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Lord Galen
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Serious Stress
February 28, 2010

Dear Galen

Lately I've had a problem with some bad stress...our place got burglarized and now I'm jumpy every time I hear a noise outiside, or any little thing. It's affecting my sleep, and I'm worried that if whoever the hell robbed us comes back that they could try and hurt me as well. I've heard that some of the effects of something like this can be lifelong, and if that's true, how do I cope with them better? Lately I've been looking over my shoulders to see if anyone's behind me or not, and get startled very easily...I don't know what to do about it. Any tips? It will wear me down sooner or later and I can't let that happen.


[ This is a first for SnipeMe. I have no experience with something like this, so I asked for someone who does to write a response. The following response was written by my wife. ]

Dear Girl,

I have been through 2 similar situations. I have had a knife to my throat and a gun to my head. Both happened in my own home (when I was living at home with my parents). They both happened in my final year of university and they changed my life. Up until that point, I had never been afraid to stay at home alone or drive anywhere by myself. The funny thing is that both occurred during daylight hours and yet I am much more afraid of the dark. All of this happened to me about 12 years ago.

My mom and I did go once for a counselling session and I wish that I had pursued that avenue. I think talking about it could have helped me. I suffered terribly from post traumatic stress disorder and to this day a few things can bring back bad memories.

The only advice I have is for you to find a support group, especially of people who have been through similar experiences.

Galen's Wife

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