Resist much. Obey little.
-Walt Whitman
Lord Galen
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Youth Rights Is Not About Sex
December 5, 2007

Whenever new people who've never been exposed to the concept of Youth Rights before are first introduced to it, their reaction is invariably the same. They think that any adult who support the Youth Rights movement is obviously a pervert who just wants to fuck kids.

Honestly, I've never been sure how to respond to that. I mean, how DO you respond to such a fine example of pure, unfiltered, meandering stupidity? We want the voting age lowered to 16, therefore we're pedophiles???

As stupid as it is though, I have actually come to understand exactly why it is that people think this way. The problem, you see, stems from the fact that no "normal adult" (and I use that term very loosely) can possibly comprehend the idea of treating a young person like anything other than a dumb pain in the ass. When your average old fuck hears that we see young people as equals and treat them with the respect and dignity that ALL people deserve to be treated with, it simply blows their mind! They honestly can't imagine any good reason why anyone would treat a kid.... well, like a normal human being instead of treating them like "just a child." So, we get this old nugget of neatly wrapped and compressed feces: "You're all just perverts!"

Riiiight. The assumption is that sexual desire is the only possible reason we could have for being nice to young people and treating them "like adults." There's a few things wrong with that assumption right from the start. Firstly, we're not "being nice" to kids, we're treating them just everyone else. Equality isn't about being treated special, it's about being treated the same. Most "elders" have a difficult time wrestling with that concept since, as "elders" they expect special treatment from those younger than themselves. Secondly, we're not treating young people "like adults" nor are we treating adults "like adults" in the typical sense of the phrase. We are treating everyone of every age exactly the same. That's what equality means, dipshit. So, right off the bat, your dumbass assumption is shown for the giant stack of pure failure that it is.

Ah, but we need to delve deeper. Rather that you fucktards wondering about us YR supporters being perverts, let's turn the heat around. What is it in YOU that makes you assume that only someone with sinister ulterior motives would be kind and respectful of a young person? Are you saying that young people are such horrid little shits (the whole lot of them) that no sane person could possibly find them worthy of respect and fair treatment? Are you saying that teenagers and children are like a super hot but super fucking annoying cheerleader in that the only reason anyone would show any kind of interest or respect (which is all faked, right?) is because they wanna fuck them?

To that, ladies and gentlemen, I must respond that I feel genuine and deep pity for any children you have raised or are currently raising. The fact that you seem incapable of seeing young people as "worthy" of any adult's respect, friendship, and good nature is incredibly revealing about your character.

You see, rather than take offense to being called a pervert for supporting Youth Rights, I instead feel outraged that YOU are allowed near children at all! You seem to have it stuck in your head that the only thing which warrants treating a child fairly is sexual interest in that child.

And I would further point out another gigantic dumbass flaw in your huge douchebag assumption of YR supporters. Tell me why, oh why, aren't we pushing for a lower Age of Consent? NYRA doesn't even take a position on sexuality AT ALL, much less advocate for it! So, if we're all just in this to fuck kids, we sure are doing a goddamn shitty job of it! You'd think we'd be advocating a lower (or no) Age of Consent as our top priority! But, no, instead, we don't even touch the issue.

"But Galen, some YR orgs *do* address the AoC!" Yes, some Youth Rights organizations do indeed take a position on the sexual age of consent and their position is this: We agree with the spirit of the law, but not with the letter of the law. Every YR org that I am aware of is of the opinion that the AoC laws could be replaced with something better that does not use *age* as a determining factor. Doing so makes the AoC guilty of what so many other "protect the children" laws are guilty of. In the process of trying to protect young people, the laws enforce ageist discrimination against the young! So, you see, even the YR orgs (and YR supporters, such as myself) who take a position on the AoC are NOT taking the position that "adults should be allowed to fuck kids in a postpubescent-meets-prepubscent free-for-all." NO DUMBASS! We take the position that children can be protected from adults who would use and abuse them, WITHOUT discriminating against young people in the process! NOBODY IS SAYING THAT KIDS SHOULDN'T BE PROTECTED FROM REAL DANGERS, YOU FUCKING IDIOTIC CUNT SORE!

And that's just the YR groups and individuals who DO take a position on sexuality at all! See, even the ones who have a fucking opinion on the subject, their opinion ISN'T "let's all get drunk and screw kids!"

But the stupidest part of all this is that the "you're all perverts!" response most often doesn't arise because of *anything* to do with sex at all! If NYRA goes on TV to advocate lowering the voting age, someone yells "pedophile!" When NYRA executive director Alex Koroknay-Palicz was profiled in the Washington Post last week and spoke at length about how unfairly young people are treated in today's world, one blog tore him to pieces calling him a pervert! The man went in front of the nation in one of the most widely read newspapers in the country pointing out how kids get treated like pure shit and how wrong it is. The response to THAT is to say he just wants to fuck teenage girls??? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!

Here's an idea, you ageist fucking pouch of lime disease: Why don't you take YOUR dirty little perverted thoughts and shove 'em up your fucking ass, cocksucker! Yeah, that's right. When WE'RE advocating respect, equal treatment, fairness, etc. and not even thinking about sex, then you hit us back with "perverts!" guess what that means? Oh yes, dickheads, it means YOU'RE the one thinking about sex with kids, not us! WE never fucking mentioned it, yet YOU dumbshit assholes keep going on and on and on and ON about it! Why don't we just have a look at what's REALLY going on here:

Now THAT'S a much more accurate representation of what's really going on here! Jealousy, plain and simple. See, WE'RE not the ones always talking about fucking teenagers, it's YOU ASSHOLES who seem to have that subject on your goddamn brain 24 hours a day. The real problem here is that YOU wanna fuck some hot little cheerleader but you're too chickenshit to ever try to even talk to one, because then people would treat you the way you treat adults who actually get along with children (for GOOD reasons). So, since you can't have the orgy with the cast of Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader like you dream about every night, you look for any excuse to dump hate on anybody who you think might have even the most remote opportunity of living YOUR sick little fucked up dream! THAT'S the real problem. I'm not a pervert and I would never fuck a kid, BUT I'm in a position to have a better chance at it than YOU and that just makes you so fucking enraged with jealousy that your head wants to pop off and go nuclear!

HEY PERVERT, WE SEE YOU! Yup, no more hiding, asshole! NOW the truth is out. It's pretty obvious, when you think about it, that anybody who screams "pedophile!" for the slightest little imagined thing is most likely a giant fucking closet sicko himself! You wouldn't be seeing sexual perverts everywhere you turn if your head wasn't filled with sexual perversion, cockbite!

Gee, sounds familiar, eh? HOW many of the biggest anti-gay Republicans have turned out to be the biggest fucking flaming fags in the closet? People rattle off the loudest about the subjects that mean the most to them. The welfare of young people and the IMPROVEMENT of their lives means a great deal to me, so I shout about it constantly. For you fucking perverts, the status of a 13 year old's twat is everything to you, and since you can't have it, you want to make good and damn sure that anybody else who might have a shot gets the spotlight on them so THEY can't have it either. Human jealous, that's all it amounts to, and NOW we know what to call YOU, ya fucking pedophiles!

In closing, I'd like to make the statement that shouldn't need to be made. Enough people might listen to these jackasses though, so it should at least be said. Nobody can ever say we didn't say it.


Ladies and gentlemen, in my official position as the god of the Youth Rights movement, I hereby make this official announcement on behalf of all Youth Rights supporters, staff, volunteers, etc. everywhere: WE'RE ***NOT*** TRYING TO FUCK KIDS, YOU DUMB CUNTS - GET OVER IT ALREADY AND THINK UP A NEW NONSENSICAL RETORT! THIS ONE IS OLD!

In all seriousness, to the best of my knowledge, there are no adults within the Youth Rights movement whose primary (or solitary) goal is to engage in sexual activities with young people under the age of consent. It is, in fact, the official position of *every* Youth Rights org that I am familiar with that young people should have more control over their own bodies and the adults in their lives should have less authority over the bodies of the "minors" in their care. This viewpoint is anathema to the concept of taking advantage of young people for sexual purposes because, if our goals are realized, the youth of the world will be better able to defend themselves against sexual predators and less likely to become victims of sexual abuse.

Short and simple version: You're an ageist and a closet pedophile, now go light yourself on fire and make out with a rotary saw, you dumb fucking faggot asshole.

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