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The Pedophile Card
By: Concealed Weapon  |  February 21, 2011

I can see it now. The first thing some people will do from reading my book or looking at my website is pull out the pedophile card. I dislike the way the law treats young people, so I must be a pedophile. I believe young people have the right to say yes to sexual activity, so I must be a pedophile. I believe it's wrong to shame young female celebrities who express their sexuality, so I must be a pedophile. I believe it's dangerous to protect young people against their will, so I must be a pedophile.

Now, I'm going to show you why that is all a load of bullshit. Child molesters would not benefit from pro-youth positions on the age of consent. If I was a child molester, there are several reasons why I would not attempt to change age of consent laws.If child molesters wouldn't do this, what would they do? If I was a child molester, there are plenty of ways I could make it easier for me to molest kids and get away with it.If I was a child molester and wanted easier victims, that's all I would have to do. Of course, those are already being done, so I wouldn't really have to do anything because I'd already have plenty of help. We basically live in a child molester heaven, and those who claim to protect young people are the ones attempting to keep it that way.

Rebellious youths are always the best at standing up for themselves. They know how to be themselves and resist any pressure to control them. Of course, ageist adults don't like this, so they do anything they can to turn the confident youths into the easy victims that they should be. If a young person is rebellious, he/she is either punished by authorities, drugged, treated as a "problem child", or sent to an abusive behavior modification camp. It's like they want young people to be easily victimized.

If adults support so many attitudes that make it ridiculously easy to molest kids, why are they always complaining about pedophiles? It's so they can dodge the blame for promoting the abuse of kids. Adults feel they can abuse young people in any way imaginable, as long as it's not sexual.

What you should know, that many people don't, is that sexual abuse is not really about sex. It's about power and control. Most child molesters are not sexually attracted to children. They just get a sick pleasure from having power over youths, like over 90% of other adults. Therefore, "I abuse kids but at least not in a sexual way," is not an acceptable excuse.

Why are supporters of youth liberation often accused of being pedophiles, while supporters of adult superiority, who are much more likely to promote abuse of children, are not? It's because society always fears the person who is different. Youth liberationists have an abnormal opinion about young people, so society assumes they want to fuck prepubescent kids. Guess what: sexual abuse is caused not by abnormal attitudes, but by NORMAL, MAINSTREAM ATTITUDES!

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