If Christ were here, there is one thing he would not be: a Christian.
-Mark Twain
Lord Galen
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Offending Gays
May 2, 2010

Dear Galen

I have been thinking about this for some time and recently came across your website so I thought I would ask you for your opinion on the topic. I am a gay male, I recently came out and for nearly every person that discovered this I was asked the same stupid question "will you be offended if I talk about gay people" the answer is fuck no, in fact I find it more offensive that your asking me. There have been a lot of commercials also about not using the word gay because it's "offensive" but who really gives a fuck except this little group of crazy psychotic assholes that think a word has so much power over them. I was recently lectured by a friend about making a gay joke and it pissed me off to no end. Sorry it's a little scattered but my main point is I would like to know what you think about all these people making such a big deal about things like this


Dear Fish

This reminds me of a story that perfectly illustrates the problem you're experiencing here.

In 2001, while I was living in South Africa, there was this commercial for a sorta "fast food" chicken place called Nandos. Now, Nandos always has funny commercials and this one was no different. A blind man was walking down the street eating a Nandos chicken sandwich. His seeing-eye dog runs him into a pole so that he's knocked unconscious and the dog eats the sandwich. I fucking LOL'd. So did everybody else, including all the blind people who saw it. Wanna guess who didn't laugh? The sighted assholes who were somehow offended on behalf of all those poor blind people (who WEREN'T offended).

And this is the problem. All the "normal" people going fucking overboard defending us "abnormal" folks. In the first place, it should be offensive that they even think we NEED defending (by "we" I mean my blind ass and your queer ass and any other asses that aren't "normal" asses). I mean, if I'm offended by the fucking Nandos commercial, can't *I* speak up for myself? Do I need some goddamn sighted lunatic doing it for me? And by the same token, if you make a gay joke, just who the fuck is some goddamn straight-boy to tell you it's "offensive?" Next time his stupid little unpenetrated ass does that, just pop him right in the fucking mouth. He's got NO BUSINESS telling YOU what's offensive to gay people - NONE. When he starts gargling semen like a real champ, THEN he can get all bitchy and be a queen about gay jokes. Until then, fuck that motherfucker!

It's really simple. It really REALLY is.

Straight dude: That's offensive!
Gay dude: To whom?
Straight dude: Well to homosexuals, of course!
Gay dude: Are you a homosexual?
Straight dude: No, but-
Gay dude: Well I AM, and I think I know a little bit more about what offends us queer folk than some fucking breeder who's a guilty-liberal wannabe, so how 'bout you take your dumb shit opinions and make them the first thing you shove up YOUR ass!

Problem solved.

All My Hate,
Lord Galen

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