People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people.
-V for Vendetta
Lord Galen
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WARNING: Gay Day At Disney
June 12, 2011

Every year at Disney World in Florida, there is an annual "Gay Day." It's where gay people put on red shirts and all go to Disney World for that day. Sounds like fun!

But apparently it's not so fun for the Florida Family Association. They went as far as to actually hire a plane to fly with a banner behind it to warn people about gay day at Disney. According to the article on their website, it was a "huge success" because attendance by "mainstream families" on gay day was reduced by 50-60% (link).

My first question to them is "What exactly are you WARNING people ABOUT?" I mean, I don't get it. What IS there to warn anyone about in the fact that gays will be gathering at Disney World? I mean, if it were "Pedo Day" or "Murderer Day" or "Hitler Day" or "Sarah Palin Supporter Day" then yeah, I can see something to warn others about. But "gay day?" What the fuck qualifies gay people as needing a warning label?


Seriously now? THAT'S the level we've gotten down to now? I mean, for me to make such a fucking immature joke like that "warning label" is one thing, but for the Florida Family Association to take serious action, spend hundreds of dollars, and have a real and genuine concern that such a thing is neccesary.... I'm sorry, did I just get teleported to fucking PLANET STUPID?

Yes. Yes, I did...

So I ask again, citizens of Planet Stupid, just what EXACTLY are you warning people ABOUT? Is the gay contagious?

Many of my readers laughed right there. Laughed at the silliness of that question. I'm not laughing, because I know it's what you mouth-breathers actually DO think. You DO think it's contagious. No, not in the way that a disease might be contagious, but in the way that if your children are "exposed to it" and see it out in public like that, unabashed and unashamed and unhidden, then it might just make them think it's A-OK to be gay too. And if they THINK it's ok to be gay, then there's a chance that they could BE gay!

It's sad and pathetic that this IS what you believe. I honestly hope you do e-mail me and attempt to argue that point, because you're fucking full of shit and I'll bust your balls on this issue all day long. I have lived in fucking Georgia for 32 years; motherfucker, I KNOW what you ignorant fucking southern hicks think about homosexuals!

So that's what this really comes down to. You're warning people to keep their kids away lest their kids turn gay because of being exposed to gay people.

Problem #1 with your stupid idea: Being gay ISN'T a choice. Nobody chose to be gay. Oh, you think it IS a choice? Please send me an e-mail detailing the informed decision that you made to be straightt. Please include in that e-mail a description of the thought processes that went into your decision to be straight. Please tell me exactly when it was that you chose to be straight. When you can send that e-mail, we'll debate that point. Otherwise, it isn't debatable and you're a fucking moron. Oh, and before you just make shit up to send me, I'll remind your God-fearing ass that God hates liars. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor (yo ass shouldn't lie). That's the 9th Commandment, in the book of Exodus (chapter 20). One of these days, you should try reading that book you keep beating gay people over the head with.

Problem #2 with your stupid idea: The straight children of anti-gay parents are going to be disgusted by gay people, not "ok" with their presence. Your brainwashing is good and secure; aren't you proud? I teach young children. Believe me, I know how THEY feel about gays. They feel exactly the way their parents do because they haven't reached an age where it's typical for them to think for themselves. It's ironic, really, that one of the reasons you don't have to worry about their easily-impressionable minds being "corrupted" by all the horrible gayness is because you've already corrupted their easily-impressionable minds with your fucking bigotry and stupidity.

Problem #3 with your stupid idea: Even if being gay was a choice, being "ok" with gays wouldn't make you gay anymore than being friends with a liberal makes you one. Dumbass. Even IF homosexuality was an idea and a choice, being open and accepting of other people's life choices doesn't cause anyone to mirror those life choices. Name me ONE fucking life choice that you'll instantly imitate due to being cool with the fact that some people make that choice. Name fucking ONE, I dare you!

"Y'know Bob, I'm perfectly ok with the fact that you love stamp collecting."

"So you're going to be a stamp collector now too?!"

"Fuck yeah, I am! Pass me that motherfucking scrap book!"

Are you fucking shitting me?

Problem #4 with your stupid idea: Your kid isn't going to "turn out" to be gay; if he's gay, then he's gay NOW. Almost all homosexuals report the same thing: "I didn't become gay, I was always gay. Even as a child." Guess what, asshat, it's too LATE to "protect" your kids from being gay! Either they are or they aren't! This goes back to the whole "being gay is NOT a choice" thing. Another thing commonly reported by gays who were raised in the south by conservative parents is the shame they felt growing up and how hard they tried to be straight and the fear of anyone finding out that they weren't. So, by not allowing your child to ever see that it's ok to be gay you're "protecting" their queer little asses right into more shame and self-deprecation. Good job being a fucking super star parent, right there! Cuz shaming your kids into misery for all of their youth because they're different from you is exactly what good parents do, AM I RIGHT?!

Now look, let's be real here. You fucktards aren't going to change your mind. I know that. You were raised to hate gay people--

"Galen, I don't HATE gay people, I just think they're immoral, unnatural, sick, disturbed, etc, etc and I don't want my kids exposed to that! Why do you stupid liberals always have to say it's about hate?!"

Oh, you don't "hate" gays? You just hate everything that they are and everything that they stand for? You just hate the very essense of their being? But you don't hate THEM? Is that right? Are you functionally retarded? That *IS* hating THEM, you idiot! I know, I know.... Your mama and daddy and your mee-maw and paw-paw and Aunt Geraldine and Uncle Cletus and Brother Rayford down at the First Baptist Holy Methodist Butt-Fuck Revival Center all taught you to "love the sinner, hate the sin" but now you're a big boy or girl and it's time for you to let go of that fucking childish notion and realise that you can't love a person (or even like a person) while HATING a giant chunk of who they ARE as a person. It's like saying that Hitler loved the Jews, he just hated their Jewishness. Yes, it IS that fucking dumb. (Also, yes, I know, Godwin's Law.... fuck off, Internet critics... *sigh*)

So anyway, as I was saying about you being raised to hate gay people. I know that I'm not going to change your mind. No amount of reason and logic will sway you from your anti-gay sentiment because that's how you've been indoctrinated to think and the majority of people don't have the mental fortitude to break free of childhood indoctrination. All I can ask - hell, BEG! - is that you don't pass it on to your children. At least recognize that you're WRONG and that your thoughts and feelings on this subject ARE hatred and should NOT be a legacy that you leave your children.

If nothing else, ask yourself the cliche question "What would Jesus do?" There's no reason to hate gays outside of religion, so if you're an anti-gay asshole, you're probably also a religious person. So ask yourself what Jesus would do when confronted with gays. He sat down to lunch with prostitutes, tax-collectors, theives, etc. He didn't AVOID the "bad people" he went straight to them! He preferred THEIR company over that of the "holy" people. He was peaceful and loving and tolerant. If Jesus were here now, he would be attending gay day at Disney in order to show his love for the gays. He would be telling YOU that you're a hypocrite and NOT one of his followers because of the way you treat those "sinners." You're not loving the sinner and hating the sin; you're hating the sin, hating the sinner, and treating the sinner like pure shit, because you're just about the furthest thing from anything that Jesus ever commanded his followers to be. You are an inhuman piece of worthless dog shit and you, ladies and gentlemen, are no Christians.

It's good to be me and to know that all that Jesus shit is a crock, but for you.... Oh for YOU, it's deadly real in your mind. Enjoy that Hellfire now, y'hear!

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