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Go Circumcise Your Vocal Cords,
You Stupid Fucking Whore
January 9, 2008

Many avid readers of this site are probably well aware of my attitude toward women who feel like "female issues" (periods, bras, etc.) are some secret fucking taboo "in" thing that should be shared only between women and men have no place even hearing about them from a self-respecting woman unless she HAS to tell him ("I'm on my period, no we can't fuck!"). In fact, I wrote a rant about it in 2004. It's a subject that pisses me off to no end. Women, thinking their fucking crotch is so goddamn special that it needs to be all "hidden" and "secret", like Idiana fucking Jones is the only man who should be trying to find out. And what's worse is the idiot men who were taught that this is the case by their stupid fucking cunt mothers and feed right into the bullshit. Seriously, this elitist attitude about your smelly fucking hatchet wound really pisses me the fuck off, girls!

But alas, I have come to the conclusion that turnabout is fair play. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. And other stupid euphimisms.

You see, there's an ongoing debate raging among liberal farts in this country about male circumcision. There's no medical reason to do it, it's purely cosmetic, it's unneccesarily traumatic to the infant, you shouldn't perform such a procedure on someone who can't consent, and blah-de-blah-de-blah. Well, truth be told, I actually agree with most of these sentiments. Yes, it's barbaric and I'm totally on the fence about whether to have my own son "cut."

But that's not the issue at hand. No, the issue at hand is a very interesting trend I've noticed. Bring up this topic in any liberal circle of friends, message board, chat room, etc. and you will invariably get a flood of anti-circumcision propoganda. What's the problem with this? Well, the neat little thing I've noticed is that 99% of this "don't cut the penis!" talk is coming from fucking WOMEN!

So, lemme get this straight... If I were to be a royal asshole about something like "you should let your daughter shave her legs whenever she's ready" or "You should let your daughter use tampons instead of pads" or some other shit, you'd call me a pervert, tell me it's none of my business, don't worry about your daughter, it's a GIRL thing, and then tell me to fuck off. But YOU get to be a total fucking cunt about my SON'S PENIS??? Well, alrighty then.......

Here's the deal: YOU get to SHUT THE FUCK UP about what I, a MAN, decide to do about my son's PENIS, because it's a GUY THING, you stupid bitch!

Oh noes, if I get him cut, it'll be barbaric and blah blah blah. Hey, guess what, Suzy Homemaker? CIRCUMCISED MEN DON'T FUCKING CARE ABOUT THIS ISSUE! Guess what else? I'm a circumcised man. And y'know how much I feel like I'm missing out? That's right, dipshit, not one little bit. I like my nice CUT cock just the way it is. In fact, I'm GLAD that my dick looks the way it does. And, hey, every other man is too, unless they just have a strange looking (or small) dick. Uncircumcised men are ALSO perfectly happy with the way their dick looks and don't WANT to get circumcised! MEN are perfectly happy with their dicks - whatever their dicks may be - for the most part. Oddly, it seems to be YOU BITCHES who are kicking up such a fucking fuss about it!

Now, as I stated, I haven't decided what to do about my son. Honestly, I haven't even decided if I SHOULD decide at all! But here's what I *am* VERY certain about. Whatever I, a man decide to do about my male child's penis is a "male thing" and it's none of you wimminz' business

And let me just take the time to be even more perfectly honest here. IF I do decide to get my son "cut" it will be for the absolutely superficial reason that I want his penis to look "normal." Yes, the primary (and maybe only) reason I would have my child circumcised is because I want him to have a penis that looks like mine, his friends, his other male relatives, etc. The only people who have a problem with this reason and call it insufficient are WOMEN and SISSY MEN who were brainwashed by their feminazi mothers! For a man, this is sufficient reason. Would you, as a woman, want breast that look different than all the other women you know? Even though nobody can see it? Would you, as a woman, want a vulva that looks different than all the other girls? Especially when you were young? Maybe so, maybe not, but do not sit there and pass fucking judgement on how important it is for a little boy to look like all the other little boys when he stands at the goddamn urinal!

Yes, it's easy for you bitches to say "teach him not to CARE what other people think! If he's like you, he won't care anyway!" Wrong, pussy! This answer comes from people who obviously don't know the first goddamn thing about kids. You can't "teach" someone to not care about the opinions of others. It's not something you can teach a child (or anyone else). When my little boy comes home crying cuz his little soldier is wearing a ski hat while all the other little soldiers have helmets, you honestly fucking think that "It doesn't matter what other people think of you" is gonna mean JACK DIDDLY FUCKING SHIT to him??? If you really believe that, then I question if you were ever a child at all, and you most certainly were never a little boy, which is really the whole fucking point here!

When I lived in South Africa, a very American thing happened. There was a commercials for this chicken place called Nando's. They had the BEST spicy chicken sandwich, but anyway... The commercial started out with a blind man and his leader dog walking down the street. The blind man took out his Nando's chicken sandwich and unwrapped it. The dog walked him into a fucking poll and knocked him unconscious so he could eat the sandwich. I laughed my ass off at that commercial. So did most other people. So did blind people, in fact. You know who didn't laugh? The sighted "advocates" for the blind. "Blah blah blah this is offensive and insensitive to blind people yakkity yak yak fuckdoodle wang dang blabbity blah..." The SIGHTED assholes bitched and complained until the commercial was taken off the air under the threat of a lawsuit when, the whole time, the blind people DIDN'T FUCKING CARE!

Can you see the parallel I'm drawing here? Oh, I bet you can, you smart cookies! You women are the one's stirring up shit over this, not us men. Hey, dildo breath, why don't you let the people with the penises worry about what happens to, um, other penises! If we suddenly start to give a shit that we were "violated" by our parents as infants, we'll call you. Until then... um, hold on, lemme think... what is it you whores say? Oh yeah! IT'S NONE OF YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS, YOU'RE A WOMAN!

Just like my opinion about your little girl's vagina doesn't mean one goddamn thing to you, YOUR opinion about my son's wee willie winky means about as much to me as a fart in a septic tank! We men have penises, WE will decide how penises the world over should be treated. You women have ZERO penis, therefore, you don't get a fucking say. Suck on that, cunt.

How's it feel on the other side of that table? Go have a period or something and get your filthy mind off what you wish a little boy's dick looked like.

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