Everybody's worried about stopping terrorism. Well, there's a really easy way; stop participating in it.
-Noam Chomsky
Lord Galen
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The Constitution is Dead
By: Mackadal  |  July 2, 2009

Alternate title: reason number 6785465 I'm glad I'm not an American. It is the reason I no longer admire those little fuckers on the NYRA forums. It is the reason that while reading Galen`s rants, no matter how entertaining, well-written or thought-provoking, I just want to slam my head against the wall.

It is your own dear U.S. Constitution.

I can already hear you starting to gather stones and feathers and melting tar. For me? Ah, you shouldn't have. (And these actually are the readers` responses, because unlike all other guest ranters I don't preach to the choir, I preach to the local humanist association.) How dare someone defy the absolute almighty alliterative authority of a 200-year old piece of paper? Of course I should know better, that piece of paper represents a valiant struggle against oppression! (by which you mean terrorizing your own neighbours for suggesting that maybe paying taxes in exchange for protection and civilization wasn't such a bad idea (I'm getting ahead of myself, I'll save that for my special 4th of July rant)).

When will you people face the facts? The Constitution was written by a bunch of upper-class middle-aged white men, who had no higher authority above the rest of humanity, yet Americans constantly use their word as law to override all other argument. Who were a slave owner, a Native American exterminator, and 54 other selfish, elitist terrorists to decide upon the morals of an entire nation? The answer: no one.

Stan Smith prototype, MADD member and Snipeme frequenter alike all use the Constitution to defend their actions and positions. But they conveniently ignore the sections that counter the legality of their views, and when avoidance is no longer possible, they draft a bill to have it changed (unless you're Nicholas Cage. He just stole it and burned off the bad part). Changed!!??! According to the average Us citizen, the constitution must be upheld unless there's a part you don't like, and there are several. The bill that Alex KP and his cronies kiss the ass of claims that only people over 18 can vote in federal elections. The same country that elected a black man as President stated that Negroes were one 5th of a human being! The supposedly respected Constitution has evolved to nothing more than a political volleyball, bounced around the court to suit whatever need the people demand of it.

I know most of my readers, because I have not yet and likely will not convert them, would in the blink of an eye splash acid on the genitals of a three-year-old child if the Constitution told them to. They would, and do, abandon both reason and sensitivity alike in the name of it. A book by amateurish philosopher and Dawkins-wannabe Stephen Law describes Immanuel Kant`s view on ethics as a set of rules that must be absolutely followed in all circumstances. So for example, you must always tell the truth, even if the question is "Where are your children, I want to violently molest then kill them."

Most of you defendants are atheists. You attack the religious because of their so-called absolute obedience to an unproven power. WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU DO WITH THE CONSTITUTION? (In a way, this is parallel to Galen`s "Why God?" rant).

Yes, we have a Constitution here in Canada. But it is based on current voted opinion. It mostly deals with our national structure. Ordinary citizens do not use it as either a weapon or a fetish. And unlike Americans, we have realized that it's just a piece of paper.

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