Insanity in individuals is something rare; but in groups, parties, nations, and epochs it is the rule.
Lord Galen
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You Can't Blame Religion For Everything
By: Mackadal  |  August 31, 2009

I don't know why I bother with this, when you'll just go back to a lifetime of irrational stereotyping and hypocrisy. I guess I just had to let my anger out. Must be why they're called rants.

They hate others for disagreeing with their beliefs. They disrespect the figureheads of others` belief systems. They turn a blind eye to suffering. They are the cause of unnecessary anger and fear.

Wake up, dickheads. Because I'm talking about atheists.

To date, I have met about 1 atheist who is willing to let me believe what I want, as long as I don`t hurt anyone. Who understands that I am an intelligent, well-read person whose opinions have some logical basis. Who accepts that I don't hate gays, women, minorities, left-wingers, and especially the non-religious even though I'm a Christian.

Sure, maybe false prophets have committed unspeakable atrocities, speaking in the name of a warped interpretation of Scripture to fulfill their own personal desires. But for every Spanish inquisitor, every homophobic evangelical, every fundamentalist council member, and every West-hating terrorist, there are countless Salvation army and soup kitchen workers, peace-seeking missionaries, progressive scientific monks, pro-integration activists, and compassionate shopkeepers who forgive a starving thief, who follow some sort of religious faith.

SciVille of NYRA once complained that vegetarianism is the only practice that does not harm others that the type of people reading this rant hate and slander. I'd like to add religion to that list, please. It is deeply unsettling to have people whose beliefs you've pledged to accept slander, mock, ridicule, misinterpret and stereotype something you have devoted your heart, mind and soul to. Just because it may be your right to act like a bigoted moron, doesn't mean it is advisable to at every opportunity. You need to learn to forgive your ancient opponents and foster understanding and peace, something Jesus often preached to his followers.

Though you may like to think otherwise, it's not like atheism has always been a beacon of hope and enlightenment. Joseph Stalin and other earlier Bolsheviks forced secularism on their new country by slaughtering hundreds of clergymen and women, sometimes mocking their chastity by tying monks and nuns together at the ankle before drowning them. Though Hitler was technically a member of the Catholic church, he never willingly attended services or saw religion as a part of his life, and he used many secular utilitarian views as justification for the Holocaust, views echoed today by many atheist academics such as Peter Singer. In the famed Scopes trial of 1925, plaintiff William Jennings Bryan was a liberal champion fo the people, who denounced Darwinism and the textbook in question, Civic Biology, as placing whites at the top and blacks at the bottom of an evolutionary scale, and which advocated for "humane elimination of social parasites". Not to mention Sam Harris's denial of evidence from first-hand witnesses, instead basing his arguments on rudimentary opinion polls found in mainstream newspapers.

Am I trying to denounce and persecute atheism? Fuck no! (although you'll probably make me out to be doing just that). I'm simply pointing out that not every Christian is an angry bigot, and that not every atheist is tolerant, progressive and open minded. Black-and-white views like that are exactly what you criticise the religious of doing, and it's why a lot of people hate ad fear you. If you want secular philosophies to succeed, stop yelling at liberal Christians on the Internet and go out and help the destitute, proving that atheists have morals, or join Amnesty International or a similar group and fight real religious persecution, of all belief systems. But leave my religion the fuck alone.

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