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To Those Who Complain About Today's Children Shows
By: JerseyJ  |  March 29, 2009

It's one thing to not like today's children shows, but all this "This isn't 'real' entertainment" and "Kids wouldn't like [insert old show here] because they like this crap'" is unnecessary. It is just ignorant to assume that just because this generation of kids likes what airs on TV and radio nowadays means that none of them would like things that past generations grew up on. That's an absurd stereotype. I'm 19, and my favorite music genre is soul music, which was around long before I was born. I'd rather listen to soul, rock & roll, 80s pop, etc. than today's R&B and rap music. I also prefer shows, movies, cartoons, etc. from the 90s and older to whatever is out now.

Why do people get so upset about current generation kids watching/listening to current-gen entertainment? It's not their fault they weren't born in your or my time. If they were, they probably wouldn't be called "children". I'm sure if you were born in this generation, you'd like most of the things this generation likes. Of course we (80-90s babies) love 90s Nicktoons. What American 1990s kid who was allowed to watch Nickelodeon didn't like them?

There's grown men/women saying, "My favorite show is better than yours", "If I was a kid right now, I wouldn't like these shows", and things of that nature. Leave the childish insults to the young children. You are some liars if you really believe that if you were a child of this generation, you would hate this gen of entertainment. Seriously, most of you are adults, and you're complaining about the quality of today's children shows. Did it ever occur to you that maybe you grew out of children shows? The main reason why most people like their lineup of shows is because they grew up on it.

Think about it-- if this gen of kids grew up on Kenan & Kel and Rocko's Modern Life, for example, instead of Drake & Josh and SpongeBob, they'd most likely prefer K&K and RML. This is the year [b]2009[/b], people, and unlike in the 1990s and before, kids' channels (Nickelodeon, Disney, etc.) don't air old entertainment anymore. When I was growing up, Nick at Nite had I Love Lucy, Mary Tyler Moore, Dick Van Dyke etc. Nickelodeon had Gumby, Looney Tunes, Lassie, etc. Disney had Pinocchio, Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, etc. Plus, not all parents of this gen care to buy their children any videos of movies and shows from their time, so the kids are stuck with whatever our former favorite channels are airing. We have internet, CDs, cassette tapes, VHS, DVDs, and reruns -- what more do you need to review your past entertainment? I can watch almost all of my childhood shows that I didn't grow out of, and I'm happy with that. Like I said, it's not the kids' fault, that's the fault of the networks and the kids' parents.

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