Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.
-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Lord Galen
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Fuck Not Doing Your Job!
By: RAWB  |  January 1, 2012

You know what really grinds my shit? (And not in a good way, either.) Schools that bullshit your education because of their, frankly, moronic perceptions of shit they don't have a fucking clue on! I'll even use myself as an example to prove my point.

See, when I was about 2 or 3 (I.E, 1993 or 1994), I can't remember when, I was diagnosed with high-functioning autism. I went through early intervention and shit like that, all provided by the school system I went to, and you know what? That shit was actually helpful! I'd probably be mute and anti-social right now if it wasn't for it! From there, though, they fucked it up like twins having babies. And we all know how that goes...

At preschool, they put me into this programme for the mentally disabled tykes. ("Herrderr, autism is retardation." Nope, you gigantic faggots.) Fine, but only because academically, there was no difference then. I was just trying more to learn to socialise more than anything else. Shit was easy academically, so I breezed through that shit. A couple years pass, and I get into first grade. That's when shit gets real bad.

Reading. Ho fuck, reading. It wasn't that I hated reading, it was more like I didn't fucking know how to, and I was expected to. But back before that, everything was read to me. You know, if they expect you to know something for the next year, they should teach that shit to you, goddamnit!

And here's the point to my rant. Schools, seriously, because of you, I didn't know how to read till I was 15, and even then, I had to teach myself. You know how annoying that shit is? Now I know there are a few teachers reading this, and they'll either nod their heads in agreement, or they'll tell me "Oh Rob, maybe you didn't try hard enough!"

To the latter, I rightly tell you to fuck off. You're a teacher, you're supposed to teach, and if you don't, YOU FAIL AT YOUR FUCKING JOB AND SHOULD QUIT AS SOON AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE.

Now, now, you're probably saying to me, "Teaching's a hard job, Rob, but you wouldn't know that!"

Now, I understand that, especially when the ones you're teaching just outright refuse to listen to you or stay still. But then, expecting little kids to stay still is like expecting to win the lottery. Don't hold your breath. It's still your job, so FUCKING DO IT!

Now to be fair, my teachers for the most part were actually pretty fucking cool, and understood that I was beyond a lot of these "special education" self-contained classes they were putting me in, despite the inability to read. But then, I couldn't just jump into a normal classroom environment without that important skill.

"So Rob, how did you get by without reading?"

Honestly, I don't fucking know. But a lot of that stress and annoyance could have been avoided IF THE ORIGINAL TEACHER I HAD ACTUALLY DID THEIR FUCKING JOB.

tl;dr - public schools fucking suck, and I hope they close down tomorrow.

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