That which can be destroyed by the truth should be.
-P.C. Hodgell
Lord Galen
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May 2, 2010

Dear Galen

I write to your site a lot, because I can never find other "reliable" advice online other than yours. I was the anonymous person who wrote the rant titled "Psychiatric Medicine". I've reasearched some of the permanent side effects of some of these drugs, since I was medicated on all of them for about a year or two, and I'm noticing some disturbing physical changes, even though I'm not on any meds. Here they are:

1. I can't seem to lose weight fast anymore.
2. I still have a slight speech impediment, and can't seem to improve on it.
3. My memories of those two years are foggy, at best.

Do you think it is at all possible that these drugs could've caused permanent damage to my body that may be serious? The thing is, I am so traumatized, that I am terrified to go see a doctor about it, for fear that I will be drugged again. I have literally taken an active approach in avoiding ALL doctors after that experience, for fear of what they can do to me. I mean, all it takes is one call to get me carted off again if they think I'm "abnormal". What do you think?


Dear Worried

Do I think that pyschotropic drugs can have dangerous long-term effects, of which you may not have been made fully aware? HELL YES! Do I think you are suffering from such effects? I couldn't say. I'm not a doctor. I do have some knowledge about such drugs, but even that limited knowledge would be of no help to you since all I have to go by is a description of symptoms that could simply be normal for you. At least, numbers 1 & 2 on your list. The third symptom is something that seems common sense to me. You were kept drugged for two years, just how exactly do you expect your memories of that time NOT to be foggy? If you had crystal clear memories of the 2 years you spent as an involuntary druggie, I'd call THAT abnormal. The weight problems and speech difficulty are issues shared by millions of people all over the world who've never been subjected to forced drug use. It is impossible for me to say if the two things are related.

But a doctor might be able to tell you.


Yes, a doctor. I'm advising you to seek medical help to answer these questions. At least, I'm advising you to do that if you're not a minor anymore. If you are, then you should absolutely not seek any medical help as long as your parents are the ones in control of the situation. I'll proceed under the assumption that you're a legal adult now, or that you'll wait until you are a legal adult before taking this advice.

As a legal adult, you'll find something quite magical about doctors. They CAN'T FORCE YOU to do a damn thing! You can refuse absolutely anything a doctor tells you to do. As a minor, the doctors followed your parents orders and didn't give a shit about your objections. As an adult, the idea of forcing you to do something against your will is the stuff that their malpractice-lawsuit-nightmares are made of.

GO to a doctor. A doctor that YOU choose. A doctor who has never treated you before. Explain your history and your fears to the doctor. A good doctor isn't going to put you on psychotropic drugs if he thinks that such drugs are the CAUSE of your problems.

And guess what else? If they doctor says "We need to put you on some more of these fucking brain drugs right this instant, come with me!" YOU are in charge of your own medical care now and can simply say "Fuck that shit, bye!" and walk the fuck OUT.

If you are an adult now, nobody gets to tell you what medical treatments you HAVE to do. The only way you could ever go through that shit again is if you VOLUNTARILY checked yourself in to a mental institution, and even then you could always check yourself right back out when you wanted to!

Unless you are seriously mentally disturbed or dangerous in some way, you can't be forced into treatment that you didn't choose for yourself. Your fear of doctors is understandable, given your past treatment at their hands, but as an adult this fear is unwarranted. Go seek help, now.

All My Hate,
Lord Galen

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