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Psychiatric Medicine
By: Anonymous  |  July 4, 2010

How many people who are reading this have ever been put on dangerous psych meds? Or involuntarily committed? How many of the people who are reading this now are female?

See, when I dealt with the death of my grandfather, everything went in to a downwards tailspin. I probably didn't even get passed the grieving stage before the stress of school caught up with me, and I had an extreme mental breakdown, and that is when I was put on the children's psych ward. Only then did I realize how serious the situation was, and my brain quickly went into survival mode.

First they put me on Depakote. Horrible weight gain, and I got off of that one first, after being told by one of the girls that Depakote made her "blow up like a balloon." They drugged me up on Lithium, and Risperdal, and the Risperdal made me stammer and stutter like crazy. The Lithium cauzed severe water weight gain. Even after I was off the psych ward, I could barely make it home without pissing myself.

When we began seeing the psychiatrist, all he would do is change the amount of dosage on my meds, over and over again, and I quote "We'll see if this works for her." It did not work. Then I was put on Abilify.....it did not work. The Lithium was still not working. They tried Lamictal, which the side effects of that can be serious rashes, which can require hospitalization. So I new when I started getting an itchy rash well, I knew that it was not good.

When I went to school the next year, everybody kept asking me the most irritating questions, and believe me, I got fucking pissed. "Are you pregnant?" "What are you having?" One of the adminstrators had the nerve to ask me If I had seen the nurse yet, and I yelled at her telling me to leave me alone. People, don't believe damn thing you hear about somebody.

The rumors were horrible. Someone said they heard that I tried to hang myself in my bedroom. The other one was that I was raped and got pregnant. Well if I had tried to hang myself in my fucking bedroom, I would have fucking scars on my neck you idiots!!!! If I had gotten pregnant through being raped, I would've had this imaginary baby that you stupid fucks have conjured in your minds. For the record, I have more self respect than most girls, and I know to keep my legs closed if I don't want sex. STOP BELIEVING EVERY THING YOU HEAR!!!!

The happiest day of my life was when my dad told me to throw out all of my medications, and I gladly did it.

I realized that everything would get better after that, and I vowed to never let ANYONE put me on dangerous psychiatric medicine ever again, or I would leave home for good and NEVER look back again. I know what the mindnumbing effects of those torture pills are, and I refuse to let that happen to me again.

Parents, you should NEVER, EVER send your kids to these mental wards, and allow them to be drugged. When I say it is a living hell, you'd better believe it. The staff are mean. The drugs are not effective. All they do is label a disorder for every little mistake or something that every person does wrong. Well nobody's perfect. We're all human. Drugs should only be given with a VALID MEDICAL REASON. That is all.

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