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America - "The Land of the Free?"
By: iXenomorph  |  January 6, 2008

Ladies and gentlemen, the topic of this rant today is "China's mistaken identity in the eyes of the American people."

Or, should I say, "FUCK YOU AMERICANS! Don't fucking stereotype my country and assume that we suck!"

First off, a little about myself:

- I am ethnically Chinese, but I was born in the United States.
- I am 16 years of age and attending an American High School in America as of January 2008.
- I have lived in Hong Kong most of my life but moved to America in Summer 2007.
- I was raised in a culturally Chinese manner, but I speak fluent English.

Now, what has really sparked me into writing this rant was my most unfortunate migration to California, from Hong Kong. As I assimilated (or tried to) into the American culture and society, I was quite frankly, disgusted and appalled at the extremely distorted and naive view that most Americans have towards other countries, particularly China. I am writing this because I feel China is not what most Americans paint it to be - a dry, empty dystopia ruled by a totalitarian government.

When I first started school in America, I got a lot of questions regarding my previous lifestyle, yet a lot of them were neither interesting or insightful (and were probably asked for the sake of conversation or "courtesy"), and for the most part, highly insulting. I got questions like, "Did you work in a sweatshop?" or "Did you eat off the floor?" and even my favorite "Do they have rights over there?"

Honestly, I found myself biting my lip dangerously hard while I tried not to explode into destructive waves of rage at the naively smiling faces.

Seriously, what the fuck do you think goes on in China? Has your fucking education brainwashed you so badly that you think America is a shining beacon of hope in a world muddied by oppression and dictators? Clearly, your experience of the "outside" world has been limited to something I could fit in the small crack of my pee hole , and you are too stupid and know too little to make rational and sane judgments and conclusions.

I will now go over a few points to justify why China is actually more of a Utopia than America will ever be.

For one, China's annual death rate (and crime rate for that matter)is way fucking lower than America's. I remember watching CNN report that in Chicago alone, the death's caused by homicides peaked at 593 annually in 2007, which obviously amounts to more than 1 per day. That is just fucking insane, and that is Chicago ALONE. How many fucking lunatics and murderers do you have running around your fucking country?

Another prime example, is the appalling knowledge of technology within the average American teenager. Seriously, the most anyone in the student body at my school has come to advanced computing is drawing stupid shit on Paint. That is fucking pathetic. Even the IT teachers seem slow, dimwitted, and reluctant to use newer and more advanced technology and software. There was a time where I was teaching the TECHNICIAN how to fucking rig the projector to the computer. What the fuck? Do your god damn job dip shit! In Hong Kong, almost everyone was fucking wired in. I'm not saying we were a society of cyberpunks, but it's quite obvious that when a 5-year old Chinese kid walks in to 7-Eleven to by shit with his Octopus Card - a rechargeable, stored value card (quite the norm in Hong Kong) - then you know that you need to catch up. It's very fucking lame to see fat American kids struggle to press 1 key at a time while typing, when I'm used to being out-typed regularly by 10 year olds.

Racism and interaction of other countries also plays a part in my judgment. Firstly, let's look at the history of China. In NO instances, WITHOUT exception, have the Chinese ever invaded any country outside China. EVER. The only conflicts we ever had were internal, based in China, and while they were large-scale (many historical battles were fought with either side having at least 300,000 soldiers) they were always contained within the sole body of China. Now, let's look at America. w00t! What do we see?! America's very foundation was based on the total annihilation of an entire civilization - the American Indians! Hm, isn't this a bit ironic? And then you have that whole slavery thing. I'm not even going to BOTHER going into that one. Also, you have fucking dip shit America trying to break up other countries. Of all the countries America has touched, almost none have remained united. Let's see, North Korea-South Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, they have anything in common? Yes, if they're not SPLIT DOWN THE FUCKING MIDDLE, they're in political and social turmoil! Now, China is looking at Taiwan make the same mistake. Believe me, we are not going to allow it to happen to us. Another thing I'd like to point out is that while you were invading Vietnam under your pretext of liberating the Vietnamese people, Martin Luther King Jr. was campaigning for the rights of Black people. Again, this seems kind of ironic.

Yet another hateful thing about how China is misrepresented is the fact that "every square inch of China is covered in sweat shops." WRONG BITCH! You think China is fucking poor? WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG! That is yet another of your stupid naive interpretations! China is fucking rich! We are fat bastards! China possesses 75% of world trade goods. Yeah, that's SEVENTY - FIVE FUCKING PERCENT BITCH. I don't even need to prove this one, go ahead, check your shoes. Or your socks, or even that dildo stuck up your fucking ass you gay shit tard. It probably says "made in China." Everything does, if you can't see it, it's probably printed too small, but it's there, somewhere. That's because we're rich, and our relative technological superiority proves it. Seriously, take a trip to Hong Kong. All we're missing is a glass dome and cyborgs. Next.

There is also the plain and stupid assumption that America is the biggest dog in the world, and China is an economic superpower but military lightweight. WRONG FUCKTARD. The Chinese have a standing army of 2 million soldiers. That's six zeros, dip shit. Oh, and also, did I mention that there are 9 million military police stationed around China? They are ready to be called into active duty in the blink of an eye. Also, if you were to invade, China is protected by natural barriers, we have deserts in the North-west, Russian snowlands and wasts in the North, Ocean to the East and South, and the Himalayas in the West. BRING IT ON FUCKFACE! You can't even handle Iraq, I'd think twice if I were you. Next!

What's with the taboos in this country? Seriously, it's like I can't do ANYTHING without some weird awkward reaction from people. For one, I was shocked when everyone froze while I mimicked a movie and used my hand to do a "gun" shape. I was like, "What's up?" and everyone was staring at me like I was Lord Galen. What the hell? To this day, I still don't know what I did wrong and haven't been fucked to research on the topic (is it a racist symbol or something? No idea). Also, you do not have to be a genius to know what happens when you say "nigger," "chink," or "spic"out loud (Pardon me, I am not a racist). The direct result of you getting beaten up only shows the degree of violence in America's history and it's lasting legacy to this day. Oh, and I might mention that there's also a weird policy in my school where you're not allowed to wear hats - without being tackled by the guards. Also, in my school, you need restroom passes when you need the restroom. There are a limited number per term, so if you use them all, you can't go. What the fuck? When I need the toilet I need it NOW BITCH! I can't believe anyone can say China is totalitarian when over here we are policed so extensively and shepherded around like sheep to every class. Well, this draws me to my final point.

Freedom. Freedom is for everyone! It's great, everyone loves it...or do they?

Fundamentally, America was based on a lot of "good" concepts. I'm talking about freedom, I'm talking about compassion, and I'm talking about love and understanding. These basic ideals are what every good American strives for right? WRONG.

These concepts may be good at heart, but to a lot of people, they are just another fucking tool.

Almost everyone uses the term "freedom" in some way. Teacher's teach it to us, Bush uses it quite a lot, we understand it as an integral part of our rights and our needs as human beings. However, the way Americans use it leads me to think it has lost a lot of it's original meaning.

The pursuit of "freedom" in America is what is crippling society. Freedom ultimately leads to individuality, the right of being an individual - to be unique. Individuality is an inherent human trait, it's part of our nature. When it is so strongly advocated almost to the point of fanaticism in America, it's no wonder that it is the core element that causes so many homicides, drive-by shootings, rapes, murders, etc. in American society. What many people don't realize (or do realize, but are too stupid to admit) is that with want of individuality comes a neglect for rules. It's the NATURE of freedom to break rules, yet it is the NATURE of rules to oppress and obstruct. Why? Because with absolute freedom comes absolute chaos! And this, is the fundamental flaw which most Americans fail to realize. They keep accusing the Chinese of "ignoring human rights" and being generally communist bastards, that they fail to see how much more developed Chinese society is. In Hong Kong, there WAS no crazy taboos, no racism, NO DAILY HOMICIDES, no incompetent IT teachers, and NO CRAZY HIGH TAXES OR OIL PRICES. Everything was convenient, clean, low crime rate, etc.

Isn't that the perfect place we all wish for? Isn't that what every American, no, every person want? And yet, where is it achieved? In "communist, totalitarian" China! Why? It's simple. Because China is firm, it is stern, and it certainly advocates CONFORMITY. But you'll find that conformity is very synonymous to HARMONY, and that is what makes a good country.

Freedom should never undermine our tranquility as a society, our morals as people, or our unity as a country.

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