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I DO Have The Right To Question Your Shitty Parenting
By: Matt  |  July 30, 2012

I'm sick of all these people who keep saying the old Don't question my parenting line whenever they do something stupid with their kids.

Sure, I could go with the obvious example of spanking or not spanking but everyone has done that. That horse has been beaten more than anyone who has ever dated Rick James. My target here will be things not touched on very much in these types of rants. Namely the anti-vaccine people.

These parents usually believe some crackpot theory about vaccines causing some disease, usually autism. Never mind that every one of these links has been discredited by actual scientists, a fact that parents could easily find out in the 15 seconds it takes to do a Google search on the subject and going to any site not run by Alex Jones or the other conspiracy nut assclowns too shit stupid to be worth naming. Encyclopedia Dramatica is a better source of information. They'd rather believe the hype from conspiracy nuts and celebutards like Jenny McCarthy, that they are being loving and caring parents by denying their kids those eeeeevvvvvvvil vaccines. After all, they're peddled by those vile drug companies. Worse yet! They're required by duh big bad GUBBIMINT if their kids wanna go to the GUBBIMINT SCHOOLS! Oh GAWD!

And then of course there are those whose religious tenants forbid them from getting them. Usually Christian Scientist morons who think God hates doctors or medical treatment. A belief that is complete bullshit considering that Luke, one of the writers of the Gospels was an early doctor. But no amount of basic theological knowledge can stop a terrible idea from spreading.

So thanks to either pseudoscience or psuedo-theology, they forgo the vaccines that their parents and grandparents only wished they had. They get painful and preventable diseases. They might end up with painful long term complications and possibly a shortened life expectancy. I totally imagine these kids saying Gee! Thanks for buying completely bullshit research and harming me for life mom! Yet that's not the worst part.

Kids who are not old enough to get these vaccines are getting the disease because of these parents buying these crackhead theories. They let their kids run out and unwittingly spread diseases like Typhoid Mary. If their kids don't get them and die first. Yes children of these have anti-vaccine headcases have died but they'll still hold firm that they made the right decision! Newsflash asshole! If your kid is dead, then the decision you made was fucking wrong! Climb out of that river in Egypt and please jump off a cliff before your stupidity gets another kid killed.

And all the while, they'll claim that the rest of the sane world has no right to question their parenting. Actually, we do. When their decision gets their kids maimed or killed, we have every right to question their parenting. When their decision gets OTHER people's kids maimed or killed, we have every right to question their decisions.

If you anti-vaccine assholes don't want people to question your shitty parenting maybe you should pull your head out of your asshole, turn off the conspiracy theorist's podcast and make better decisions. Preferably the kind that DON'T kill people.

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