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Lord Galen
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Oprah's School Of Lies
April 5, 2008

I'm sure that, by now, you've all heard about Oprah Winfrey's little school in South Africa. In case you haven't, here's a quick rundown. Oprah opened up this all-girls school in South Africa to give the poor African children a top-notch education for free. Yes, yes, hail Oprah, isn't she just the fucking queen of blah blah blah moar sucking O's cock, etc, etc. Every ditzy bitch and ignorant moron just LOVES Oprah she's teh uber nyse to p00r pplz, yo! She's always helping out those less fortunate than herself.

Or is she?

You see, I sit here with an interesting perspective on the matter of a school in South Africa. I'm married to a South African, I lived in SA for a year, and I've taught in a private South African school. You'd think I would be all for Oprah helping out the poor black girl in SA, right? Of course I would, if that's what she were actually doing.

Find an older news story where some of the students are interviewed. Find it, and then listen to how they speak. LIsten to how WELL they speak English and listen to the accent they're speaking with.

The first time my wife heard those girls who attend that school speak, she facepalmed. That accent is NOT the accent of "poor black children" in South Africa. It's hard to explain to people who haven't experienced it, but there are more divisions over there than just "white" and "black." These girls are upper-class black children. Just listening to them speak tells you volumes. First of all, it tells you that they've had great EXPENSIVE private education all of their lives. Second, it tells you that they probably don't even associated with actual "poor black people." Why would they?

The poor blacks in South Africa live in shitty ghetto-ish apartment complexes, if they're lucky. Most of the time, they live in townships, like Soweto. South African Townships, mind you, put American "ghettos" to shame. If a straight-up gangsta from South Central L.A. walked into Soweto in the middle of the night thinking he's a badass South Central motha fucka, he'd probably come back missing a few fingers, along with his wallet and whatever guns he went in with - if he came back at all. In South Africa, the racist stereotypes we have here in America are actually true most of the time. For example, here in America, if I see a group of young black men who look "thuggish" walking down the street, I'm not gonna cross the street. They're most likely not interested in me at all, despite what dumbass rednecks think. In South Africa, if I saw a group of young black men walking towards me, I'd fucking turn around and RUN. Understand, that's not a racial thing, it's a culture thing. Over here in America, "black culture" is just something that's mostly invented by blacks as a way of preserving their heritage (nothing wrong with that, but that's what it is). Over there, it actually IS a different culture (complete with several different languages, tribes, etc). And at this point in their development, most black cultures in SA see nothing wrong with robbing, beating, or killing a lone white man in the street. It's simply a fact of life. Before you American blacks write to me telling me how racist that is, I want you first understand that I learned about this shit from an African black man. I didn't learn about black culture in SA from the whites. LOL, that'd be stupid. I learned from the blacks.

All of that off-topic crap was to emphasize a simple point. There is a HUGE difference, in every way, between the average poor black child and the average middle-class or rich black child. This difference is so apparent that it manifests itself in speech, accent, the way a person carries herself, etc.

My question then, is this. WHY has Oprah opened up an exclusive club for rich black girls in another part of the world? And, WHY, might I ask, is she trying to pass this off as her "helping the poor African children?" Why isn't she giving millions to build some houses in Soweto so REAL poor blacks aren't living in run-down fucking shacks - no, not just shitty houses, I mean actual SHACKS, with tin walls like the shit you see on those "Save the Children" commercials. Exactly like that. Why isn't she providing scholarships for POOR black children, who could never in a million years afford college? Why, instead, is she giving FREE education to RICH kids?!

Yeah, they're African and yes, they're black. Guess what, that doesn't mean they're poor and needy! SHOCK, SURPRISE, GASP, FALLOVERDEAD!

There are two possibilities of what could be going on here. The first one, which makes Oprah look like a total elitist fat cunt (well, she IS that anyway...) is that she is fully aware of the fact that her school is housing only upper-middle-class and upper-class girls. She's a snob and isn't nearly so interested in helping "the poor black children" as she pretends to be. She came from a background of poverty and is self-hating. She did, after all, say that she was only accepting the "best of the best" into her school. Just how the fuck did she expect to get the "best of the best" out of poverty-stricken kids who'd actually NEED her help? That's the first option.

The second option is that she's just a complete fucking ignorant douche nozzle. She thinks "Well, I'm African American, so I fuckin' know all about Africa, fuck yeah!" She goes in, sees black kids, figures this is Africa so they must be poor, and lets them into her school. All the while, the upper-class black parents are high-fiving each other about how they pulled a fast one on this arrogant American who fucking calls herself "African" like the pretentious bitch she is. She doesn't know any better and, like the goddamn RACIST she is, assumes that any black kid she sees in Africa is poor and needs her lofty handout from on high! That's option 2.

So which do you think it is? She's either being an elitist cunt in Africa just like she is in America, or she's being a gigantic fucking moron in Africa, just like in America. Either way, it's really nothing new, but I thought that you, my readers, should be let in on this little secret.

The next time you hear about some great thing Oprah's done, remember this. Remember that her efforts to help underpriviledged black children in Africa led to nothing more than rich kids getting a free ride through school. Think about that the next time she gives someone a fucking car. Just how generous is Oprah, really?

Of course, let's not forget that I could be totally wrong. The media does indeed love to throw people under the bus. Maybe they sought out the few previously well-educated girls in the school and put them on TV. Maybe it's intentional that none of the students interviewed were lower-class kids. Maybe Oprah really IS helping poor African children and the media just wants to make it look like she's not, without actually SAYING that. Maybe when my in-laws in South Africa say that it's common knowledge that only upper-class kids are going to that school, they're just full of shit. Maybe. I'm just here to deliver the information that I have and let you make up your own mind.

But, c'mon, does it REALLY surprise you that Oprah's school seems to house nothing but snobby little rich brats? I sure wasn't shocked.

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