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To IB or not to IB?
June 4, 2008

Dear Galen

I just finished my sophomore year in high school. All my life, I've been told how intelligent I am, and I've always had people bugging me to get into those "gifted" programs, but I've never done it. I didn't want to alienate myself from "normal" people, who I thought would shun me because I was in whatever program.

Anyways, in the past week or so, I've been approached by numerous teachers, who were all extremely enthusiastic about getting me into the IB (International Baccalaureate) program. They all seem to be really good people, and I've heard that they're wonderful teachers. I hear a ton of good things about the IB teachers.

I've looked into it heavily, and all the classes seem to be much more engaging than the standard and honors classes. They offer higher level psychology courses, and the "core" class in IB is Theory of Knowledge, which is basically a class on philosophy. I'm a diehard armchair philosopher, so this really interests me.

There's also the fact that (from what I've ascertained) graduating with the IB diploma opens of a ton of doors, and looks wonderful on a college resumé.

Also, I have quite a few friends that are in IB, and they're all great. All the people from IB that I've had experience with have been extremely cool.

The problem is, though, I hear that there's a lot of work involved. I know that I'm fully capable of doing all the work, but it's a question of whether or not it's worth it.

What do you think? Would IB help me all that much? Do you think that I'll be glad I did it? Will the work be worth it?


Dear IBer,

Is this even a fucking question? What's wrong with you?! "Oh, blah blah, dear Galen, should I go open doors and create opportunities to have a better life and more money in the futre? I'M JUST NOT SURE!!1!!"

Yes, you idiot! YES!

In fact, this would be even better from a Youth Rights perspective. The big problem YR activists have with school is that it's forced on kids. Well, you'd still be forced to be there, BUT, you'd be in a better educational program that you chose to be in!

Dude, seriously, if you can choose to get a better education and you can handle it, you absolutely should. More people should have this choice.

With Stank On My Hang-Low,
Lord Galen

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