A tax-supported, compulsory educational system is the complete model of the totalitarian state
-Isabel Paterson
Lord Galen
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Mom's Political Bullshit
February 8, 2009

Dear Galen

This story is fairly simple. lately, my mom has been watching the O'Reilly Factor. Ever since I decided to try watching an episode, I quickly learned that he was an arrogant douche that I disagree with on many occasions (this was long before I began reading your rants, so it was not solely based on your opinion). So, I stopped watching it. lately, however, my mother has been telling me and my brother that Muslims are radicals, terrorists, that they deserve to stay in Gitmo, etc. However, while my father is around, she quickly asserts that she is joking (which I know she isn't). She also believes that it is still illegal to teach evolution in public schools, and that the gays should have been sent to Iraq. The point is, when I bring up that she isn't joking, she simply tells me that she has a right to her opinion (which "the terrorists don't want"). When I tell her that as much as he has a right to her opinion, I have as much of a right to criticize/debate it, she simply ejects me from the room as "I don't know what I'm talking about" or "She doesn't argue with children"or even stupider: "You're being ridiculous, you probably got that from your history teacher, who's probably one of those secular-progressives!", even when I don't argue, such as pointing out the fact that the closest Obama was to being a Muslim was living in a Muslim area. My question is, how do I explain to my mom that she is full of bull without causing a major argument (and extensive search of my browsing history, as she will want to know who is "filling my head with these ideas").

John Doe

P.S. Talking to my dad is not an option, as my mom just shuts him out on subjects like this, and my dad just says to "leave it alone for now"

Dear John,

I am breaking up with you because you're an asshole... Sorry, I just couldn't NOT do that after "Dear John" LOL!

Why's it so important to you to change your mom's political views? Yes, she's a moron and listening to anything a self-important cocksucker like O'Douchey says is just asking for trouble. But who cares? I'll tell you the exact same thing I'd tell any parent who wanted to change their child's political opinions: It's not your place!

Your mom is her own person and she is entitled to have her own opinions, stupid or not. You're entitled to tell her she's being a dumbass if you want to, but why bother? People who agree with Bill O'Reilly's view of the world aren't going to be swayed by logic and reason. She's going by the old Jedi slogan that tells her to "trust her feelings" to find the answers. The Jedi were clearly retarded. Trusting your feelings gets you nowhere, unless your intended destination was Stupidville.

She has every right to her idiot opinion and you, sir, have NO RIGHT to expect that she change her mind just to suit you. That's some rather Bill O'Reilly type thinking there, ain't it, asshole? What, you think it's ok to expect her to change her views because they're wrong and yours are right? Doesn't work that way, dude. Right or wrong, she doesn't have to change shit and as long as she doesn't expect YOU to change for her, then there's really no problem.

Essentially, you're just annoyed because your mom doesn't agree with you. Get over it. Let idiots BE idiots, because that's their right.

All My Hate,
Lord Galen

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