If we can't think for ourselves, if we're unwilling to question authority, then we're just putty in the hands of those in power. But if the citizens are educated and form their own opinions, then those in power work for us.
-Carl Sagan
Lord Galen
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Little Girls In Make-Up
January 26, 2007

This rant is based on the following news story:
School sees red over girls aged 11 in make-up

GIRLS as young as 11 have been warned against wearing make-up, after a headteacher told parents it caused a "distraction" to their classmates.

Anne Torley, of Ormiston Primary School in East Lothian, has reminded parents to stop their daughters wearing make-up to school.

In the latest edition of the school's newsletter, she wrote: "It has come to my attention that many of our P7 girls are coming to school wearing make-up and that this is a distraction in class.

"We would appreciate parents' support in ensuring that this practice is discouraged."

Other primary headteachers yesterday said girls were experimenting with cosmetics at ever-younger ages, raising issues for schools and parents about where to draw the line.

Yesterday, the mother of one of the girls involved said all the parents had been shocked by the news.

It is understood that the girls could have been applying their make-up after leaving home, without the knowledge of their parents.

The mother, who asked not to be named, commented that all parents were happy to impose the cosmetics ban.

She said: "Some of the girls were arriving at school wearing a lot of make-up. It was the amount of make-up the girls were wearing that caused the problem.

"The school phoned a number of parents, including me, and I offered to go down and wash the mascara off my daughter's face.

"The girls had previously been warned about wearing make-up, and when I saw my daughter I thought they had a point."

Another parent added: "Some of the girls were very heavily made-up. I don't know if they were distracting the boys, but they certainly were a sight."

Yesterday, Ms Torley said as make-up was not part of the school uniform, it should be discouraged, but she declined to make any further comment.

A spokeswoman for East Lothian Council said yesterday there was no blanket ban on pupils wearing make-up at schools in the area, and confirmed that each school within the authority set its own rules. She said: "Every school has particular rules that the pupils, staff and parents agree on, including whether or not there is a school dress-code.

"The use of make-up by pupils is one of these matters which individual schools will have their own ruling on."

Judith Gillespie, of the Scottish Parent-Teacher Council, said the issue had not previously been raised by parents.

"No-one has come to us with concern about primary school girls and make-up, but school bans are very frequent," she said.

"Issues like this become local trends and schools have to step in to stop crazes getting out of control. In our experience, periodic bans are effective in solving the problem."

Marie Allan, the deputy head of Holyrood High School in Edinburgh, said she was not surprised that primary-school girls had begun to experiment.

"We receive girls into first year who wear what is, in our opinion, very adult clothing. Our policy is not to ban them, but to gently infer perhaps those items are not best for school. In some cases their attire or make-up can be very extreme," she added.


HOW do these little Lollobrigidas find time in the morning to put on make-up? In our house, the hour between 7 and 8 is spent groping for contact lenses, shoes and PE kit. My nine-year-old is usually still eating her toast when the school run arrives. The 12-year-old, however, manages to slap on eyeliner and mascara. I confess I think it looks cool, but I'd object if she tried to leave looking like Girls Aloud, or worse.

For every child who shows judgment, there's another who overdoes it. But what do we expect? They're encouraged to daub their faces at Halloween, and summer fairs wouldn't be the same without a face-painter. So what are tweenies meant to think when we suddenly tell them it's wrong to get made up?

Personally, I think you need to allow a little latitude. But I have some sympathy with the headmistress: clearly some of her pupils did not show suitable restraint. Look at it positively: a ban from the school means parents don't have to put up their own fight, and there's a lot to be said for that.

[ Source ]

It's stories like these that make me wonder why the hell I subscribe to an e-mail news service. Things like this showing up in my inbox certainly can't be good for my health. I mean, my blood pressure rockets upward and an incredible speed and fucking steam starts pouring out of my ears.

Never is ageism more apparent in this country than when I see articles like these. Such basic rules of common fucking human decency such as not dictating to someone how they should look doesn't apply to kids!

What, the make-up is "distracting?" Why, exactly, is that and who the fuck is being distracted? From the sound of it, the girls didn't look particularly attractive, so obviously the boys weren't distracted. The girls, maybe? Doubtful. Oh wait, I know! It was the TEACHERS who were distracted because the idea of 11yo girls wearing make-up somehow offends them! Of course, that's it! So, basically, the teachers invented a fucking problem and then punished the girls for being the problem that they invented.

My first question to both teachers and parents is WHY is this even any of your fucking business? Most parents would probably respond with "She's my child, that makes it my business!" No, no, stupid. We're not talking about something that is harming her or a health risk or even something that could so much as hurt her little feelings. We're talking about her appearance and how she chooses to make herself look. How is THAT your business?

Save your response; I have it already. It's your business, in your opinion, because when girls go to school wearing way too much make-up at such a young age, it makes YOU look bad. YOU look like a "bad parent" in the eyes of others because your daughter is doing something that others see as "inappropriate." So, once again, what we have here is a case of teachers and parents being pissed and punishing kids for something that is the ADULTS' problem! That is not a valid reason and, furthermore, it's selfish and fucking pathetic.

The school phoned a number of parents, including me, and I offered to go down and wash the mascara off my daughter's face.

Yes, of course you did, because YOU were EMBARRASSED and wanted to show what a "good mother" you are. Not because that mascara was somehow harming your kid or "distracting" anyone from their fucking school work. It's a simple matter of your pride. You're a selfish fucking bitch and you have no respect for your daughter's individuality and basic rights to have a fucking appearance that's not defined by someone other than yourself.

Seriously... my God, what the fuck is WRONG with you people?! They're 11yo girls, for fuck's sake! They're experiementing with style and fashion for the first time and you're treating that like a goddamn crime! Answer me this fucking question, you yentas. Which was more harmful to your daughters: (A) Wearing a lot of make-up, or (B) having their mothers come down to the school to forcibly remove the make-up from their faces and humiliate them.


And what the fuck for? Because you were embarrased? Grow up! That's right, YOU'RE the ones who need to fucking grow up here, not THEM! They were doing what I would expect from an average 11yo girl; expressing their individuality and trying to "find themselves" or whatever psychobabble you wanna label it with. Point is, they did nothing wrong - YOU DID.

"Well just how would you have handled it Galen? I suppose you'd let your daughter run around school looking like a painted hussy?"

Here's how that shit would've gone down had I gotten this call:

School: Hello, Mr. Galen, this is Mrs. Cunty from WTFOMFG Elementary.

Galen: Yes ma'am, what can I do for you?

School: I'm calling because we've been having a problem with a lot of our 11 year old girls wearing make-up to school and your daughter is one of these girls.

Galen: Ok.... You say there's a "problem." I'm not exactly sure I understand you. My kid's wearing make-up. So what?

School: Well, Mr. Galen, it's not just that she's wearing make-up, it's the amount of make-up. She's wearing quite a lot.

Galen: I see and this bothers you.

School: Yes sir.

Galen: And what have you done about it besides calling me?

School: Nothing yet, Mr. Galen. We've got the girls here in the office and we'll make them go wash the make-up off after we've let their parents know. We thought you should be informed before we do anything.

Galen: Mm-hmmm... Ok, well, listen. Thank you for calling me. I understand that you're concerned, but you should understand that I'm not. Right now, you've got my daughter sitting in that office instead of in a classroom getting an education because you think she's wearing too much make-up? I don't mean to sound rude, ma'am, but I send my daughter there to learn reading, writing, math, etc. not to be critiqued on her appearance by her teachers. I'm not paying for fashion school. Now, I want you to send my daughter back to class right now. I will talk to her when she gets home, but after we hang up this phone I don't expect to ever hear about this again, because I don't send my daugher to school to have her choice of make-up judged. I thank you for the call and I really don't want to be rude, but what my daughter has on her face is none of your business and I don't want to hear about her education being interrupted for something so stupid again. Now, good bye, Mrs. Cunty.

And when my daughter gets home, here's how that conversation goes:

Galen: THAT'S what you went to school looking like?

Daughter: Yes.

Galen: *falls over laughing* Oh my God! You look like a retarded clown! What were you THINKING?!

Daughter: It's the style. It's how all the other girls look.

Galen: So it's ok to look stupid just because all your friends don't have the fashion sense of a doorknob? Look, you wanna go to school like that, I'm not gonna stop you. I stuck up for you with your teacher and I'll tell that bitch off if she calls me over this retarded shit again. I'm just letting you know that you look stupid and everybody else doing it just means that there's a whole bunch of you that look stupid.

Daughter: Well I don't think it's stupid.

Galen: *shrug* Ok, fine. I'm just telling you how ridiculous you look. If you wanna keep looking that way, it's your business, but don't say I never told you how silly you look.

Daughter: Ok.

Galen: Now, either go to your room where I don't have to look at that funny face, or go wash that shit off and look like my beautiful girl again. Either way, I'm not polluting my eyes with the site of you looking like Bobo the Clown.

Daughter: Dad...!

Galen: I'm gonna buy you some big red floppy shoes, a big red nose, and a bicycle horn to go with your make-up.

Daughter: -_-

Galen: *LOL* Owned.

See how perfectly easy it is to let my kid know how stupid she looks without forcing her to change? If she still wanted to wear the dumbass make-up, I'd still let her, but she'd never fucking hear the end of it from me and I'd keep pictures to show to her future husband, LOL!

And I made a point in that exchange that I've made in other rants before on similiar topics. It is a school's job to TEACH, not to tell my fucking kids how to dress or wear their hair or how much make-up to have on! I'd rather know that my daughter looks stupid, but is actually smart because she's getting an education than to know that she looks "normal" and is a dumbass because the teachers keep sending her out of class to wash the make-up off because of their personal problem with it. Fuck that. Leave my fucking kid alone!

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