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What Kids Want Doesn't Seem To Matter
By: Soul  |  April 20, 2008

If there was ever one kind of child I like the most it was the independent willful one. The child who did what they wanted, the child who always questioned authority. Most of the time this child would be considered the "trouble maker" or "problem child". It is sad that most "adults" do not see the infinite potential in such children. These children are the ones that will be making changes in our world. They are most likely to be the ones who become our future leaders. They will excel in whatever it is they wish to do. So why in the world don't the "adults" in the world realize this? Instead of trying to guide the child to become what the child wants to be they try to control and suppress the child because of their independent nature.

At home mommy and daddy constantly tell the child they have to obey the parents rules and if the child questions the parents the usually response is, "because I said so". Forsaking the chance to help their child learn and become knowledgeable because it is convenient for them to just brush them off. If the child tries to take matters into their own hands and do things on their own they are seen as reckless and need to be controlled. Parents will often try to control their child and squander their willfulness and independence.

At school it is even worse because at home there is the chance that the parents will embrace the child's personality. At school ALL children MUST obey the authority of the "adults". And people fucking wonder why it is so easy for an "adult" to manipulate and coerce children in anyway. It is because of how they are raised to be. Obedient little good kids that must listen to "adults" or else they are bad kids.

In school the kids who are praised the most (usually) are the quiet kids who sit and do their homework. Who study hard and listen to the teacher and get good grades like all children should! Sadly these kids are just blindly following what the "adults" tell them too. And then you have the kids who don't listen. They talk back to "adults" and question why they have to do homework and why they must learn certain things. These are the kids who question authority and truly want to learn but are punished for how they act. And so because of the way such kids are treated they usually end up doing truly stupid shit.

Now this whole thing leads me to another problem. Parents not wanting or encouraging their kids to do what they want to do. A perfect example would be me personally! All my life I have wanted to be a teacher. From since I started middle school. I always hated the way most teachers were and I always wanted to be a legit good teacher. My parents ALWAYS god damned laughed it off as some silly thing. NEVER encouraging me to be what I wanted to be. My dad always trying to make me some sports star and my mom always trying to make me some freaking doctor or lawyer. So they, hoping I would "grow out of it", were shocked when I told them I was majoring in childhood education! "Oh come on you don't want to be a teacher! They don't make good money at all!" said my mom. My dad would say, "why not try and be a lawyer or doctor you are perfect for those jobs!" How the hell do you know what job I am good for? Maybe they would have been good for you but not me! I even explain my reasoning on how I think the education system is ass and how most teachers suck dick at what they do. They still don't listen.

And while this is only a personal example I ALWAYS see this happening. I ask children I know why they play a sport they're playing, "my mommy and daddy want me to" Or I just ask them why they are in a certain school activity, "mommy and daddy said to do it" Yes yes sometimes the kid says "because I want to" but it is far too uncommon.

And the biggest argument against me is people saying if we give kids too much choice they might make a mistake and hurt themselves or something! Well adults aren't freaking perfect either. EVERYONE makes mistakes. The thing is we LEARN from mistakes. So giving the child freedom to make mistakes increases their knowledge and we all know knowledge is power. The child learns from the mistake and becomes that much smarter. Now when a child was not able to make mistakes and experience life because mommy and daddy controlled their lives so much the child will grow up and just fail as an adult. The person will not reach their full potential either because people wanted them to be obedient or because their parents didn't like what the child liked.

So in the end what our current society does is fuck up our kids. Who the fuck could have guessed?

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