Patriotism is your conviction that this country is superior to all other countries because you were born in it.
-George Bernard Shaw
Lord Galen
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Your prayers don't help anything...
and no,
everything doesn't happen for a reason.
Zot Alban  |  June 8, 2011

In my family cousins are as close to each other as brothers or sisters, so when I found out my little cousin MT (seven years old) nearly died and was in serious condition at the hospital I became severely saddened. I was pretty much on the verge of tears for two days. Immediately I contacted her Uncle and asked what was wrong. After finding out the serious nature of her condition I made plans to visit the hospital and spread word to my family.

Now here is the part that pissed me off. The majority of people in my family said one of these two things (either on facebook or in response to my texts):

"I hope she will be okay, but remember everything happens for a reason."

"Let's remember to pray for her! Say a prayer!"

Let me address the first inane comment. It often assumes that there is not just a reason... but a conscious reason, and this conscious reason is super natural. It is used to portray that god has a plan and that this so called plan is the reason. That is complete bullshit. Let's first assume that this is true... why in the hell would anyone worship a god such as this? A sick sadistic god who would let child rapists live until death at an old age, comfortably, and then go and strike little girls with severe illnesses and leave them on the brink of death. That sounds like the work of a fucking devil to me. Not some all loving god to worship. Of course most sane people (even religious people) really don't believe this (I hope) so let me explain the real reason behind this horrible situation:

My cousin takes MT (who has been feeling sick) to the doctor. The doctor says it is nothing serious, just maybe a flu. A week later MT is feeling incredibly worse. Her parents rush her to the hospital. MT has a pneumonia and one lung is filled with water and infected. Since she has been sick she hasn't been getting enough liquid and now is dehydrated and her kidneys are failing because of this. Her heart rate plummets while in the hospital and she almost dies. Thanks to the good work of the people at the hospital (not god) they helped her to recover and move towards health.

THAT is the reason. Bad luck, a lack of fluids, and a misdiagnosis. No god, no devil.

Time to address the second comment. PRAYER DOES NOTHING FOR THE PERSON IT IS DIRECTED AT! Prayer is a selfish action by nature. It is intended to make the prayer feel better. At times, this is fine... it can be akin to meditation. I found though that often it is used as a substitute for actually doing something. They don't want to disturb their day and visit their sick they say a prayer! The hospital is too far away? FUCK YOU I drove TWO HOURS to see my seven year old cousin and I was fucking happy as hell to do it. I want her to know she is loved and that I care about her. If I sat in my room and prayed I might have felt better (if I was so foolish as to think I was actually doing something) but she has no idea, she doesn't care if I pray to some sky wizard! If you want to be selfish and stay home I don't fucking care just admit it or don't say anything at all. I won't insult you... in fact, I might commend your honesty but don't fucking DARE act as if you are doing something positive. Don't you DARE tell me that "I prayed for her so I did what I could." At least give her a fucking call! Don't lie to me and don't lie to yourself.

Shout out to MT! Brave little angel! I love you and so does all of your friends and family! Even if they just sit home and pray to show it.

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