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Guns In Congress
By: opp to the dis  |  February 21, 2011

The following rant is based on this article:
Texan wants lawmakers to be able to carry guns at U.S. Capitol

When lawmakers started talking about making legislative changes to gun laws following the Tucson tragedy, most were talking about bans and restrictions.

Not U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert.

The Republican from Texas is planning to propose legislation that would allow lawmakers to tote guns into the Capitol complex and bring D.C.'s gun laws into parity and reciprocity with the policies of states with far more liberal gun laws.

He's doing it not to make the nation's chief lawmaking body a proxy Wild West but to give lawmakers the opportunity to protect themselves.

"There's so much security inside these buildings, it's not really an issue," Gohmert said Tuesday. "And some folks have tried to say we want to be packing and have duels on the floor; that's not the point at all.

"But there's an awful lot of states that allow people to carry weapons, and members of Congress, if they want to carry, I think should be able to carry."

Members of Congress carrying firearms have caused at least one memorable stir in recent years. Virginia Democrat Sen. Jim Webb, a gun rights advocate, took heat in 2007 for packing heat - and passing the gun off to his aide when he tried to enter the Russell Senate Office Building to avoid security scrutiny.

"Senator Webb wouldn't have to dump off on his poor worker and leave him holding the bag, literally," Gohmert said. "He'd be able to say, 'It's mine, and it's legal.'"

Not surprisingly, lawmakers like Carolyn McCarthy of New York, who is pushing for legislation to ban high-capacity clips like the one used by the alleged shooter in Tucson, are not welcoming Gohmert's proposal.

It never gets old: the fact that almost NINETY PERCENT of full-retard comes from the state of Texas, especially from its representatives in the United States Congress. It never gets old. Never.

Before we move on to the raging, let me just say that, to a certain extent, I'm okay with people carrying firearms. I can understand if you want to carry a 9mm. Glock on your person if you live in a shady-ass college town with plentiful violence around you. I get it; you want to protect yourself. Fine. I can also understand if Billy Bob Twelve Pack A Day wants to sit on his porch and defend his property from an obviously threatening intruder using a Remington rifle. Okay.

Those two situations above are what I'm okay with. Your weapon, besides your fists, would be your only method of securing your person and property from thieves, muggers, and serial killers.

But WHY ON GOD'S GREEN FUCKING EARTH should we allow our congressmen and women to carry guns inside the fucking U.S Capital???

Rep. Gohmert either hasn't been in a session of Congress ever, or his so goddamn BRAIN DEAD that he hasn't seen some of the dramatic shit that goes on in the Capital when everyone - Republicans and Democrats - is all fired up. The Healthcare Debate, for example, had a lot of yelling about the cost, length, and coverage of the bill. There were BILLIONS of dollars at stake, and it was understandable why people were so fucking bitchy about their tampons being too tight.

With that, why should I give Rep. Gohmert or even Congressman Weiner of New York the right to have a gun in the capital? Take a look at this video right here:

Now it's understandable that Rep. Weiner was frustrated regarding the 9/11 responders here. I'm sure that maybe he won't go batshit insane enough to start killing members of Congress with his handy-dandy Judge or anything. Shit, he may not even bring ONE FUCKING WEAPON into the chamber. But their are people in the House and Senate who are just as batshit insane, IF NOT MORE than he is. Now tell me, what the fuck will happen when Rep. Joe Thirty Pack gets dumb, and pulls his weapon out? What if he kills a congressmen? Got a response for that, Mr. Don't Mess With fucking Texas?!

"There's so much security inside these buildings, it's not really an issue,"

You're right, it won't be an issue if Rep. Joe Thirty Pack pulls out his .38 and caps some Democrat (or Republican) in the head five times in a fucking ROW because the Capital Police will just arrest him, and said victim TOTALLY has a chance to survive, amirite???

Or do you mean when you say there's so much security that they won't even let you bring a gun IN? That's the only way you can eliminate a chance of this crazy shit going down, and it's what we have in place now, you dumb cunt!

Before I go (cause I'm burned the fuck out from this shit), I will say that I'm okay with Congressmen carrying guns ELSEWHERE. Just like you and me, in fact , MORE, they are subject to death threats and attackers such as that nutjob in Tuscon. Or their aides can carry them. I don't give a fuck so long as they're used for self-defense.

But please, for the love of GOD, do NOT let those fuckers bring their Judges, Glocks, and Remingtons into the Capital. If you thought shit was crazy in Congress now, you ain't seen nothing in comparison.

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