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I am NOT Anti-Social
By: iXenomorph  |  March 31, 2008

All too often, I would have a friend, associate, or classmate of mine ask me to attend a party or some kind of social function. As usual, I would politely decline. However, the person in question would most often nag me to go, and try and persuade me, gradually getting less and less persuasive, eventually becoming slightly irritating, and then just downright fucking annoying. After politely declining for the 105th time, that person most likely would walk away, and mutter something about me being anti social and lonely. Of course I have a social problem, I don't want to go to your party, right?

According to several sources, if you agreed to the above statement, then you are a stupid cunt. I DON'T FUCKING WANT TO SOCIALIZE WITH YOU, DICK HEAD! Not wanting to socialize, and lacking social skills are two different things. It's like comparing someone who's mute, and someone who chooses not to talk - COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT AND FUCKING RETARDED!

Based on some of research and my own life experiences, I identify myself as an introvert. If you are wondering what that is, here is a quick definition from

Psychology. a person characterized by concern primarily with his or her own thoughts and feelings.

The opposite of introvert, would of course be extrovert, and unfortunately for me, the majority of society falls into this category:

Psychology. a person characterized by extroversion; a person concerned primarily with the physical and social environment.

So, if you are unable to understand those two simple English phrases identifying these terms, then let me spell them out for you:

Introvert - I don't fucking care what society thinks of me TOO much.
Extrovert - I fucking care what society thinks of me TOO much.

Now that we've got the basics out of the way, let's clear another little thing up. A lot of people ask me why I am introvert, once I've openly told them that I am. Usually, I tend to go for a more polite response, such as, "I like to be alone because it's quiet," or, "I like to have a little time to myself sometimes." Actually, what really goes on in my head is the response,


Why do I seem reluctant to talk to you?

The reason is that I KNOW that I am far more intelligent than you, and frankly, conversation with the majority of people is unrewarding, boring, and DOWN RIGHT IRRITATING. I DON'T CARE what you had for dinner last night, and I DON'T CARE where you were on Saturday! Listening to someone drone on about their mundane existence is NOT something I call enjoyable conversation. Just because I don't want to hear about your stupid fucking dog, or what you did on fucking Friday night DOESN'T mean I'm anti social! Dipshit!

Another thing that pisses the hell out of me is, as illustrated in my opening example, most peoples response to my unwillingness to join a social function. This, again, is for the same reasons as stated above.

Typically, a normal high school social function would most probably be a party, or a trip to the mall. I know, and you know, that going to these places yield NO PRACTICAL BENEFITS AT ALL. What the fuck can I do at a party? Get drunk, get laid, dance and make a fool of myself? For one, I don't like drinking (I see it as a feeble attempt to show bravado and masculinity, at this age), and the "music" at parties fucking pisses me off (Rap is NOT music just because "IT HAS DAT GOOD BEAT!!! YEAH BOY!" [no racism intended here]). Why the fuck would I waste a good nights worth of time, when I could be reading a book or manga, listening to music, playing my drums, surfing the web, watching Anime, or playing on my computer? Getting drunk and getting laid with some stranger I don't know is NOT appealing in the least and definitely not my idea of a good time. The same goes for a trip to the mall. What can I do there? Buy clothes? I don't need a shitload of clothes to survive, idiot! I just need an adequate amount of clothes to get me through the week, then I'll wash them, and wear them again! Shopping for clothes unnecessarily is fiscally irresponsible and another huge waste of time. The same goes for window shopping. A lot of people explode in shock when they see I have more than $100 in my wallet. "Why do you have so much money?! YOU MUST BE SO RICH!" Wrong, it's because I don't waste my money buying STUPID CRAP I DON'T WANT OR NEED.

Waste time, money, and energy for some small-talk in the mall and the benefits of "somewhat" social activity? DON'T FUCKING NEED IT! CUNT BUCKET!

"Oh, but you could watch a movie!"

Oh big whoop, I can do that in my OWN DAMN TIME, and not spend the $10 I have to fork out to watch it. Why would I pay for a fucking movie I could easily download (illegally, lol) and enjoy without your stupid comments and remarks? I wouldn't have to pretend to like the movie if I didn't, and do other shit like that just to keep the atmosphere pleasant. Also, you're not even supposed to talk during the movie, so as for the social aspect, lol, you just shot your own argument down.

One more thing that pisses me off, is people going,

"OMG! O_O You don't have a girlfriend, and you're a virgin?! At 17?!"

Well, shit! I don't WANT a fucking girlfriend, and I don't NEED a fucking girlfriend. To me, girls (at this age) ARE WORTHLESS PIECES OF SHIT! FUCK OFF AND DIE, BITCH! I should've mentioned this before, but I'm currently in my senior year of high school, and believe me, girls at this age ARE NOT WORTH MY TIME. What the fuck could I possibly get from a girl? Physical or sexual pleasure? Firstly, using a girl just for physical gratification goes against my morals, and most girls at my high school are naive, extremely extrovert, and superficial anyway. They talk about themselves, their family, themselves, their pets, themselves, their friends, themselves, themselves, and themselves! FOR FUCK'S SAKE! WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO TO HAVE INTELLIGENT CONVERSATION HERE?! Please, I beg you, talk to me about something I give a fucking damn about! Computers, world news, LITERATURE, ANYTHING! And yes, I bet if you read the word "literature" you probably think I'm some arrogant nerdy, fucktard going to MIT or Harvard, right? I'm arrogant, but I'm not nerdy, or a fucktard, and I don't want to go to a school SOLELY for the prestige it brings, so that again makes you a stupid naive bitch! The reality is that girls nowadays (again, at this age) care about themselves and how they fit into society so much, that they become fake, bland, and empty as people! I can see through that thin veneer which you call your personality, and you are fucking dull and boring inside! For fucks sake, stop trying to "blend in" and be more of yourself for once! Making conversation for the sake of trying to fit in is a complete TURN OFF and BORES ME INSTANTLY! Stop it! It is certainly NOT attractive in the least, and frankly, gives me a bad impression about you. Of all the girls that have talked to me, the most attractive to me was the one that wore glasses, was somewhat short, skinny (lanky even), and had pimples. She, like me, is wildly cynical, highly intelligent, and TRUE TO HERSELF AND HER OWN IDENTITY. That, to me, impresses me, and that to me, is way more fucking attractive than the hundreds of "Mrs. Universe's" in the other classes that I have. This goes for fashion as well. It's amazing to what lengths girls go to stay "in fashion." I have this one girl that is in several of my classes (I call her "Jessicunt"), that comes into school with a different hair style every day. Why the fuck would you waste so much time on your hair when you could be SLEEPING!?

There was one time I did attempt to "blend in" and that was when I did go to this mall with some new friends of mine (I just moved into the neighborhood, from China, actually). So, we were playing at Gameworks when all of a sudden, this huge rowdy crowd of my friend's friends (mutual "friends") appears, and then they all suddenly degrade into a loud rabble of fucking retards. I hung at the back of the group as they paraded around the mall, talking in FUCKING loud voices and generally being noisy pricks. At the time, I figured that I should be more tolerant of people, as I did have fun earlier playing in Gameworks with my closer friends. Boy, was I wrong.

After waltzing around the wall for about 20 minutes, the gang proceeded to the parking lot. Wondering what they could be up to, I followed, and then found them publicly degrading other people's cars by PISSING on them and scratching them with coins. It was at this point in my life that I lost hope in all humanity.

What the FUCK?! I waste a WHOLE DAY'S WORTH OF TIME to come out, play and enjoy for myself for 2 hours (somewhat), then force myself to endure the idiocy of some morons I don't even know? YOU'RE FUCKING 2 FEET AWAY FROM EACH OTHER SO TALK IN NORMAL HUMAN VOICES, DON'T SHOUT! Furthermore, WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING SHIT TO OTHER PEOPLE'S CARS? LEAVE THEM THE FUCK ALONE AND FIX YOUR OWN FUCKED UP SELF FIRST!

Ever since then, I have refused to attend ANY social functions of any kind, as from this experience, clearly, they are not worth the time and effort I sacrifice to join them.

Before you dismiss me as some emo, hateful cunt (I probably am the latter), let me first lay down some guidelines as to what introverts DO appreciate, in the hopes that your stupid infantile brain would actually learn something from this rant other than the fact that your existence challenges the very fabric of sanity:

1. If a person is introvert, that doesn't mean he is shy or anti social.

- Being introvert is not a problem, it's a lifestyle! And a damn good one too! Introverts are observant, careful, but not talkative. Respect that!

2. Introverts DO socialize.

- Contrary to popular belief, I DO socialize. Just not very often due to my circumstances. I often used to love going out with my close friends (back in Hong Kong, I have moved to America half a year ago) and I really felt a connection with them. Here, everyone is so engrossed with being a tardfuck (i.e themselves) that it just really doesn't mean anything to me anymore.

Introverts are known to socialize best in writing, and a new breed of introvert, known as the intervert (internet-introvert) socialize best while online! Just look now, I am going out of my way to socialize with you cunts through the amazing interweb. Woot.

3. Introverts need their privacy.

- One of the greatest technological inventions of mankind is the door lock. It keeps idiots OUT and my sanity IN. Us introverts enjoy time to ourselves because the pace and chaos of everyday life just gets irritating at the end of the day. LEAVE ME ALONE for a couple of hours, and hey, who knows. I might actually smile at you when I see you again.

4. Introverts hate small talk.

- You probably already understand this from the body of my rant, but it needs to be stated. If you really want to talk to an introvert, talk about stuff that he cares about! Small talk (the weather, your weekend, etc) is a waste of time to an introvert! Introverts like conversation involving higher thinking because, in all the time they spend with themselves, they often ponder deep, MEANINGFUL things that extroverts don't. DO NOT TALK TO ME UNLESS YOU HAVE AN IQ OVER 32, PLEASE!

5. Introverts are more socially aware than you!

- Introverts seem withdrawn, but in actuality are OBJECTIVE, ANALYTICAL, AND OBSERVANT. We are WELL AWARE of social norms, but we choose to be true to ourselves and disregard them. Yes, we risk alienation, but FUCK! I'd rather be alone and content than surrounded by idiots!

Hopefully, this rant has educated your puny mind as to the psyche of the introvert. Although I hate you fucktards now, I write this in the hopes that one day, society will learn to be true and honest, disregard the need for fallacies, veneers, or charades and learn the true meaning of self identity. I don't care about your respect! My self-respect is worth more than ANYTHING you could ever give me, and that is the most important thing for me. If you really want to know me, approach me TRUE TO YOURSELF, and be HONEST about who you really are. Otherwise, just drop on your knees and SUCK ME OFF! Bitch!

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