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-Dr. Suess
Lord Galen
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Music Fucking Television
By: Ian fucking pwnz you  |  January 1, 2011

I hate everything about this pathetic excuse for a television network. I hate the people in the shows, I hate the shows themselves, I hate the people who produce this shit, and most of all, I hate the stupid fucking sheeple that sit on their asses and WATCH this bullshit. Allowing themselves to be herded around by the shepherd that is the mass media.

For instance, lets take the show "Jersey Shore" For anyone who don't know the premise of the show, you're lucky. Really, there is no premise. They basically just take the stupidest fucking guido assholes they can find, and a few girls that actually like these pathetic excuses for intelligent life, and throw them in a house together and film it. What insues is allot of drunken fighting, and stupid fucking gossip, then they call it reality television and throw it on air. So basically, they get to party on a camera and call it a fucking lifestyle. Meanwhile, I get to work my fucking ass off tearing off and putting on roofs for peanuts, while these fucks get rich and famous for being dumb and italian. And the most retarded part of all this is that this show actually has FANS. People ENJOY this fucking bullshit. They watch it, not realizing what a horrible thing they're doing to humanity. They are glamourizing this whole image, giving this show ratings, and it just makes America look like a bunch of guido assholes!

On to my next point. My super sweet 16. They find the snottiest, richest, most spoiled rotten teenage girl they can find that is turning 16, and they film her outrageous birthday party. They give this stupid cunt EVEN MORE attention than she's already getting, as if she deserves it. What these fucking sluts deserve is a kick in the face! They get everything they want already, and then on top of that they get to be on tv just for being spoiled fucking bitches. It makes me really ponder on what this country is coming to when people will watch a dumb sluts outrageously expensive birthday party that she did nothing to deserve on national television. Then on top of it in pretty much every episode, the stupid cunt gets a free car, and half of them fucking whine because its not a porche, or its the wrong damn color! Actually, I wish they'd give the stupid bitch a porsche so hopefully she fucking wrecks it going 100 mph and rearanges her snotty little fucking face! This show makes us look like a bunch of spoiled fucking pussies!

Teen mom. This one is self explainatory. They find some stupid slut that made a dumb mistake, and they put it on tv and glamourize it. It just makes me rage. Why would you want to watch a girl in the process of ruining her body, and the next 18 years of her life? Thats just depressing. I've heard stories of some stupid little bitches purposly trying to get pregnant just to be on this dumb show.

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