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Legislating Feelings
June 26, 2007

Here's something I'd like to know: Just when the fuck did this country become so fucking obsessed with how everything makes people "feel?" The whole political correctness bullshit is all based on other people's fucking pansy ass fragile little "feelings." Before you go any further, you need to read my rant entitled People Who Get Offended, if you haven't already. It's an excellent precursor to this shit.

Now, assuming that you've read People Who Get Offended and are now properly educated in the fact that anyone who gets "offended" by something is a goddamn insecure little pussy, let's move on the next level of this same bullshit and that is the public legislation of shit that offends people.

Michael Richards called 3 hecklers "niggers". Mel Gibson said the Jews are responsible for all the wars of the world. A high school student in California, just recently, was punished for responding to people who were insulting her religion; her response: "that's so gay." Several professional athletes have been sanctioned for swearing, giving the finger, or just saying things that were not politically correct in public.

Why? What the fuck is it in our society that makes people feel like that have some God-given "right" that nothing should ever fucking offend them?! That's not the worst part of it, though. The worst part is that the government, media, and businesses all take an active role is squashing anything offensive!

I'm SICK of this shit. You do not have any "right" to live your life being serene and happy! You are granted the right to PURSUE happiness, not to have it fucking handed to you!

Someone says you're a big fat tub 'o lard, tough shit! Someone called you a nigger? Kick his fucking ass, but don't cry about it like a little bitch! And there's the problem right there. This entire nation is a nation of pansy ass little fucking PUSSIES!


WHO FUCKING CARES, YOU COCKSUCKER?! The mommies and daddies of the world need to STOP pandering to your self-absorbed bullshit when you're little and just *maybe* that will stop you from growing up with the mindset that that's how the world works. NOTHING revolves around YOU, asshole! The next time your fucking feelings get hurt, you go right ahead and run to a lawyer so he can draw you up some nice lawsuit papers. Then I want you to take those papers, wipe your poor pussy little crying eyes with them, and roll 'em up really good... yeah, that's right go ahead and cry on them some more... Maybe it's because you're black and ancestors whose names you don't even know were enslaved. Maybe it's because you're Jewish and "heard all about" the Holocaust from your grandmother. Maybe it's because you're a midget and can't reach the Golden Grahams on the top shelf at Wal-Mart. Whatever the reason, you just go ahead and cry all over that rolled up bunch of lawsuit papers. Now that you've got 'em nice and soggy, that should make it really easy for you to SHOVE 'EM UP YOUR FUCKING ASS, CRYBABY!!!

Look, am I saying you shouldn't have emotions? Fuck no! Have emotions, be sensitive, get upset about whatever the fucking hell rubs you the wrong damn way! You're a human being, it's your right to get pissy when something upsets you! No, my point is this: Something bothering you is YOUR problem, period! You don't need to make it the whole fucking world's problem and whoever it was that did/said something to offend you... well, guess what you cocksucking faggot, that's their opinion and if it pisses you off, TOO FUCKING BAD! They're entitled to their opinion, asshole, just like you.

Let's do a little test here to see if you're following me. In the previous paragraph, I referred to you (the reader) as a "cocksucking faggot." Now, there's really no way to take this other than in the homophobic way. Sure, I could call you a cocksucker and that might just be a generic "asshole" synonym. Same with "faggot" these days. But combining the two, it becomes pretty clear that I'm using derrogatory terms for queers homosexuals in an insulting manner. Now why would I do such a thing, you may wonder? After all, I've expressed on several occasions that I wholeheartedly support the GLBT community and their rights. So why the fuck do I use words like that as insults to the general public as if to say "being gay is so bad, I'll call you gay to insult you." Well, there's the test, you asshole. See, if you're gay (or a liberal) and were pissed off by my use of those words, then as far as I'm concerned, you're a giant goddamn pussy and deserve to be called a queer-ass poofter nancy-boy cocksucking fudge-packing little faggot ass-grabber! It's not that I hate you, it's that I hate what an overly sensitive little BITCH you are, so it becomes one of the small joys in my life to take out a sharp stick and poke at the open festering wound on your soul (awww). If this shit didn't bother you at all and you're gay, then you either know me pretty well or you're comfortable enough with yourself as a person that a few fucking meaningly little words don't get you all worked up!

But that's not where it ends. Oh, if ONLY it would end with you either being pissed or not! No, now you'll tell all your other ass pirate friends about how "insensitive" I am to gays and how my words "hurt" your fragile little fucking feelings. Maybe you'll all send me hatemail. Maybe you'll complain to my webhost. Maybe you'll put me on some gay little list of "homophobe offenders" or some stupid shit like that. And then all the smart gay people will fucking laugh at what a moron you are, but at the end of the day, all you've really done is proven me RIGHT. If someone's opinion bothers you on a personal level, you feel that it's your right do "do something about it."

And I ask you, WHY? Why the fuck do you need to DO anything? Can't I just have my fucking opinion? Shit, it's not even my fucking opinion, it's just the casual usage of some words that'll only bother you if you're a fucking insecure pussy! You are not *entitled* to read MY FUCKING WEBSITE and not be offended! I am not *required* to pander to your goddamn emotional instability, you prissy limp-dicked little fucktard!

It's unfair of me to use homosexuals as an example, really. I mean, it's not like they're worse than anyone else. Basically, if you can find a sub-division of humanity, you can find something they're offended by and think they're entitled to have changed! And, look, I'm not talking about big shit here. Getting "homophilia" removed from the DSM, now *that* was something to fight for and be upset about! Getting segregation laws overturned in the 60s, *that* was a fight worth fighting! But, motherfuckers, getting pissed off and demanding an apology from Michael Richards and Mel Gibson and Imus... WHO GIVES A SHIT?! They're not actually *doing* anything to you, other than expressing their own "offensive" and rather stupid fucking opinions - which they have a right to do!

My point isn't that you should just sit there put up with it. Call them on their bullshit, absolutely, but stop trying to *force* people to change. Stop lobbying for new laws to protect all the delicate little flowers like yourself from every encountering anything that might cause you the slightest bit of hurt. Life is about contrast, idiots. If you never feel the bad, you can't recognize the good! You need a little emotional pain in your life, dipshit. It's good for you; build character. You don't have to let people shit all over you. Drop your pants and shit right back on them! Free speech is YOURS too!

Hey, you think I never got called a bad name or had anything said about me that hurt my feelings? Shit, I used to run home crying to my mom when somebody made fun of me. Granted, I was 5 years old at the time, but just bear with me here. I understand that not all of you have actually managed to grow up. As a teenager, I attended a predominantly black high school. As a white male, I was the minority and you better believe my ass was on the recieving end of some racism! But I didn't go protest to the administration, "I demand you make the mean black kids stop calling me "white boy" cuz it hurts my feelings!" Actually, it didn't hurt my feelings. I know ignorance and stupidity when I see it and even at 14, I knew it was beneath me. I never had to do anything to make myself better than those kids; they did that themselves. Rather than me having to raise myself up, they lowered themselves down. And once they were no longer my equals (by their own choosing), why in the fuck would I CARE what else they've got to say? Even if it bothered me, I just considered the source and kept going.

Think about it this way. if you're black and a cave man slouches over to you and calls you a nigger, can that *really* bother you? Knowing that this guy doesn't have a fucking clue what he's talking about, you can't *seriously* let that get to you, can you? I mean, he's human but he's quite obviously a lesser human being than yourself. If anything, it should help affirm your confidance that you're NOT a "nigger" because it took someone that fucking dumb to call you that! Well, it's the same thing! There may not be any real cave men running around the planet anymore, but there are certainly a lot of human beings who can demonstrate through their words and actions that they are wholly unevolved and their retarded fucking opinions don't deserve the weight you're giving them!

There's a phrase here on the Internet: "Don't feed the trolls!" It means that the best way to handle troublemakers is to ignore them. Well, nobody ever takes that advice online and they certainly don't take it in real life. As long as you morons keep trying to pass laws and file lawsuits and all this other shit, you're GIVING THEM ATTENTION! As long as they're still important enough to hold society's attention, then they're too important to ever die off. The solution is simple: Stop paying attention to them -- DON'T FEED THE FUCKING TROLLS, ASSHOLE!

The next time somebody like Don Imus says something that offends you, turn him off and never listen again. The next time a comedian or an actor says something against your race, gender, religion, etc. then stop listening to him. Eventually what we'll end up with is a small minority of dumb bigoted people who're are still talking just as much as they were before, but nobody's listening and nobody fucking cares! Let Mel rant about the Jews, so what?! If the Jews weren't listening, how much would his words be worth then? Let Michael Richards say "nigger" 500 million times, but if the only people listening are other asstards like him, what damage is he doing? What impact has he had? How is he hurting anyone or anything?

Think about it. When was the last time you heard about the once-powerful Ku Klux Klan doing anything significant? That's right, you haven't heard something like that. Y'know why? Because nobody fucking listens to them anymore -- nobody cares what they're saying or doing! The only people listening to them are other racists. Hell, more power to 'em if they wanna listen to that shit. Just means the rest of us don't have to.

And there's the whole point, in a nutshell. If you pansy ass fucks would just shut up about everything that "offends" you, it will eventually go away and the only people hearing it will be people who agree with it. That is right and proper and exactly as the world should be. To each his own... but for fuck's sake, stop trying to force your "vision" on everybody else. Nobody gives a damn.

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