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Cops and Morons
By: Matt  |  July 4, 2010

As Youth Rights proponents (many of us being members of ASFAR or NYRA), one of the hardest jobs we have is convincing ageists that not every person under the magic age of 18 is a self centered, entitled, thug who needs to be kept under lock and key at all times because they will attack adults at any given opportunity so they can steal their valuables or just for the lulz, but that they are human beings deserving of basic human rights and respect. Of course, this job isn't easy for any of us. Especially when there is shit like this floating around:


It makes me want to bash my head open on the dry wall.

You know what makes this worse? When a bunch of YR proponents start coming out in support of morons like the two girls in this story even though it is pretty clear they're wrong. For those of you who did not read the story or haven't been following it, I'll give you a condensed version. Basically, a girl was caught jaywalking, and started arguing with a cop. Then her friend started getting belligerent and started grabbing and assaulting this cop while a bunch of hostile onlookers watched. This cop, having to end this quickly before something happened to him, gave this cunt a knuckle sandwich. Now she's going around playing the poor innocent victim (even though she brought it on herself). Meanwhile, the "Fuck the police! All police are bad!" crowd in NYRA and organizations like the NAACP and Urban League are buying this shit hook, line and sinker. They keep rambling how she was a minor or how the cop shouldn't have hit her because she's a girl and conveniently ignoring how she was basically attacking this cop for doing his fucking job. Even though the attempted "Gotcha!" video shows as much.

Why? I haven't the slightest. Maybe people have just forgotten police etiquette. Maybe a refresher course is in order. I'm going to type out some basic rules of etiquette (which should already be common fucking sense), and use them to demonstrate where this dumb cunt went wrong. That way, you don't make the same mistakes she did (or make the mistake of having sympathy for her stupid ass) and if you do, I can say I told you so when you get tazed or a bullet in your asshole.

Lesson 1: If it does not involve you, do not get involved. Whatever a policeman is doing with another pedestrian or motorist is between that policeman and the other person. Shut the fuck up and MYOB. His job is hard enough without the peanut gallery trying to get involved and trying to tell him how to his job. If you make his job harder, he'll make your life harder. This entire incident could've been avoided had the bitch who got hit kept her damn mouth shut and minded her own business.

Lesson 2: There is a time and place to argue the ticket That time and place is court. It isn't on a crowded sidewalk full of angry people who the cop thinks might be armed. If you think the cop is wrong, prepare your case and go to court. PROTIP: Getting into a fistfight with the cop will not help your court case and will probably get you in worse trouble than a jaywalking ticket.

Lesson 3: Do not put your hands on a cop. Ever. Cops are trained to believe that aggressive physical contact means intent to harm. If you start grabbing on to a cop, you WILL GET FUCKED UP. This dumb cunt got off VERY lucky just to get off with just one punch (that she probably needed). It doesn't matter if you think the cop is the dirtiest human being in existence, you do not put your hands on a cop. Not because he is government authority figure mind you, but because he has a gun. It's just not smart.

Then again, the "fuck the police" types usually are retarded.

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