We must question the story logic of having an all-knowing all-powerful God, who creates faulty humans, and then blames them for his own mistakes.
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Confession of Idiots
By: I Heart Sanrio  |  June 4, 2008

The blatant stupidity of a site called dailyconfession.com inspired me to write this little rant. See, the Internet is where you can get a really good look at just how ignorant, stupid, bigotted, and overall sickening people can be. Of course people are like this in real life, but the Internet gives them the anonymous protection and therefore they are a bit more blunt with their stupidity at times.

This brings me to my next point. Dailyconfession.com is a site where each day people post anonymous confessions of pretty much anything. There's the typical "oh no i touched mah pee pee 4give me Jeezuz" and then some people who confess to sleeping with their sister's husband and what not. They allow people to make comments on each confession expressing their hate, advice, or anything else and these people care called "talk-backers". Ok, it's a pretty cool concept and I admit that I enjoy reading the crazy shit people post there. However, the confessors are not the source of my annoyance. The talk-backers are. They are easily the most close-minded and ignorant folks I've seen since reading youtube comments. Instead of using any rational thought, they only allow fast reactions and emotion dictate what they write. It's sickening since people in general tend to be this way.

Here's an example of their idiocy. I remember reading a confession awhile back where the confessor was saying that they at 17 were in a happy and committed relationship with a man of 27. Seems pretty harmless, right? I thought so, at least. Well, the talk-backers disagreed with me. About 50% of the replies were along the lines of "OMG THIS MAN IS A RAPIST PEDOPHILE!!" and "If that sick creep was dating MY daughter, I'd tear his dick off..." blah blah whatever. 30% were of people giving the cliche and condescending remarks of "You're just a stupid teenager, you don't know shit about love." Lastly, the remaining 20% was of people trying to be therapists saying "Honey, this man is raping and abusing you. He is manipulating you and you will be forever scarred from this"

GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK!!! She's 17, not 9! If at 17 she can have a loving and committed relationship with a guy of 18 or 19, then what exactly is stopping her from having one with a guy older than that? Is there something in her brain that automatically shuts down once an older person wants her? NO, there isn't! If she can have a relationship with a 18-19 year-old, then there is NO logical reason that she can't with a 27 year-old! Some say crap like, "well because of the age difference, it's more predatory and thus he is taking advantage of her". That's a load of rubbish! She could be taken advantage of by ANYONE, regardless of their age! Him being older does not automatically give him magical powers to manipulate someone. This also goes back to the gender roles and idea that women are weak and helpless so they need constant protection. It's ridiculous!

"Well, she's just an innocent child!! When I was 17, I was still immature and didn't know what to do" Ok, that was YOU!! Are you every other 17 year-old on the planet? Nope. Does your experience as a teenager resemble everyone elses'? Nope. So, what gives you the right to assume that because you were an idiot at 17 that everyone else is? That's right, NOTHING, YOU INFANTILE MORON!

My favorite attack though was the "omg he's a pedo." America and much of the Western world is utterly terrified of sex offenders and they have an obsession with pedophilia. Each generation, Americans have to have a group of people to hate and fear. WWI it was Germans. WWII it was Japanese Americans. Cold War it was Communists. Now, it's terrorists, Muslims, and pedophiles. But, the scare tactics regarding terrorists were getting a bit stale so the government and media needed something else to distract the feeble-minded douchenozzles and thus we have the pedophile hysteria.

A pedophile is defined as someone past sexual maturity who is sexually attracted to prepubescent children. That means, pedophiles DO NOT seek adolescents! So, these idiots who are calling this guy a pedophile are just that, idiots. There are SO many reasons why they are idiots.

1. If this guy was a pedophile or child molester simply because he is dating/having sex with a 17 year-old, then child molestation is legal in more than 50% of the states in the US according to these idiots.

2. A lot of older teenagers can easily pass as someone in their early-mid 20s. So, is a person who dates a young looking 23 year-old a pedophile? Of course not.

3. There is nothing sick or abnormal about someone being attracted to another person who has most of their secondary sexual characteristics. In fact, it's nothing but natural.

4. The term "pedophile" is not a legal term, it's a scientific and psychological term. You can't be charged with being a pedophile in the courts.

5. What if for example the guy was attracted to her but he thought she was older? Is he a pedophile once he knows she is actually 17? No, that would make no sense.

I replied to that confession addressing one of the guys who made that comment and I even stated the definition of a pedophile to him. What does he say? He says "he is still a pedophile!!!! pedos will take any child even teens!!" What a sorry sack of shit! Even after I provide scientific FACTS, he STILL denied them!!

The funniest thing about these retards is, if that girl were 18 and confessed, the same guys calling her boyfriend a pedophile when she was 17 would say crap lile, "damn, I want me some hot young ass" because she is "legal"(apparently these fools are unaware of the age of consent laws in America.) I've seen it happen on several occassions there too. As if there is a physical difference between a 17 year-old and an 18 year-old? Don't these losers realize that 18 is just some arbitrary number picked by the government? It means NOTHING in terms of physical or mental development. It's random. That's it people!

The main reason I wrote this rant is because I do support civil rights for the youth and I am sick of the hysteria and ignorance. People try so hard to deny that teens are sexual beings and they try so hard to coddle and shelter their kids that it only causes problems. Being a teen myself, it is frustrating when people say that I'm unable to love, or I am too stupid and immature to know anything. It gets tiring when people assume I must be obsessed with trends and that I must belong to a stereotypical clique. Enough already people! Use your damn head for once instead of letting movies tell you how we are. Get outside of your box and go meet some of us "stupid brats" and get educated. If you asshats honestly believe all teens have the "Good ol' American family life", then you're naive and overall pretty stupid. We are, believe it or not, human beings with individual personalities. Stop trying to categorize us. Stop trying to "protect" us. Stop labelling everyone over 20 who associates with us "creeps and pervs". It's nothing but demeaning and dangerous.

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