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-Michael Lind
Lord Galen
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There Is No God
(Galen Comes Out of The Atheist Closet)
April 4, 2010

Upon seeing the title, my loyal Snipers and other regular readers of the site are saying to themselves, "No shit, Galen. Next, are you gonna tell us that your fucking balls are hairy?"

Yes, most regular readers already know that I'm an evil hell-bound "non-believer." So why do I feel the need to write a rant about this? It's simple. While I don't mind getting hate mail, it really fucking bothers the shit out of me when I get hate mail about some of my early pro-religion rants. I've "seen the light" (lol) and believe the complete opposite of the things I wrote in those rants.

In 2004 I ranted that God is real and you're an idiot if you don't believe it. In the 2005, I ranted that "Intelligent Design" is a valid scientific theory and NOT, in fact, Creationism. In that same year, I wrote 2 rants about my religious beliefs, the first of which pretty much defined me as a Deist rather than a Christian, but I didn't know that at the time. I was still clinging to "faith." In the second rant about my religious beliefs, I basically showed off the fact that I believed in God because I know too goddamn much about theoretical physics for my own fucking good. The trouble with knowing so much about how so many fucking wild and seemingly impossible things actually *can* happen, is that it allows a perfectly functioning and logical mind to grasp at science to explain the unexplainable. That second rant was basically a long drawn out episode of me going around my ass to get to my elbow. I made a classic mistake that even professional scientists are sometimes guilty of: I made the facts fit my conclusion rather than drawing a conclusion FROM the facts. I did it backwards.

Finally, in 2006, I posted my "final word" on religion, where I declared that I'm the only true god, etc. etc. By this point in my own personal evolution, I actually HAD accepted that it was 99% bullshit. Still, I held on for dear life. Not only fearing Hell, but also fearing that to discount God and the supernatural made me "small minded.' I find that hilarious in retrospect, but whatever. I mentioned God and made reference to religious things on and off all over this site, but as time went on, that thread connecting me to God grew ever weaker.

I came to a point where there was one and only one thing holding me to religion of any kind, and that one tiny thread, weak as it was, was still holding up the massive weight of my beliefs in many supernatural things. After all, if God was real, then so was magic, ghosts, demons, angels, etc. This one small thread was "Intelligent Design." I actually WANTED to be an atheist because I had reached a point where I saw religion and religious belief as being quite possibly just a bunch of primative bullshit and that believing in sky gods was fucking silly. Yet, I looked at the universe and the life within it and still held onto the same logical fallacy. "There's no fucking WAY this shit wasn't designed!"

In my random trollings around the interwebz, I one day came across an atheist pamphlet, of sorts. It made so much sense, but there was still that one damn thread. And then I came to a section blasting the ID theory. It raised a point that was so simple and elegant, I was immediately ashamed that I, with my superior intellect, had never thought of it before.

Most people think that you need a god to explain the existance of the world. They point to the complexity and order of the universe as sure proof that it was designed by a conscious entity, but stop one step short of reaching the glaring conclusion to their logic.

Such an intelligent designer, one might well presume, would have to be fairly complex and ordered itself, wouldn't it? Perhaps even moreso than the universe? So then what created god?

*SNAP!* There went that last thread. I have no fucking idea HOW I missed this simple and OBVIOUS pwning of ID, but I did. Once that was pointed out to me, I began to think on it more. Indeed, anything that created this universe would have to be at least AS complex (most likely MORE) than the universe itself. Under Intelligent Design's own logic and arguments, such a complex being could not exist without having been designed himself! And if something designed God, it must have been more complex than God, so what designed it? And what designed it's designer? And so on, and so forth, back into the far reaches of eternity's past, growing in ever-increasing complexity with each "creator of a creator of a creator of a..." into infinity.

The entire atheist pamphlet can be found here, hosted on SnipeMe. It's a damn good read. It certainly helped me!

The point of this rant (it's not really a "rant," I know) is not to open up religious debate here. When I realized that there is no God, no Heaven, no Hell, and no fucking Easter Bunny either, everything just started making sense in ways it never had before. The universe makes sense WITHOUT God. God was in the way. It's like the thousands of years of religious bullshit grabbed a copy of "This Is The Way The Universe Really Works" and scribbled all over it with a crayon! Much of it could be seen, but much of it was blocked by their favorite shade of "shit brown" blocking things out. With the religious skid marks removed from the truth, I can see it now.

It's frightening to me to know that even *I* had the wool (of The Lamb, lol) pulled over my eyes. As a "militant anti-theist" I tend to call religious people blind idiots and whatnot, but really, I know that's not true. I was NOT a blind idiot and I believed! THAT'S the real danger of religion! Even the very intelligent can fall for the fucking hocus pocus! Don't underestimate religous people by discounting them as simple-minded morons! Just like any other group of people on the planet, most of them are idiots but not ALL of them! Be wary of that.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Lord Galen, and I would like to officially admit right here and now that I was wrong. Every pro-religious thing I have written was a delusion. Please allow me to set the record straight, right now:

There are no ghosts, demons, angels, leprechauns, boogeymen, etc. Thor, Zeus, Athena, Ra, Ba'al, the Great Tiki Man, etc. were nothing but the imaginings of frightened and ignorant men trying their damnedest to make sense of a world they did not understand. And the same is true of the Christian God, and every other god in every other religion that has ever or will ever exist.

Boys and girls, THIS is the life we have and it is ALL that we have. There's no Heaven, no Hell, no 72 virgins waiting for anyone, anywhere, ever. The human consciousness is the operating system of our mind; just as real as Windows, Linux, Mac, or whatever OS you're running right now, but just like them, "you" are software run by the hardware of your physical brain. You have no "soul" and there is nothing non-corporeal about you at all. When you die, the hardware stops working and the OS shuts down for good. There will be literally nothing and you won't even know it. It's nothing to be scared of, because you won't be there to experience fear. You'll be gone and the unique configuration of genes, neurons, masons, and chemical reactions that composed "you" will be gone forever.

We have this one and only llfe and it's SO SHORT in the grand scale of time. Calling it "the blink of an eye" doesn't even do it justice. I once saw a video of Richard Dawkins explaining the vastness of time and our small role in it. Imagine the length of your arm is the entire history of the planet Earth; all of the time it has existed. Take a nail file and stroke it across one of your fingernails just one time. The dust that falls away represents the amount of time homo sapiens have been on this planet. Your entire life, even if you live to be 120, probably wouldn't even be a single atom on that representative arm. My point? I wasted 30 years of my life already, being a mental slave to Bronze Age bedtime stories. People, don't waste another minute of your life on this CRAP! There is no God and I'm GLAD for it! No, you DON'T live your life under the constant watchful eyes and ears of a superman-in-the-sky who will burn you forever for even THINKING shit he doesn't like. That ISN'T reality! Get over it. I finally did.

This has been Lord Galen. I am not just an Athiest, but an ANTI-theist, a secular humanist, and of course, the only god you ever need to concern yourself with, because I don't ask you to worship me on threat of torture, I don't ask you to believe that I've done ridiculous things, and as this whole rant demonstrates, I don't ask you to believe that I am perfect. I DO make mistakes and this was a big one that I'm owning up to. Join me :)

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