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Shut Up About Smoking Already
By: BakeMakes  |  November 25, 2012

On SnipeMe, Galen has brought up the topic of smoking at least a couple of times in the past. But I'd like to offer it from a different perspective.

Yesterday evening (July 31, 2012) I got the wonderful news that my mom has lung cancer. The doctors have affirmed that it was caused -- without a doubt -- by her smoking habit. She had quit via hospitalization at this point, and was now on chemotherapy to destroy the fast growing tumor (that's good by the way since fast-growing tumors respond well to treatment). There is no prognosis yet, but I reckon her ability to come home and seek outpatient care is a good sign.

This kind of news spreads quick, and already we're getting spammed with calls from lawyers who want to rape our wallets help us sue Big Tobacco. There are also the extended (and stupid) family members who would love to blame whoever made her ciggies for causing her so much pain. Add on top of that the myriad of "supporters" who are with my mom and against "them."

All of you fat-mouthed twats need to just shut the fuck up and take about fifty steps backwards, and hopefully fall of a goddamn cliff in the process. Did you ever think that maybe, just maybe, my mom was fully aware of her actions when she smoked? Do you think, for whatever stupid reason in your shit-filled voids you consider "brains," that she somehow didn't KNOW that cigarettes cause this sort of thing?

My mom (and Galen, and a majority of people who smoke) aren't brain-dead morons like you. They KNOW smoking can lead to things like lung cancer, your throat getting destroyed, and other risks. They are mentally aware that every puff of that white stick can chip a few minutes away from their lives.


It is their body, and their body ALONE. They are completely aware and willingly ingest toxic fumes into their lungs. That's all I understand of it as a non-smoker, and that's all I NEED to understand, dickwad.

As for getting back at Big Tobacco, don't fucking count on it. Would you rather spend $30,000 of your Emergency Fund paying for your mom's (or wife's, since it's my dad) cancer treatment? Or would you rather throw it to a lawyer (a very stuck-up dickface lawyer by the way) to hand XYZ Cigarettes a complaint and get nothing back? We would LOSE money since my mom has been warned a myriad of times about the dangers of smoking on the fucking box. A lawsuit does nothing for a tumor, and litigation could go post-humus depending on the prognosis; then the guilt sets in, and you realize that $30k could have gone to chemo.

My opinion of smokers is completely unshaped by my mom being diagnosed with lung cancer. It's their bodies, and they'll do as they please. It's fine, so long as they understand the people they could hurt. My mom was fully aware of this, but decided that there was no point stopping after kids since it was likely too late anyway. A lawsuit with Pencil Dick Law Services won't earn us money, won't satisfy your bullshit opinion about smoking, and won't save my mom. It kills my mom, in fact, so just shut up. Oh, and get to that cliff I mentioned earlier, too.

Note: Since this Guest Rant was written (in August), the author has informed me that his mother has passed away and, in spite of this, he still stands by what he said here.
--Lord Galen

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