The history of liberty is a history of resistance. The history of liberty is a history of limitations of governmental power, not the increase of it.
-Woodrow Wilson
Lord Galen
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The Shephards of Society
By: JerseyJ  |  September 25, 2008

Quack psychologists, the news, the government. I shake my head at the mere thought of either of them. Every day, they exploit anything they can get a hold of. As a result, our society gets brainwashed into fear and forced to rely on what the big people want the public to believe.

Weight gain, loss of libido, agitation, anxiety. These are just some (and I do mean some) side effects of anti-depressants. In addition to depression, people apparently need a drug addiction. Wow. What's worse is that people actually buy these things and some even increase the dosage because it doesn't work for them, therefore end up two giant steps backwards.

When you watch TV, there's always a commercial or two that talks about some new miracle product. They name all these symptoms that just happen to be curable without the product -- lack of sleep, a cold, etc. Not only that, but the product usually has some serious side effects. Then the manufacturers proceed to ask all these act... uh, I mean satisfied customers and you hear all of them say that it works; hmmm... how convenient. Too bad it doesn't usually work for the sheep who actually buy them. The very next day, a new "miracle" product is created and the cycle continues.

In the movie "Super Size Me", Morgan Spurlock goes on a 30-day diet of McDonald's food. As a result, he gains some serious health problems, including irreversible liver damage and a future risk of a heart attack, proving that fast food is bad for you. Why, thank you, Captain Obvious. You just screwed up your body, filmed 250 hours of footage, and wasted 100 minutes of your audience's lives just to state a fact that most non-obese people already know: fast food is not meant to be eaten daily. Fast food doesn't cause obesity; lack of willpower is the real cause of obesity. It's not entirely wrong to eat fast food, but if you overindulge yourself, then you'll end up unhealthy.

Speaking of obesity, 'tis the season of lawsuits. No longer are people responsible for their own actions; now everyone who manufactures things that can harm irresponsible people is liable to get sued. Once, a man riding his bike home from work at night with no lights was hit by a Jeep after the driver ran a stop sign. The bicyclist sued the bike manufacturer because he was not warned that reflectors might not be enough to prevent an accident. Rather than sue the truck driver who ran a stop sign and hit him, this guy actually sued the company for "defective reflectors". By the way, the man was awarded $6 million.

Lawsuits are the biggest trend right now. Did you hurt yourself? Are you incompetent? Don't feel bad, just blame an entire corporation and demand a few thousand dollars. Wrong. It is not McDonald's fault that you can put dents in your scale and Hasbro is not responsible for your daughter slamming her hand in an Easy Bake Oven. What's worse is that some companies, no matter how big, actually take these people seriously and either halt production of that product to avoid controversy or pay the "victim(s)" to drop the lawsuit.

A lot of prejudice and fear comes from the frequent use of stereotypes in the media combined with lack of socialization with actual individuals of groups who are portrayed negatively. The majority of people who believe that all African Americans are gang members don't know any black people, and they refuse to give it a chance. Some believe that the puppets on BET represent all African Americans. Most people who believe that certain celebrities are bad in reality have never met them in person. They just know what the tabloids tell them.

Ignorant African Americans call each other niggas all the time, yet cry "racism" when a Caucasian says the same, even as a joke. If they live in the projects, juggle four jobs, have three kids, and two baby fathers, some blame "The White Man" for those problems that are usually their own faults. In the aftermath of Jena 6, nooses have reportedly been seen around African American property, sparking a "Return of Racism" scare. In the previews of Resident Evil 5, there was an outcry over African zombies getting killed by a Caucasian protagonist. Don Imus and Dog the Bounty Hunter have been fired for making racist remarks.

For the most part, Caucasians and African American have equal rights now. Yet whenever a person of color gets harmed physically, mentally, or *gasp* verbally, the whole world has to stop for the real racists who call out all Caucasians for allegedly being racists just because a few did something wrong. Shepherds like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton don their capes and hop into the spotlight at this time and make some remarks about how "Whitey is trying to keep us down!". Morgan Freeman said it best: "The only way to get rid of racism is to stop talking about it."

News outlets report way more bad news than good. It's always murder this, stealing that, abuse, and fraud. The real reason why it is so imbalanced a no-brainer: if it bleeds, it leads. Controversy sells. If there was more good news than bad, I'll bet the sheep would think this world was like the neighborhood from Leave It To Beaver.

I don't like to state the obvious, but some people seem to forget this, so I'll do it anyway. News is a business. Notice how most commercials for the news programs open with something similar to, "Our top story: Scrambled eggs -- are they bad for your health? Find out tonight on the 6 o'clock News." The suspense of those few words is enough to grab the attention of almost anyone who eats eggs. If it's so bad, why don't they finish that story at the present time instead of just saving the important details for the show that just happens to be a few hours later? Because suspense = viewers.

The news is actually predictable when it comes to suspects. As soon as the type of crime is named, I can place bets on the age group, race, etc. of the suspects before their picture even shows up on a TV screen. If it involves small crimes, 9 times out 10 it's a teenager. If it's molestation, the man is a Caucasian. Look it up; no way are the stereotypical vandals the only culprits of the crime. Yet I hear the sheep baa all the time about how "black people don't commit suicide" and "non-Americans never fight amongst themselves". Sheep want to hear bias news toward their least favorite groups of people, so the shepherds who air the news give them just that.

The media also has a habit of coming out of the blue and making simple things seem more dangerous than they actually are, even after years of few problems. For example, energy drinks have been sold for decades. Now all of a sudden they're hazardous to young people. The drinks won't give anyone a disease if the people aren't stupid enough to chug 8 cans at once. But, of course, the few idiots who overdose on energy drinks just have to mess it up for everyone, and now the industry is in talks to put an age limit on them.

And then there's the Internet scare. People actually scold parents for allowing "children" as young as 15 to go online. The media makes it seem like all websites are infested with pedophiles. Even if that was the case, all the "prey" really has to do is not hand out personal information and there won't be a problem. It wouldn't matter if everyone online except the child/teen in question was a pedophile. Unfortunately, people are so paranoid by "To Catch a Predator" -- where the feds willingly accept the advances of soon-to-be pedos -- that they forget about that simple life-saving rule and just prefer to block young people from the computer altogether.

America alone is home to over a million people. As populated the entire world is and has been for centuries, do you really believe that any of the big problems we hear about so often nowadays are new? Some of the things that this generation calls problems (including underage issues) were legal a few years, decades, and/or centuries ago, and are still the norm in some other countries. Journalists and TV cameras can't be everywhere at once. Translation for the sheep: Your precious media can't report everything that happens in the world over the course of even one day within one hour. And if everyone does their homework, they'd see that the world is actually getting better, statistically speaking.

The American media wants our society to believe that everyone from another country is a terrorist, anyone with the slightest hint of color in their skin is a criminal, men who respect young people are pedophiles, and the list goes on. The government wants to separate everyone and cause animosity from certain types of people towards other groups, then demand "better", stricter laws that conveniently screw up everyone's rights. Some doctors don't really want to cure diseases because they know that if there was a cure for cancer, for example, they wouldn't get paid as much as they do for the medicines that either don't work or just slow the illnesses down. It's all just a scheme to benefit the government, and they don't care if they tear the whole world apart in the process.

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