Every generation imagines itself to be more intelligent than the one that went before it, and wiser than the one that comes after it.
-George Orwell
Lord Galen
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Loitering Where Children Gather
April 1, 2008

The following rant is based on this news story:
Suspicious Conversations With Children Cause Arrest Of Folsom Man
By Roger Phelps, The Telegraph

After an El Dorado Hills mom reported observing a strange man speaking with her two children at each of three children's-story events, deputies arrested the man at his Folsom home.

Victor Emmer, 49, was arrested March 13 on suspicion of loitering where children gather.

"It's an odd charge," said sheriff's Sgt. Jim Byers, noting the statute intends chiefly to protect school-grounds neighborhoods. "The family was at the Folsom Borders Books story-telling time, where he (spoke to one of the children), and for lack of a better term, he creeped the mom out. Then, a few days later at the El Dorado Hills Library story time, she saw him again striking up conversation with her children. And then, he does it again. We felt it justified a criminal complaint, she signed it and he was arrested."

The case appears unrelated to recent report of unwelcome advances to children in the area by a middle-aged man driving a dark-colored van or SUV, Byers said.

When investigators heard a low bail amount set for Emmer, they explained to a judge that they believed it was too low. Now bail in the case is set at $100,000, and Emmer has bailed out of custody, Byers said.

Investigators want to hear about any similar incidents, he said.

“He is not a registered sex offender in Folsom or California and we have not found any information to indicate he has any prior offenses,” said Lt. Sheldon Sterling of the Folsom Police Department.
[ Source ]

You may notice this rant is dated "April 1." I'm sorry to report that this is not an April Fools gag, though this situation has plenty of fools involved. It takes something like this happening in order to really put things in perspective. You see, there are often times when I sit here and I look at the world and how stupid people generally are and I think to myself, "Self, you know what? The world couldn't possibly get any dumber. There's no WAY human beings could get any more fucking retarded than they already are. At least I can live safe in that knowledge."

And then I read about things like this and find myself proven wrong. For those of you who think that I like to pretend I'm never wrong, let me just correct you. I'm wrong a lot. In fact, at least once a week, I think "This is it, we've reached a new low, nothing can get dumber than people" and then I find myself proven wrong!

Loitering where children gather is a CRIME? Talking to children is a fucking CRIME??? Some mom feeling creeped out by your mere presence is cause to be thrown in jail and forced to post $100,000 bail?!

I'm honestly not even sure what to say. I know I want to rant about this and I know I'm absolutely outraged that this happened, but really, what the fuck can I say? Trying to explain why this is wrong is like trying to explain to a two-year-old why it's wrong to fucking kill someone! It's so OBVIOUS to anyone with even the IQ of a retard that it's just common sense! But as Voltaire said, common sense isn't all that common. That being the case, let me address this "issue" (I feel dirty and unevolved even calling it that).

Hey, mom: You're creeped out by the guy? Too fucking bad! Tell your kids not to talk to him. Tell him to piss off! But guess what you DON'T get to do? You don't get to have him arrested. You DON'T get to decide, all on your fucking own, that he's not allowed to be in a public building where you and your ugly ass kids happen to be! Yeah, that's right, they're ugly as sin. You can tell the guy's not a pedophile, cuz if he was, he would've gotten a close look at them, seen that they resemble you and that ingrown toenail you call a husband, and he'd be like "Oh shit... nah, nah, ya'll can keep ya clothes on, that's ok!"

Have I seen her kids? Do I have any basis for saying such things? Of course I do! If she has a basis for depriving a man of his freedom and rights just on a "feeling" she has, then I can certainly pass off a few harmless insults based on the "feeling" that this bitch, her husband, and her kids are all butt-fucking ugly. Same thing. I just have a "feeling" and obviously that justifies all manner of intolerable behavior!

But let's not put all the blame on the mother in this story. Naturally, parents are going to be complete fucking retards when it comes to anything involving their children. That's just a fact of life. No, I'd say most of the blame here lies in the idiot goddamn cops who arrested this man, the idiot fucking DA who not only kept this man locked up, but increased his bail amount, just like they'd do for some dangerous fucking criminal!

Let's back up a little bit here. Just what exactly did this man DO? He was in a library, near children. He talked to some kids. He creeped out an overprotective cunt who watches too much goddamn Oprah and thinks pedophiles are hiding inside every stranger and you need special sunglasses to be able to see them! (Ten points for anybody who catches that obscure reference)

But I'm getting off track again, focusing too much on the mom's portion of this fucktarded debacle. As tempting as it may be to just sit here and cunt-punt the mom all day long, we have to remember that the cops and the judicial system in the Folsom area are WAY more to blame. These people are supposed to understand the judicial process. They're supposed to be TRAINED to understand the most fundamental concepts of our Constutitional Rights. Namely, that a person is INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN guilty!

Now, boys and girls, can you look at the news story and point out who was NOT treated like an innocent man? .... There ya go, that's right, Mr. Emmer wasn't. In fact. Mr. Emmer was treated like the goddamn scum of the earth and, I ask yet again, FOR WHAT?! For being "creepy?" For daring to speak to this stupid cunt's children?! OH THE NERVE OF SUCH A MAN!

Don't overlook that last word. Man. Anybody wanna lay down even money that if Victor Emmer had been Victoria Emmer, this would have never happened? A woman could've done the exact same thing as Mr. Emmer and she would be walking free right now. In fact, many women DO! There are plenty of women who, for whatever reason, just like to be around kids. The old woman sitting in the park who misses her own children (maybe they moved away, maybe they died) or who was never able to have kids of her own, etc. I'm sure we can all think of someone like that. Women like that often go to places where children gather, just to be around them. Why the fuck doesn't anybody get creeped out by them? Just WHY IN THE MOTHERFUCKING HELL isn't anybody ARRESTING THEM?! These women are too interested in kids, THEY COULD ALL BE PEDOPHI- OH SHIT RUN! *dives through plate glass window*

Yes, I AM assuming an awful lot. First and foremost, I'm assuming that this man ISN'T a pervert and that he WASN'T hitting on those ugly children. How many times must I repeat myself? I am assuming his INNOCENCE because I lack any PROOF of his GUILT!


Officers of Folsom, a few questions, if I may (and, yes, I may).

Was this man disturbing the peace? Had this man touched the children in any inappropriate way? Had this man had absolutely any physical contact with the children whatsoever? Did this man have duct tape and sex toys in his trunk? Did this man look the children up and down lecherously? What was the man talking to the children about? Did the children even feel threatened by him, or just the dumbass mother? Did this man so much as lick his lips? Did this man give even the slightest indication (besides just BEING near kids) that he had any ill intentions whatsoever? Is there ANY legal and justifiable reason why this man was detained, charged with a crime meant to stop assholes from hanging out at playgrounds going "c'mere little girl, I got some candy for ya," and his bail amount increased in an attempt to stop him from getting out?

Do you, the law enforcement and judicial personnel of Folsom have ANY justification for what you've done to this man? Is a mother's batshit insane finger-pointing and screaming "IT'S A WITCH, BURN IT!" now all the evidence you need to take away a man's right to be wherever the fuck he chooses?

Well, y'know what, you faggots can suck my asshole dry! Tomorrow, I'm going to a goddamn puppet show at my local library. I'mma go alone, and I'm gonna talk to some fucking ugly ass children. And when their mom come to drag them away from me and warn them about talking to strangers strange men, I'm gonna grab the bitch by her lower jaw, rip that fucker off, jam my foot in her fucking rank-ass pussy, and leave my dirty old shoe behind as I toss that stupid whore out a window. Then I'm gonna rip my clothes off, pull a FAMAS outta my ass, shoot up the place, and scream "IN THE NAME OF VICTOR EMMER, I HAVE COME!" Whaddya think of that, you fucking assholes?!

In closing, somebody read a fucking set of statistics, will ya? Mr. Emmer is less likely to have abused those kids than their own mother. Statistically, if you had to assume someone was guilty, it should be the mom, not the stranger. And given how fucking INSANE this bitch obviously is, I'm really worried about them. Poor kids are probably in chastity belts right now, just in case the fucking mailman looks in their direction... I don't know if the cops in Folsom are aware of this or not, but I'd like to point something out that most of society seems to be unaware of. It is entirely possible to be (a) a man (b) who enjoys being around children (c) and might even intentionally try to engage in this activity (d) while still not being a fucking pedophile. I don't think anybody's aware of that, honestly. You all seem to know that it's true for WOMEN, but apparently us men are just walking sex drives and anything we enjoy doing must only be motivated by the desire to stick our dicks in something. Right? Morons.

This is honestly a goddamn shame. This is the reason men are afraid to help lost children on the streets. This is the reason that men won't become teachers, especially in lower grades. On a larger scale, this kind of widespread stupidity is the reason the human race has no hope, and the reason I don't claim it as my own anymore. It's things like that that should make every human being ashamed to be the same species as such fucking retarded people.

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