No one is more truly helpless, more completely a victim, than he who can neither choose nor change nor escape his protectors.
-John Holt
Lord Galen
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The Healthcare Bill Passed... And You're All Morons
March 22, 2010

This isn't another healthcare rant. Well, it is, but not really. The point of this rant is that you're all goddamn morons. FUCKING STUPID SHIT-FOR-BRAIN IDIOTS!

Why, you ask? Well I'm glad you asked. Of course, you didn't REALLY ask. That's just me being cute, because I know you're too stupid to ask an obvious question!

Oh, but don't let me get ahead of myself! Who am I speaking to, exactly?

Last night, the Democrats' new healthcare reform bill passed. It passed to the sweet sound of boos, jeers, insulting shouts and other various things from the Republican side of the isle, as our Republican leaders stood there, arms crossed and lips poked out, pouting like fucking toddlers! I've been known to use the phrase "crybaby liberal" a time or two myself, but apparently that label is misplaced! It seems that the Republicans are the fucking crybabies here!

But no, it's not even them that I'm here to bitch at tonight. No, it's YOU, Mr. Opposed-to-universal-healthcare. It's YOU, I want to fucking GUT WITH A RUSTY AXE right about now, you goddamn stupid cunts!

I am fed the fuck UP with how fucking stupid you people are. You have sat there and had your tea parties and SWALLOWED THE HORSESHIT being fed to you by a bunch of old RICH white men who are getting even richer being buttered up by lobbyists paid for by the fucking private health insurance industry! I'm fed up with the fact that you're too goddamn idiotic to open your fucking eyes and realize that YOU'RE BEING LIED TO SO THAT RICH OLD WHITE PEOPLE CAN GET EVEN FUCKING RICHER!!!!!!!!!!!

Let me do what I always have to do for you goddamn infants and explain it in the most simplistic terms humanly possible:

Are you with me so far, or is that still too goddamn complicated for you? THAT'S what you want to KEEP! THAT'S what you're fucking complaining about! You know what the "evil socialist" plan is? You wanna know? Here it is: Take that picture up there AND FUCKING REVERSE IT, YOU COCK!!!

America is NOT the greatest country in the world. When we have one of the highest infant death rates in the entire industrialized world, HOW DARE YOU claim we're "great."

My anger seething unending RAGE over this comes from the same place it always does. YOUR fucking unbelievable stupidity! You're booing and whining about you and your family being covered by you paying LESS in extra taxes than what you're paying now for health insurance! At least, that's how it works in every other country, but you're right, it probably won't work out that way here. The Republicans will keep fucking with the healthcare reforms until it's just as shitty as everything else in America--

"Galen, if you don't like America, then why don't you just leave?!"

That's why!

Now, as I was saying: The Republicans will keep fucking with the healthcare reforms until it's so fucked up and unworkable that they can point at Obama and BLAME HIM!

I hate the words that are about to flow from my fingers onto this page. I really really do, because they're usually dumb as hell. But in this one case, it's absolutely true: YOU PEOPLE DON'T FUCKING KNOW WHAT'S GOOD FOR YOU! You honestly don't!

You are protesting medical treatment, you goddamn idiots! You're ANGRY about the government trying to do exactly what your fucking Savior supposedly did: Healing the sick simply because they deserve it. For free.

If it were up to you, Jesus would've asked for payment before healing the blind and lepers. FUCK! It's a goddamn good thing that your hero Jesus wasn't as FUCKING STUPID as his so-called followers!

I fucking HATE you people so damn MUCH! I have a gigantic vocabulary of both regular words and profanity and right now I am honestly at a loss for words. The words don't even exist to express how much your fucking STUPIDITY and IGNORANCE and SELF-ABASING BULLSHIT enrages me!

I find your absolute rejection of reality to be DISGUSTING. YOU DISGUST ME! Be thankful, ladies and gentlemen. Be VERY FUCKING THANKFUL that I do not have the power your so-called God is reported to have, for if I did, right at this very moment, I would reach out and squeeze the life from every last one of you disgusting ignorant little bastards until you break in half!!!!!!

YOU keep the shitty healthcare you have right now! YOU FUCKING KEEP IT! If you it's so great and you love it so much, ***FUCKING HAVE IT!!!!*** And when you are lying there in a hospital bed, dying, leaving your loved ones tens of thousands of dollars worth of debt because of your death, funeral, etc. I want you to remember that it's exactly what you asked for. It's EXACTLY what you wanted and it IS the fate you DESERVE.

I'm often ask why I chose to portray a god on my website. This is why. Because I am so far above the majority of you that "god" is the only description that even comes close to fitting. You are rats in a fucking maze and you're too stupid to even smell the cheese at the end! You ALL disgust me and if I weren't forced to live on this planet with you, I wouldn't even CARE about the myriad ways you find to FUCK YOURSELVES OVER again and again. And I'm almost to that point. I'm ALMOST to the point of sitting back and watching it all burn down. It's what you get. It's the price of your stupidity and willful ignorance. Choke on it.

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