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Response to: Urban African-American English Dialect
By: language_is_flux  |  March 29, 2009

Note: As the title states, this Guest Rant is a response to Urban African-American English Dialect

In his Guest Rant dated, January 8, 2009 Maso discuses the nature of the "Urban African-American English Dialect". He contends that people who speak that way are "fecktards" (i guess because he's too afraid to use the word "fucktard" - we're all adults here Maso, we can handle it).

I contend on the other hand, that he himself is a full-fledged card carrying fucktard. What people like him don't seem to understand is that language is an ever-changing ever-evolving thing. If it wasn't we'd all still be speaking Proto-Indo-Mothefucking-European.

It was at a time completely unacceptable for one to say "I will"*. Saying that in polite society could even be considered a bit of a faux pas. There are of course many more examples.

And you know what else, that is the real beauty of any language. That, not how your verbs conjugate or how your nouns declinate. If someone wants to talk in a certain fashion, by all means let them. If other people find it disgusting, it's their right. If someone else wants to talk like that - fine by me.

I'm not calling Maso a fucktard for not liking how some black people talk, I'm calling him a fucktard for not having a clue how language functions in everyday use. Furthermore, there is the whole thing with him stereotyping a bunch of people just for the way they talk, but I don't really wanna go there.

*The correct form was and technically still is, "I shall" but who gives a crap about that?

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