Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.
-Benjamin Franklin
Lord Galen
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Confused About A Girl
February 8, 2009

Dear Galen

I have gotten myself into a bizarre situation with my best friend. She comes over every couple of days and takes me out to eat at nice restaurants and spends ass loads of money on me. She offered to help pay my rent today. She has a boyfriend who she has been with for three years. All my friends think she is cheating on her boyfriend with me, I am unsure, since we don't make out, all we do is cudde and hold hands. Sometimes she sleeps in my bed with me.

My room mate told everyone at work about it and my friend(we'll call her sarah) just quit her job as a manager. I think it may have had to do with all the drama they started. I'm 18 and have slept with a couple of girls. I don't see Sarah as more than a friend, but I'm starting to really like her. She tells me she loves me very much and wants desperately to see me happy(I have serious depression issues from being molested and other things as a kid) and she says she's willing to do anything to make me happy.

I've met her boyfriend and he says he's okay with us cuddling and hanging out and everything because he says he knows she isn't cheating and he doesn't care what other people think.

I'm mainly confused because I don't know what she wants from me. She's my best friend and I care a lot about her and would do most anything for her to make her happy and to protect her, but I don't know why she spends so much money on me and is so physical with me when she has a fiancee.

What do you suggest?


Dear Confused,

My advice is very simple. Back the fuck away from that shit, right now. You're being used. Maybe not intentionally, but it's happening anyway. Your pal "Sarah" is seemingly insecure and uncertain about the relationship she's in and she is seeking an "emotional friend" to provide her with stability and a fallback guy. No, she doesn't wanna fuck you, but she wants to keep you around "just in case." I've had bitches do that to me before and I recognize it quite clearly in her behavior.

If you wanna just ride the wave, that's great. But do so with the full knowledge that, no, you won't get the girl in the end. If she wanted to be with you, she'd fucking be with YOU; it's that simple. Instead, she wants to dick around, comforting herself, while disregarding your feelings completely. You think this "best friend" of yours gives a shit that she's leading you on? Oh, what, she doesn't know she's leading you on? How could she possibly know that? She can't read your mind? GET THE FUCK OUT! Of course she knows, dude! She's doing all that shit because it makes HER feel good about herself and if she doesn't know that she's leading you on, it's only because the thought of your feelings hasn't even entered her seflish little head.

Put your hopes and dreams and hormones down, raise your hands above your head, and back away slowly from the bitch. I'm not saying cut her out of your life or anything like that, but she needs to know that you're not fucking "cuddling" with her at the expense of your own emotions. Like I said, if you can accept all that and still want to just ride it out so you can at least have some cuddle time with a cute girl, that's up to you.

Basically, just do whatever the fuck you want, I don't care, but make sure you're doing it with the full knowledge of what's REALLY going on here. I've been used by bitches before, but at least I knew it and let it happen. Don't let it happen to you unless it's YOUR CHOICE to let it happen. No fucking scheming little whore needs to be dominating your mind, dude.

All My Hate,
Lord Galen

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