A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against its government.
-Edward Abbey
Lord Galen
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Gulf Oil Pictures
July 12, 2010

Don't expect much substance to this rant. I don't plan on writing a whole lot because they say that a picture speaks a thousand words. Well, then I have about 60,000 words coming in this rant.

My intention here is to showcase 60 images I've collected from all over the Internet regarding the Gulf Oil Spill. Pictures of beaches, dead fish, things like that.

You may wonder why I'm making a whole rant to do this when anybody can easily go to Google Images and find these pics themselves. Well, maybe they can, but it wasn't that damn easy for me.

The point isn't just to show the oil spill for the sake of showing the oil spill. No, the point is that the United States government has now made it a Class D felony offense to get close enough to anything of significance and take pictures! I think you can all probably guess just exactly what my response to that is:

Our government, in cooperation with BP, is pretty fucking desperate to hide the truth of this disaster from the general public. Given the scale of this thing (which continues to grow every second), that's sort of like trying to hide the fact that we have a MOON in the sky! And even though they can't hide the moon, they can still level a $40,000 fine and felony charges against you for looking through your telescope to get a better look at it! Seems pretty stupid, right? That's government for you. It got a whole lot less stupid when Bush left office, but it's still the fucking government and having an intelligent well-spoken guy at the top doesn't make up for the whole goddamn thing being a giant clusterfuck of pure unfiltered stupidity. I spent quite a while hoping that Obama could fix the mistakes of the Bush years. Sorry Barack, looks like the legacy of stupid is just too powerful for you to overcome; it's clearly infected you.

By the way, let's stop calling it a goddamn "spill" ok? It's a fucking DISASTER! A "spill" is what happens when I stumble while holding a glass of tea. A "spill' is what happens when my niece knocks over her sippy cup. A "spill" is NOT the entire Gulf of Mexico looking like the toilet did that time I ate 6 chocolate pudding cups in a row! When you can see a shit-stew from orbit, that's not a goddamn "spill" you fucking assholes!

Without further delay, here are 60 of the pictures that BP and our very own federal government would rather you didn't see. And they can all go fuck themselves.


If you'd like to share these images on your own website, I've placed them all (including the thumbnails) in a convenient zip file for you to easily download. Click here (13.3 Mb)

If anyone at BP or in the federal government would like to give me any shit for posting these publicly available images, I invite you to give it a fucking shot, because I motherfucking LIVE for the chance to get harrassed by you dickwads and air this shit in open court. Let's go, fuckers! First Amendment > YOU!

Now go fuck yourselves.

Legal shit: All images on this page related to the Gulf oil spill were obtained from search engines and personal blogs (which had obtained them from who-fucking-knows where) and are the sole copyright of their original owners (whose identities I have no idea of). The images are used here under Fair Use for educational purposes. Any copyright holder who would like their image removed from this site, please contact me with proof of your copyright and I will gladly comply with your wishes.

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