. And the next time some fucktard mouths off to you, let it take control, just for a moment. Let the reigns fall away from that caged animal inside you. Everybody has one. EVERYBODY has a beast of rage lurking inside them. Amanda Todd held hers down for so long that it became a whimpering puppy, just like her. Let it out, fuckers! LET IT OUT!

Yes, you'll get in trouble. Yes, your parents will ground you. Yes, your principal will give you detention or ISS or some shit. But your bullies, who speak nothing but the language of hate and violence to begin with will give you a wider berth next time, because you spoke their language. You didn't say "leave me alone!" in your little meek pussy language, you said it with a fist in the language they fucking live and breathe!

I pity Amanda Todd. I really do. I feel very badly for her. I feel sorry for her. Your job is to make sure that nobody ever has to feel sorry for YOU. Amanda made a stupid mistake, SO WHAT?! You might've made one too and I say the same goddamn thing, SO FUCKING WHAT?!

Eleanor Roosevelt said "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." THIS is the kinda shit she was talking about. Don't give them your permission to treat you like shit. Speak their language. Let that anger loose. Send some blood pouring out of the nose of that bully who's way bigger than you. Just like that little mouse that you don't fuck with, nobody else fucks with an animal that'll bite, no matter how meek and small it is. Be an animal. Fucking BITE!

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