The foolish man think with narrow mind and speak with wide mouth.
-Charlie Chin
Lord Galen
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September 19, 2010

This was recieved via my Contact page, not as a submission, per se. But it was just too good not to share.

Dear Galen

i would like to share my private information about government harassing me for over 7 years, now everythign getting worse. you can share it to all people. Please respond to make sure you received. Thank you

FRIDAY, JULY 9, 2010
I have been discriminated and harassed by the US government for over seven year. They want to kill my life in the dark if I do not do the thing that I don't want to do. I want to let all people know that no justice in the US country, law system does not serve for disadvantaged people. We cannot trust the civil right attorneys, and even people in the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU.) They are demagogic by using the civil rights slogant but the fact is they serve for the government. Ater I have no hope on the civil rights attorneys, I have come to the ACLU, they have adviced me to do the same thing as the government want, and they refused to take this case after I had refused to accept their advice.

Here is the content of information I sent to the American Civil Liberties Union in 2009. Up to now things are getting worse, I will update later.

From : Julie [Censored]

To: American Civil Liberties Union of Washington State
Legal Department ACLU of Washington
705 Second Avenue #310
Seattle, WA 98104

To Whom it may concern:

I have to write this letter by hand writing because my computer is controled. These information I sent to you which is not secret because many people know, many people join this dirty game. For over six years, I have not seen the justice in this country, no state law in this country, no humant rights in this country.

If you are, people in the American Civil Liberties Union always fight for the rights of human, you should investigate this matter and stop it. Just do the right things as the purpose of this organization.

I will provide the information in order of time from the begining to present, the level of harassment from low to high of the government agency.

First, people around me such as neighbors, acquaintances... told me to join some groups of the Vietnamese Community, or to do the things that I don't want to do . I refused to do all these requests, so then the harassment increasing with time.

It started in the year of 2003, I was living in the condominium at [Censored] I have been bothered for a long time by anonymous phone calls, irrespective day or night, everyday, just asking some certain names, or impolite talking. I had to file a complain to the [Censored] police department, but the [Censored] police did not take any action on this problem. Later I found out from the police that one phone call was from a Vietnamese man who was the insurance agent of mine. Few months later, he moved to California.

Next, a new Vietnamese neighbor moved in unit F1 behind the wall of my bedroom. He bothered me by loudly noise. And at the same time I began to receive a lot of junk mails, everyday with the receiver's name was Phong [Censored]. No body in my unit having name Phong [Censored]. It was a huge amount of junk mails until the day I moved out the condo in January 2005

Also during that time, when I got home late in the evening, usually some one parked a car in my parking lot. This problem never happened before.

One day the food waste disposer did not work. I called many people to hire them to fix it, but all of them refused. Later, I asked the right man that the government agency wanted him to do for me, so he came to fix quickly. I can give you his name, his phone.

They did spot jamming on the channel of the TV, while the problem did not happen in other units.

On January 2005, I moved to the new house at [Censored] I still received the junk mails of the receiver's name Phong [Censored]. One day, I received a cell phone bill from Sprint company for Phong [Censored] at my new address on the [Censored]. I called the phone number which was on the phone bill of Sprint company. People did not want to talk with me, they let me waited for long time then disconnected the line. I had to call many times until they talked to me. I warned them that I did not know who was Phong [Censored], if I still received the bill of Phong [Censored] at my address, I would file a complain to the District attorney. After that they stopped to harass by mail.

The Vietnamese man next to my door bothered me terribly. Beside making noise, he always stayed before me to do provocative actions if every time I came out. I could not bear it any more, so I had to moved to other house within less than two years living on the Camas Avenue.

In October 2006, I moved to the new house at [Censored]. From that time until now. I have been harassed more and more, at home or everywhere else by any people who I contacted or talked. This information I provide below which is followed by the company or individual name.

*QWEST SERVICES: Home telephone, cell phone, internet, digital TV (Direct TV)

- Home telephone: Just few months after moved in, the home phone line did not work. I had to pay for the technician of Qwest to get in to fix it. From then on the phone line was controled. If I called law offices, ACLU, or other people to get legal help the phone line was very noisy. or I could not hear people were on the phone line with me. The wall jack in the computer room works or does not work, it depends on the government agency.

- Cell phone: Qwest and Verizon Wireless cheating me by informed me that Qwest and Verizon Wireless work together, so I could renew the contract either with Qwestor or Verizon Wireless, and the bill statement would be the same. After renewed the contract with Verizon Wireless, location at Southcenter Mall, Verizon Wireless sent the bill statement with higher amount than Qwest before. I canceled the service and agreed to pay one hundred seventy five dollar for early end contract, but they kept sending the wrong bill statement again and again. Now, they put my account into collection.

- Internet: If I searched for the legal service, the internet would not work. One time, I had to call the Qwest internet 24 hours service for the whole night because they hung up or did not answer the phone.

- Television: Not often but sometimes they changed the program on TV. For example, instead the movie was on the channel 254, but it was some advertising program. Or they posted some note on the corner of the TV.

* DAVID [Censored] M.D.

Doctor [Censored] did the nose surgery for me on October 2005. Few days after the surgery my nose bled a lot, I had to go to the emergency room at night.

On November 2008, I paid him 4200 dollar for the cosmetic surgergy to take the fat on the upper and lower eyes. He did twice. The first time, after the surgery he did not take the stich on my eyes, the receptionist told me to go to the emergency room. I paid 100 dollar, but the doctor at the emergency room at [Censored] Medical Center Hospital did not take the stich out and told me to go back doctor [Censored]. Next day, I paid another 100 dollar for other doctor at other clinic to take the stich out.

The second time, on February 2009 doctor [Censored] did the eyes surgery again, and my eye bled.

==> The fact is he did not do the job to take the fat on the upper and lower eyes on both surgery.

* ANNA [Censored] D.D.S.
* PATRICK [Censored] D.D.S.
* DAVID [Censored] D.D.S.
* ANDREW [Censored] D.D.S.

All the dentists above advised me to extract one tooth, and doctor [Censored] extracted it.

==> Later, I found out that I have a wrong tooth extraction.

Doctor [Censored] and [Censored] are husband and wife, they worked together at the same office. On the last visit, they let one Vietnamese woman that I have never seen before to clean my teeth perfunctorily, and this woman decided my five teeth need the filling. It costs over two thousand dollar. Then this woman let one man that I have never seen before to exam my teeth very perfunctorily, and this man offered to do the implant surgery for the extracted tooth at the doctor [Censored] and [Censored]'s office. During this last visit doctor [Censored] and [Censored] did not appear to talke with me.

==> This office has no licence to do the implant surgery, and the Vietnamese woman has no right to decide my teeth need filling.

* MICHAEL [Censored] M.D. - The eye center at [Censored] Medical Center Hospital

This office refused to make early appointment with me for eyes infection. They forced me to go to the emergency room first. But the doctor at the emergency at Valley Medical Center Hospital did not do any treatment, they told me to go to the doctor at the eye center.

==> This office did not do the right thing to law. They have to make early appointment with paticients who need urgent care.


==> This office also did not do the right thing to law. When I had stomach pain, they refused to make early appointment with me.

* DON [Censored] - [Censored] EXTENSION (UNIVERSITY OF [Censored])
Associate director

After graduated from the University of [Censored], I wanted to continued my education at the [Censored]. I came to this office many times, but all people worked at this place did not give me clear information about how to apply, requirement..., then they reffered me to Don [Censored], I could contact him by email. only. Through several emails, I got nothing about information for my education.

[Censored] (inside Westfield shopping town Southcenter, East entrance

Many, many times when I searched the legal service on the internet, the internet stopped working. I had to go to the public library, at this place people did not let me used the computer. They said all computers have been booked. I asked the proof of reservation, they did not have it, and then they let me used the computer.

* DAVE [Censored] - SUPERINTENDENT FOR [Censored] HOMES L.L.C.

Dave [Censored] works for the builder, he was the person to be responsible for the mistake in my new house, but he did not do it. He kept delay to do, and at last he said he would not do it. One time, he told me that he was in a political party and wanted I join. Now the mistake from the builder in my house remains undo.


The government agency let people got in my house to damage the dish washer when I was not home. I called [Censored] Factory Service many times, and fought with people on the phone because it costed my money and my time, but the dish washer never got done. Their technicians came to my house many times, they pretended to repair it, after they left, the dish washer remainednot working. Each time I called, they gave appointment after five days or over. One time, just few minutes after a technician left, the dish washer got fire, I had to call the fire department.

==> Now the dish washer is till not working.

* MERCEDES - BENZ OF [Censored]

People at this dealer cheated my money more than two times. They took money from my credit card not properly when they did the service for my car. Also they did not complete the oil changed service on my car while I had to pay full amount of that service. On the last visit at Mercedes - Benz of [Censored], a woman was working there, Sheryl [Censored], she gave the amount of the service higher than the real cost around 200 dollar. Until I asked her to write down on the paper how much then she wrote differently.

The government agency followed me everywhere, and set up people to harass me. People in the [Censored] Mall, [Censored] Mall, [Censored] Mall at the cosmetic department did not sell me the product.

All the restaurants I came, I have to bear the harassment.

I will provide you more detail and more other public service that I have been harassed such as post office..., Lately they delivered to my house the junk mails of Phong [Censored] again.

I am tired of these harassment, where the justice is, where the human rights is for me. All the people joined this dirty game are the human? Now I feel sick, my teeth need care, but I dare not see doctors because I don't know what people will do to me. No body protects me, no body controls the harassment from the government agency. I am waiting for your action.


People in the ACLU told me to do exactly the same things like other people to work for the government, so do not trust this organization. They are not really to work for innocent people, they protect their interests firt, justice for people is just the second or third. From the day I finished this complain untill now, the harassment is still coming

Julie [Censored - damn this got old fast]

The following is the exact copy/pasted response I sent to this loony toon


Not once, anywhere in that long list of complaints, did I see a single complaint against a government entity. All of the businesses you have had problems with are PRIVATELY owned and, therefore, are not controlled by the government.

The ACLU can't help you because what you have here are complaints against privately owned businesses, NOT civil rights violations against the government. You will need to contact the Better Business Bureau and/or the Federal Trade Commission to resolve these problems.

To put this very simply for you, you have not had anything unusual happen to you. EVERYBODY has problems with businesses sometimes. It's not abnormal, it's not a conspiracy, and it's not the government's fault.

Your friends and family know you and like you, so they won't tell you the truth. But you're a stranger to me, so I'll be happy to tell you what the problem is here. The problem is that you're an idiot. You're blaming junk mail and cable problems on the government. This isn't Vietnam, our government doesn't run every damn thing. Instead of spending money on plastic surgery, go spend it on a therapist. You're paranoid and delusional OR, like I said, you're just stupid. Get a friend (who is smart) to help you resolve these problems and stop bothering random people on the Internet and the ACLU because you're too fucking dumb to deal with the average everyday problems that life throws at you.

Your e-mail and my response will be posted on my website if you ever need to refer back to it and be reminded that you're a complete fucking moron. Bye-bye now.

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