Distrust compassion; prefer dignity for yourself and others. Don't be afraid to be thought arrogant or selfish.
-Christopher Hitchens
Lord Galen
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Poverty, Not Race
July 10, 2009

I've participated in and observed many thousands of debates both online and off. One of the more particularly stupid kinds of debates are those concerning race and race relations. If it's an online debate, where people are the most honest about their feelings, it will eventually boil down to various things about how blacks are animals, they do this, they do that, blah blah blah.

Statistically, black people commit WAY more crimes than white people. That's true. Statistically, black people score lower on standardized tests and perform more poorly in school than white people. That's true too. In fact, MANY of the things that racist white assholes use to slam blacks are actually true. But while they're good at reciting these stats back to you with a smile on their face as they prove their retarded ass point about how "inferior" black people are, these stupid redneck cockfaces are (not surprisingly) pathetic at actually interpretting this data and knowing what it all REALLY means.

Blacks commit more crime, they do more drugs, they drop out of school more, they behave in uncivilized ways in public, etc, etc. All of these tend to be true where a great many black people are concerned. But here's the catch: It has nothing at all to do with their race.

"WHAT?! Galen, that makes no sense!"

Ah, of course it doesn't make any sense to YOU, Mr. Hangablack McKlansman. That's because you're a retard who may be good at parroting statistical reports, but you suck ass at understanding where those stats come from and what they're all about.

You see, dipshit, blacks aren't more prone to commit crimes and do drugs and shit like that because they're black. I'm not sure just how fucking stupid you have to be to make that connection, but it's safe to say that you're in negative numbers on the IQ chart. The reason that more blacks commit crimes than whites is because their are more poor blacks than whites. Yeah, you heard me. It isn't about race, it's about income level.

See, if you weren't a complete fucking asstard, you would know that the "culture of poverty" creates many unacceptable side-effects. Side effects such as, oh I dunno, higher crime rates, lower test scores and grades, higher drug use, etc. Basically, all of the things you racist fucks say that blacks do "because they're niggers" has nothing to do with the color of their skin, their ethnic background, or anything else. It's all about the fucking money. Really, if you wanted to be technically correct when you use the "n-word" you could do it by redefining the word. Instead of meaning "black people I don't like" if the word "nigger" actually meant "those people who are so poor that they have to steal, deal drugs, etc." then that'd be pretty accurate, I think.

Oh, I know, you're rolling your eyes. All the "guilty white liberals" have been trying to feed you this bullshit for years, right? We see that blacks commit more crimes, so we just make up excuses for them to make it seem like it's NOT because they're a bunch of low-intelligence monkeys from the jungles of Africa, right? Well, let's set aside for just a second that you, too, came from those same jungles (whether you believe in the Bible or in Evolution doesn't matter, because BOTH Creationism and Darwinism say that all life began in Africa, you asshat), let's look at a few things you may not have ever noticed before.

First, let's take a look at those swarms of crime-committing uncivilized black people called ghettos. Have you ever been to a ghetto? I have. But even if you haven't, I'm sure you've seen them on TV or read about them or whatever. I want you to picture a typical ghetto in your mind. Now tell me, does it seem like a high class sort of place? I mean, does it seem like a lot of rich people live there? Or does it, perhaps, seem like the people who live there are the kinds of people who barely have enough money to afford to flush the fucking toilet? And even if some rich people do live there (successful drug dealers, perhaps), why would they *stay* there? Well, that's probably their home and where they've lived all their lives, wouldn't you say? So, being raised in such an environment, do you suppose that they might in any way be socially different from people who could afford little things like, maybe, FOOD when they were growing up?

Did you know that white people live in ghettos too? Very poor white families who can't afford to live anywhere else. And if you take a look at those white people who grew up in that environment, you will quickly discover that when a white person is subjected to being brought up in an environment of abject poverty, they behave in exactly the same uncivilized ways as do black people. Funny, I thought your whole racist viewpoint was that blacks commit crimes and do drugs and drop out of high school just because they're black and therefore inferior to us whites. Why is it then that white people in the same environment and culture are NO BETTER?

You'd be amazed, if you ever took the time to learn, at just how much a culture of financial status affects a person's life. You think poor white people act better than poor black people? Motherfucker, I wouldn't walk unarmed through a goddamn trailer park in the south at 3am anymore than I would in Compton, and neither would you!

But, you may wonder, if it's all about poverty than why is it still so many more blacks doing bad shit than whites? Aren't there just as many poor whites?

No, there isn't. Not by a long shot. That just *might* have something to do with the fact that up until about 40 years ago, blacks were forcefully kept in abject poverty and not allowed any oppotunities that would allow them to escape that environment. And sadly, even after all this time and even with a black man as the president of this country, that poverty mindset persists. See, there are different types/causes of poverty and one of them is "generational poverty." My great-great-grandfather was poor as shit, so was my great grandfather, so was my grandfather, so was my father, so I am, so are my children, so are my grandchildren, so are my great-grandchildren, and so on. Like generational wealth, poverty persists through the family and is inherited. There've only been a few generations since the Civil Rights Movement in this country; not nearly enough time for a lot of families to work their way out of the poverty they inherited all the way back to their slave ancestors. People are constantly saying "slavery's over, blacks have civil rights, why won't everybody shut up about race?!" I do agree with that, but the problem is that it's only been about the last generation or two of kids growing up in a world of racial tolerance that's starting to make a difference. Even if everybody's mind had magically changed because of the Civil Rights Act, 40+ years of racial harmony can't undo the damage caused by more than a century of keeping an entire race under our boot. And even to this day, we are HARDLY racially harmonious in this country! There are no legal ways in which black families can be kept in poverty, but it happens still. And even when the day comes that it stops happening entirely, it will still take time for individual families to "evolve" out of the mindset that's been burned into them by a culture of poverty.

Those in poverty hate those with money (and vice versa). I have actually known parents who did not *want* their children to go to college and be successful because it would take them away from their families which is "where they need to be." That's how the culture of poverty thinks. Success is a crime; something to be jealous of and hated and feared, not strived for. And it's nothing new.

"But Pa, I wanna go off to the big city college! I got the grades for it and my teachers says-"
"I don't care what your teacher says! You gonna stay here and tend the farm just like I done and just like my Pa done and his Pa before him!"
"But Pa, I wanna go off and make somethin' of myself out in the world!"
(at this point, the belt comes off)

Sound familiar to anyone? This takes place at all levels of economic culture and in the poverty culture, it's what keeps the slum kids living in the slums. Why don't they just move away from the ghetto? Why would they? Even if you moved far away from your parents, how far did you move away from the kind of culture you grew up with? The culture of poverty is very small-minded and very location-centric. Nothing outside "the hood" is important. You stay where you're at and you take care of your own. And that small-minded poverty mentality is what's keeping the poor people in this country right where they are, in a state of abject poverty where crimes are committed more and drugs are done more and who the fuck has time to do their fucking english homework when mama needs help with the baby and cooking supper and your older brother needs you to help him sell some drugs or steal a car radio?

The uncivilized criminal element in this country - the people that racist fucktards call "niggers" - are not made up of blacks, they're made up of THE POOR. It just so happens that the majority of the poor in this country are black people. So yeah, it looks like "blacks commit more crimes than whites" but really, it's that blacks tend to be poorer than whites and poorer people commit more crimes than those who aren't poor.

In the end, it all comes down to intelligence. Those who are in poverty stay ignorant because they don't have time nor concern to learn anything that doesn't help them in the here and now. Because they don't learn, they can't overcome the cultural programming that keeps them ignorant.

In closing, here's my challenge to you. Think of a racist stereotype. Now, I want you to imaging that stereotype being acted out by some well-off middle-class black man who was raised in a good home in the suburbs. Looks kinda silly, doesn't it? Just doesn't seem to quite FIT, does it? Hard to picture a middle-class black kid from the suburbs carjacking an old lady or mugging someone on the streets, isn't it? Maybe he found time to be an "animal" while he's on spring break from college, eh? When faced with that mental image, I think you can see what I'm talking about and perhaps you can finally see the lesson I've been trying to teach you. It's not about race, it's all about poverty.

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