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Second Graders Are A "Threat?"
By: oppdis  |  June 4, 2008

The following rant is based off of this news article...
Seven second-graders at Margaretville Central School were arrested last week for allegedly plotting an attack on one of their classmates.

The seven, all boys, were charged by state police as juveniles with fifth-degree conspiracy, a misdemeanor. Two are 7 years old, four are age 8 and one is age 9.

A parent of the student allegedly targeted by the children learned about the plot Wednesday and informed school officials Thursday that the child felt threatened, Margaretville Superintendent John Riedl said Monday.

State police in Margaretville were contacted at about 1 p.m. and seven arrests were made by 1:30 p.m., according to troopers.

In a letter sent home to parents the day of the alleged incident, Riedl said the school had become "aware of a situation which involved second-graders planning to hurt one of their classmates.

"Because of the seriousness of this incident, and to protect the privacy of all of our children, we cannot release any details, but we want you to be aware that something has occurred," Riedl wrote.

The gender of the classmate allegedly targeted by the boys was not identified.

No students were injured and no weapons were involved, Riedl said Monday.

But he declined to release any other information about the alleged plot, which he said remains under investigation.

"Federal law and common sense prohibit me from saying anything regarding our investigation last week," Riedl said in a prepared statement. "Student safety is important to us, as is academic success. We will do our best to assure a quality education in a safe environment for our district's children."

A state police investigator in Margaretville familiar with the case also declined to comment.

"The school has asked us to direct everything to them," Investigator David Lennon said.

Delaware County District Attorney Richard Northrup said he is not involved with the case and referred questions to Porter Kirkwood, first assistant county attorney.

Children aged 7 to 16 are typically prosecuted as juvenile offenders. Only older children who are charged with serious felonies face the potential of being prosecuted as an adult.

Kirkwood, who handles the legal aspects of social services cases, said he could not comment on any individual incident.

But speaking generally about juvenile offenders, Kirkwood said the responding law enforcement officials exercise discretion over whether they issue an appearance ticket for the probation department, refer the child directly to family court or, in some cases, detain a juvenile suspect or seek parental consent to send a child to a mental-health facility.

The vast majority of cases are resolved through an initial process overseen by the Delaware County Probation Department known as "adjustment," Kirkwood said.

"Probation (officials) will work with the family," Kirkwood said.

If the juvenile offenders and their families react well to adjustment, which is a voluntary program, the case is usually disposed of, he said.

If the adjustment does not go well, the juvenile offender can be brought before a family court judge, Kirkwood said.

The probation department also has the option to refer a case directly to the county attorney's office for a review, based on its severity. The county attorney's office would decide whether to proceed with prosecution through family court, Kirkwood said.

After a process parallel to criminal court, a juvenile offender found culpable for his or her actions may be sentenced to probation, placed with the Department of Social Services or placed with state Office of Children and Family Services.

A State University College at Oneonta professor who specializes in developmental psychology said Monday that children around the age of the accused often do not consider the consequences of their actions.

"A lot of 8-year-olds are thinking fairly primitively," Cynthia Miller said.

Miller said she was not familiar with the Margaretville case, but for second-graders, getting arrested is a rare occurrence.

"My guess would be there is probably one kid at the bottom of it that somehow talked the other kids into it," she said.

This child would have a particular characteristic that made him seem powerful to the other students, and he "psyched" them into following him.

Without knowing the circumstances of the incident, she said, it is hard to place a motive on it.

"There are so many factors that influence kids' behavior," Miller said.

Troopers and school officials would not discuss what may have motivated the students.

Miller said that she leans toward the opinion that police intervention can sometimes be detrimental to a child's development.

But if 8-year-olds were talking about hurting other kids, they may need serious help, she said.

"Kids are redeemable, especially at the age of 8," Miller said.

Riedl would not disclose what punishments the school may have meted out against the students charged.

"I'm not willing to comment on these disciplinary actions," Riedl said.

Margaretville Central School has 465 students in kindergarten through 12th grade.

So I was reading through my local paper to look for any unusual shit that might have happened in this royally-fucked-over world we live in. I actually chuckled a little at this article for a couple of reasons. The first was that it was the very first thing on the front page, at the top. The second was that it appeared to me that these big bad second graders were OBVIOUSLY a major threat to society. What do we do to people like that? We arrest them, of course!

Oh, but it gets even better. No, this volcano of bullshit hasn't stopped yet. What's the reason they were arrested again? Oh yeah, because this mom's little fucking pussy - trying to excuse himself for a human - "felt threatened." In other words, it went something like this...

"MOMMY MOMMY! There's these mean kids at school and they're gonna hurt me! Please help me mama!"

Now, the correct way of handling this as a parent would be to REASON WITH OTHER PARENTS! Who are the kids' names? We'll use Jay, Rob, and Kevin, who picked on poor little Alex*. Alex told his parents about the mean second graders. He did his part, so he's off the hook. After all, these a second graders, remember. Next, his mom should have (but obviously DIDN'T) contact Rob, Jay, and Kevin's parents and fucking EXPLAIN to them first that her son felt threatened. The parents talk to their kids, maybe a little discipline, kids learn their lesson, no one gets arrested. The fucking end.

OH NOOO! We don't TRUST the parents of these meanie second graders! So, instead of showing off that amazing brain power all humans have (but sometimes don't use, like here), you had to literally make these parents PAY for their kids' actions! You were too fucking lazy to get the phone numbers of these parents, call them up, and resolve this without conflict! Guess what, you sliced-open cunt? Now your kid's gonna have MUCH WORSE ahead of him.

That's fucking right, you dried-up enema bag! Your son will be forever tormented by these kids! According to what they know, your son is what got them arrested, albeit in trouble with their parents, who had to pay the god damn FINES!!!

Now that we have the dumbass mom out of the way, let's move on to the gist of this rant. Would someone puh-LEASE explain to me how a second grader is such a "threat" that they can be arrested for conspiracy! I've made countless threats in school, and second grade was no exception. Was I arrested for threatening a kid my age? NO! Did the school ever consider doing such? Hell no! Mostly I was sent to the principle's office. Why? Because my school had common sense! Was I a victim of threats (that I now recognize as total unadulterated bullshit) in that grade? Abso-fucking-lutely! Whenever I went to my mom and dad about it, they first tried the parents. If they had no reply, they tried the school. Were the kids arrested? No. It's all because they KNEW that a second grader's threats are not like that of someone my age. They won't MEAN them as much as teens/adults do!

I'll close out with a couple messages. First to the kid: You got lucky this time. Just keep in mind that your mommy and daddy won't always be there to save you. I'm sorry, but it's the truth.**

And to the parents: You fail at parenting, you know that? This will follow your kid for months, if not years to come. And it'll be all your fault. Have fun with that.

*No real names were given and, believe it or not, neither was the gender.
**Trust me, I DO feel sorry for this kid. No one should "feel threatened" at that age.

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