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Pussification of America
February 24, 2008

First, boys and girls, a little article for you to read. This rant isn't really based on this article, but it got me thinking.

Millennials. Can't live with 'em. Can't live without 'em

That's what many employers tell me about the youngest generation in the workplace.

Advertising executive Owen Hannay, for one, has placed a moratorium on hiring people fresh out of college unless they've done a work-related internship or have an advanced degree.

That's quite a shift for the 45-year-old principal of Slingshot LLC, whose Dallas agency is known for its leading-edge marketing.

It's not that millennials lack the creative genius or technological know-how that he's looking for. Far from it, he says. It's more that they lack the real-world grounding it takes to deal with responsibility, accountability and setbacks.

"They wipe out on life as often as they wipe out on work itself," says Mr. Hannay, who let go more than a dozen millennials from his 130-person staff over the course of 2006.

That's when he stopped hiring them. "They get an apartment and a kitty, and they can't cope. Work becomes an ancillary casualty. They're good kids with talent who want to succeed. That's what makes me nuts."

He turned to Dallasite Cathie Looney, a nationally known speaker and generational expert, to help him understand this age group, the oldest of whom are 27 and just entering the workforce.

He's still not hiring them, but she's teaching him and his largely Gen X and late boomer staff how to work better with the younger folks.

"The biggest thing she does is help us understand where these kids are coming from," Mr. Hannay says. "Their orientation is so different from Gen Xers, who were the latchkey kids and are self-starters. These kids are fabulous at building teams, but they're challenged by responsibility and accountability."

All true, says Ms. Looney, a certified reality therapist and retired director of children and family ministry at St. Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church. And many employers are backing away from hiring them because they're so high maintenance.

"They've been overparented, overindulged and overprotected," she says. "They haven't experienced that much failure, frustration, pain. We were so obsessed with protecting and promoting their self-esteem that they crumble like cookies when they discover the world doesn't revolve around them. They get into the real world and they're shocked.

"You have to be very careful in how you talk to them because they take everything as criticism."

Go, go, go

They are also imminently teachable, Ms. Looney contends, and well worth the effort.

"I love this generation. They're high achievers. They're confident. These kids are go, go, go," she says.

With a growing skilled labor shortage, employers can't just kiss off this group.

"If you want to get the best out of the millennials, you have to invest in them. You have to give them a mentor to teach them how to navigate the adult world," Ms. Looney says. "You have to tell them in black and white what your expectations are for them and what the consequences will be if they don't meet those expectations."

Ms. Looney holds degrees in elementary and secondary education from the University of Mississippi and a master's degree in counseling from the University of Arkansas. Her certification comes from the William Glasser Institute of Reality in California.

Ms. Looney sees the humor in both her name and her certification. "I chose reality therapy because I'm from Mississippi, and there is no reality in Mississippi. So I thought I might find out a little bit about it."

But she's serious about her mission and her message. "Reality therapy is about taking responsibility for your own actions. You can't change other generations. They are what they are. All you have control of is how you deal with them."

She tells employers like Mr. Hannay to start by looking at how this generation was parented.

Women who put careers on the backburner to have children brought a strong work ethic and intensity into parenting, Ms. Looney says.

"We think that our child's success in school is emblematic of our success as a parent. A Harvard decal on the back of your Hummer is a stellar performance review," she says.

But parents of millennials also turned into agents who worried about building self-esteem. Unfortunately, such coddling can lead to workplace meltdowns, Ms. Looney says. "Healthy, resilient people learn life skills from failure and frustration.

"These are kids who have a bunch of participation awards. They think they should be rewarded for showing up at work. You have to say, 'No, no darlin'. You're paid to show up. But you have to do a good job to get a raise.' "

Employers need to play to this group's significant strengths. Millennials are highly educated, well-traveled, goal-oriented, technologically superior and great team players.

"They're connected 24/7. They know people all over the world. Their pen pal is in Singapore, and by pen pal I mean Facebook. And they're willing to share their networks. If they see an injustice done in the workplace, they band to fight that injustice."

Hovering parents

She says you can tell a lot about the generations by their homes: "Gen Xers wanted to reclaim the inner city. Millennials say, 'I don't mind living with my parents.' "

"These kids are fabulous, but they need to cut the umbilical cord," she says. "Parents are showing up at their kids' work. They call about their kids' reviews or whether they're going to get a raise."

To fend off such parental intervention, Ms. Looney suggests employers write thank-you notes to offending parents: 'Thanks for this great kid. We're really enjoying him or her. Aren't you glad your work's now over?' "
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At first look, one might be tempted to get all pissy and offended by this article. They're talking shit about the young workforce, it's ageism, blah blah blah. The sad truth is that the phenomenon described in this article is real and absolutely true. Today's young adults are soft, babied, waffle-eating, latte-drinking pansy ass little pussies!

"Oh SHIT, Galen's gone rogue, he's an ageist now!!!"

Not at all. I'm a realist and this is unfortuneately the case most of the time. The tricky part is realizing that just the recognition of this fact is not ageism. No, actually, we have to be very much aware that this disturbing trend among people today is just one of the many consequences of being raised in an ageist society.

When I see a kid who acts like the fucking world owes him something, I know good and damn well it's because he's been locked in a fucking bubble his whole damn life cuz mommy and daddy were too afraid to ever let him get hurt on his own, make his own fucking mistakes, etc. So yeah, the generation entering the workforce does indeed have a problem and that problem is AGEISM. Ageist over-protective stupidity that's permeated our society has created a generation of FUCKING PUSSIES!

Since the early 80s, when all this self-help shit and talk of "self-esteem" started, people have been becoming bigger and bigger sissies. Thing is, you can't TEACH self-esteem. You can't molly-coddle a kid through his whole life and think that now he has a positive self image! Self-esteem comes from success and success comes from learning how to deal with failure! If nobody is ever allowed to fail or get their fucking pansy ass little feelings hurt, then nobody ever learns how to handle it. And that IS the kind of society we've created for children. Kids in schools get fucking awards for participating in shit. Efforts to fight truancy problems have resulted in kids being congratulated and rewarded for just showing the fuck up at school!

There are no more "latchkey" kids. For those too young to remember, back in the olden times, before the Internet existed (lol), kids would come home to an empty house. They had a key, they let themselves in, they took care of themselves until the parent(s) got home from work or wherever they were. These days, that's called "neglect" and it will get you a visit from Child Protective Services, which is a fine example of what I'm talking about. Kids SHOULD have to take care of themselves sometimes. It's a skill they need to learn, but they're being deprived of it because of a bunch of over-protective assholes who think it's somehow better for these kids if their parents do every damn thing for them and protect them from every little bump and heartbreak.

What we have now is a generation of mostly selfish assholes. There are plenty of exceptions, yes, but they're exceptions, not the standard. A good example that I often bitch about is the anti-smoking assholes running around now. Yes, smoking is bad for you, yes second-hand smoke probably isn't great for you either. But for all the justifications they give, the REAL reason these people complain so fucking loudly is that they just don't like it. How DARE the filthy smokers get something that smells bad near ME?! Waaah, I don't wanna walk past a smoker when I'm going into a store, waaah! It won't fucking kill you. Really, it won't. The fact that you have to walk through a cloud of cigarette smoke every now and then isn't going to give you cancer and it's not going to change one damn thing about you, except that you might have to pull your nose down out of the fucking air and cover it for like 2 seconds, you prick! The real truth is that people think they have some "right" not to be exposed to anything that makes them uncomfortable or that might have the slightest potential to cause them even 0.0000001% of harm. My smoking bothers you? Then keep walking asshole! I wasn't put here to pat you on your stupid ass and do whatever it takes to make walking past me more convenient and comfortable for you.

Another great example is fast food. Why does McDonald's have to stick to certain standards about the fat and carbohydrate content of their food? Why are they mandated to make their food more healthy than it used to be? Simple, because so many assholes have no self-control and they think it's McDonald's responsibility to do something about the food they serve. Hey, assface, you don't want to eat unhealthy shit, then YOU make the fucking choice and DON'T EAT IT! McDonald's doesn't fucking owe you the benefit of making their shit healthier just so you don't have to feel quite as guilty about eating it. Go suck a cock, it's high in protein.

Should I just run around blowing smoke in people's faces? No. Should McDonald's kidnap you and shove a Big Mac down your throat? No. But by the same token, should you be fucking whining if you walk past a smoker? No. Should you be blaming McD's for their high-fat food when you're the one who walked in, ordered, paid for, and then consumed it, ya lardass? NO!

The real issue here isn't age, it's personal responsibility. Nobody wants to take any fucking responsibility for what's wrong with them. Parents and society in general have taught people that nothing is ever their own goddamn fault; it's always someone else's.

If you're fat, it's not your fault; you have a disease. Nevermind the 60lbs of food you consumed for dinner, no no, it's not your fault. Burger King should've been more responsible; they should've known better than to sell such fatty unhealthy food to you.

If you get lung cancer from smoking, well that's not your fault either. The big mean evil tobacco companies lied to you and tricked you into shelling out an exorbitant amount of money, opening the package, pulling out a cigarette, putting it in your mouth, lighting it, inhaling the smoke and holding it in your lungs before exhaling, and then repeating this process over and over and over again. Oh, but it's not your fault; you were addicted. Big Tobacco did that to you.

If you get pissed and murder someone, it's not your fault. Rap music glamorized killing and made you think it was "cool" and makes you tough. It's totally Eminem and Snoop's fault that you were carrying a loaded concealed weapon, pulled that weapon out, turned off the safety, aimed, and fired repeatedly into a human body's center-mass, insuring that person would die.

If you didn't get hired for that job you wanted, don't feel bad. That's not your fault. If you're white, it's because they had to hire a minority over you. If you're black, it's because the boss is a racist. If you're a woman, it's because the boss is sexist and you weren't showing enough cleavage to really sell yourself. It never has anything to do with your lack of qualifications, lack of skill, or just the fact that you're a fucking loser who maybe didn't impress the interviewer. Oh no, that would make it your fault, and we can't have that!

If you're Obama and nobody votes for you, it's obviously because you're black or because of that stupid e-mail telilng everyone that you used to be a muslim (by the way, idiots, that's not true; he was never muslim, stop believing everything on the Internet, dipshit). It certainly has nothing to do with your lack of public persona, the fact that you haven't really SAID much of anything at all, the fact that you voted to renew the Patriot Act, or just that nobody really has any idea who the fuck you are or what you're about. No, it's not that, it's because you're black.

And if you're Hillary Clinton and nobody's voting for you, don't worry. It's not your fault. Politics is a "boy's club" and men just won't vote for a woman. It has nothing at all to do with the fact that you're a stupid fuckhead who wants to be everybody's mommy and tell everyone what's best for them and their children. It's not about you being a royal bitch. Not at all. It's just because you don't have a dick. Feel better about yourself.

Have I provided enough examples now? And I hope my examples have pointed out that it's NOT just young people who are guilty of this! Society has taught us all that we're "special" and "deserve" to be treated with respect just because of who we are, because who we are is great! This attitude is more prominant among young people because they've grown up with it and had it deeply ingrained into their personalities, but older people have fallen prey to it as well; just not as much.

A great movie I'd recommend everyone should watch is The Incredibles. Yes, it's a kids movie, but it teaches a valuable lesson that everyone should learn: Saying that everyone is special is just another way of saying that no one is. A quote from the movie:

Bob and Helen are arguing over Bob not going to their son's "graduation."

Bob: "It's not a graduation! He's moving from the 4th grade, to the 5th grade."
Helen: "It's a ceremony!"
Bob: "It's insane! They keep coming up with new ways to celebrate mediocrity, but when someone is truly exceptional..."

Ka-POW! "They keep coming up with new ways to celebrate mediocrity" is one of the most damning statements ever uttered about our society. Why the fuck do American schools have award days? Why are we rewarding people for doing what they're supposed to do?! Why are we giving kids pizza parties if their class has perfect attendance for that month? WHY are we rewarding them for doing something that they HAVE to do anyway?!

This sets an unstable precedant, because the adult world isn't like that. You don't get a fucking prize for showing up at work and doing your job. You get a paycheck and not one word of praise or thanks from anybody. And you don't fucking DESERVE any! You get PAID to do it, period. That's your fucking reward! And the reward for going to school? You get to not be an illiterate and ignorant dumbass. That should be enough of a reason to make everyone WANT to go, but it isn't. The fact that public schools are shit is a whole other rant, so set that aside for the moment.

In this rant, it's time for some hard truth about life for you fucking pussies.

Nobody owes you anything. Not respect and not even fairness. Nothing. You have to deserve it, it's not just going to get handed to you.

You're not special. No matter what your parents or your boyfriend or you therapist told you. You're the same as everybody else. I'm special. Y'know why? Take a look at what's happening right now. Which of us is reading the other one's artistic expression and being entertained by it? You do that, then you'll be special. Until then, you're nobody, so shut up. Even then, I'm only "special" because I worked at it; nobody fucking handed me my specialness on a platter because I deserved it. I earned it. So can you, but you probably won't, because you're a moron.

Nobody has to respect you just because you fucking breathe and walk the planet.

You don't deserve to be rewarded just because you didn't fuck something up.

Nobody gives a shit that you do a good job. Just do it and shut up.

When something bad happens to you, the first person you should try to blame is yourself, not somebody else. If you can eliminate yourself as a suspect THEN maybe it's someone else's fault. Far too many of you morons do the exact opposite and will only concede that YOU did something wrong once every other possible suspect has been deemed innocent. Which almost never happens, cuz you can ALWAYS find someone else to blame if you really want to. At the very least, you'll fucking blame society for your problems.

I have lots of problems. Some of them are society's fault. Some of them are other people's fault. MOST of them are my own damn fault. And, really, some of them are nobody's fault at all. We have a very unhealthy obsession in this culture about playing the blame game. Gas prices go up, it's the terrorists' fault (not the American companies who are now raking in record profits). You crash your car, it's the rain's fault (not that you were doing 80 down a wet road). Your kid grows up to be a whiny demanding little fuck, it's everybody else's fault and has nothing at all to do with the fact that YOU never prepared him for life as an adult. Right?

Parents and teachers have forgotten their mission. They think their primary mission is to protect the kids in their care. No it isn't. That's a secondary or even tertiary objective. Your mission, as a parent or teacher, is to prepare children for life in the adult world. The old adage about "roots and wings" has been forgotten by today's parents: "Give them roots to grow with and wings to fly away with." That's your job, assholes. Instead, modern day parents are giving their kids stronger and stronger roots while clipping their wings!

YOUR CHILDREN ARE SUPPOSED TO LEAVE YOU! They are SUPPOSED to get the fuck out from under your care and take care of THEMSELVES! They are SUPPOSED to be able to cook, clean, pay bills, and most importantly, take responsibility for themselves! Instead, you've turned them into co-dependant little dickheads who don't have the cabability to recognize when something is their own damn fault!

Let me make it clear that I'm not letting society off the hook for the shit it's done. I'm also not saying that everything bad that ever happens to you is your fault. What I am saying is that you need to man the fuck up! Stop crying about all the bad shit that happens to you, no matter whose fault it is! You don't like something, change it, but don't cry about it. The white man keeping you down? How 'bout you shut up about it, say "fuck that cracker!" and get on with your life instead of me having to hear about it on the 6pm news, you dick! Yes, life IS unfair. Yes, there are racist, sexist, ageist assholes out there. They don't care that you're whining about them. Neither does anyone else. So even when something goes wrong and it's not your fault, stop being a big fucking baby about it. Fix it yourself or shut up about it. Those are your choices. Whining about it isn't an option.

This shit's only gonna get worse. It's been getting worse for 30 years now and it shows no signs of stopping. The more ageists impose more laws to "protect" children, the more kids will growing up not knowing how to fend for themselves and the more adults we'll have who simply can't cope with the world. The world is an unfriendly place and nobody likes you. Shut up.

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