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Child Pornography
April 6, 2007

ATTENTION IMDb: For those of you coming here from the IMDb forum, I've read your thread and you're all dumber than bricks. Nice job making arguments against my rant that I already fucking dealt with IN the rant. I suspect you didn't even read the whole thing. Figures.

What a very naive look at things.

Im guessing the idiot whop wrote this is about 15 or so?
Yeah, "or so." Try adding 14 to that number, dickhead. Way to be an ageist though, by assuming that anything you see as "naive" must come from a young person. Oh, and I enjoyed the "whop" too. Is that just bad spelling or are you a racist asshole trying to call me a "wop?" Actually, either way, you mispelled whatever you were trying to say, so it really doesn't matter.

If any more of you guys would like to weigh in with your exceedingly ignorant trailer park opinions, I'm thoroughly enjoying the thread, so keep it coming. Seriously, I can tell that you guys have done a great job memorizing every single thing that Oprah and Dr. Phil tell you to think. Truly impressive parroting.

Alright, I've kept quiet about this so far in the history of SnipeMe because I didn't feel like dealing with the deluge of hate mail, but here it comes.

It seems like every fucking day we hear some shit on the news about some dumbass who got busted for downloading child porn. Tell me though, when was the last fucking time you heard about a child porn MANUFACTURER getting busted? The answer is probably *never.* You just don't hear about that because it doesn't fucking happen. So here's my question: Why are we locking people up for jacking off to pics of little kids fucking grown men, while we let those grown men roam free???

And to answer my question, it's simple: The U.S. and most western countries are more interested in prosecuting THOUGHT CRIMES than actually taking care of any REAL criminals!

Yeah, you heard me correctly. The charge of "Possesion of Child Pornography" amounts to nothing more than "Guilty of Thought Crime." There are no victims in this crime - NONE. Yet the authorities go after thousands upon thousands of people for it. WHEN are they going to go after the sick mother fuckers MAKING this fucking trash?!

They won't and that's that sad truth. Simply put, as long as they're locking people up for possession and convincing the public that these are "dangerous criminals" (for looking at a collection of pixels on a monitor), they don't have to do any *real* police work. "Hey, nevermind that 5yo that got a 20ft dildo up her ass, let's not go catch the guy that did THAT. Let's go get the guy who watched it in Windows Media Player!" And then they get on TV and say "We nailed this fucker who was watching 20ft dildos up little susie's ass" and the public goes "BOOOOO. HISSSSSS!" and the cops go "See, told ya they wouldn't give a fuck about the ACTUAL FUCKING CHILD ABUSER!"

Now, before you send that hatemail you're about to send, hear me out. I'm not in favor of child porn. Not at all. I've never seen any and don't EVER want to. It would probably break my fucking heart to see that shit (and it's damn hard to break a heart made out of solid steel, pal!). What I'm saying is that for every dumbass sick fucker we put in jail for just looking at it, that's one more asshole who's making it that we're not giving a flying fuck about.

Here's the rundown. Making child porn involves actually performing sexual acts against children. Viewing child porn involves enjoying the thought of sexual acts against children.

That being the case, I have to wonder WHY we put so much of our hatred toward the THOUGHT and do absolutely FUCK ALL about the REAL CRIME! If a guy is *thinking* about raping 5,000 children, that's NOT A CRIME! The guy who molests even ONE little kid is FIFTY FUCKING BILLION TIMES AS BAD as the guy who THINKS about molesting every kid on earth! There's not even a fucking comparison! Yet our government and our law enforcement agencies do NOTHING about the people who are fucking children!

So yes, looking at that shit is immoral and just plain fucking wrong. No argument there. But we can't go around punishing people for having THOUGHTS that are immoral and just plain fucking wrong!

"But Galen, it's about supply & demand! If we lock up all the people who want kiddy pr0n, the supply will disappear!" Riiiiight.... That's the prevalent theory with the "war on drugs" too.... how's that working out? NOT SO FUCKING GOOD! Y'know why? Cuz people will still molest kids whether they have an audience or not, you dumbfuck! It is wrong and it deserves to be punished! BUT, *thinking* about doing something like that is not something that any government should be in the business of punishing!

Oh and don't think I'm the first person with this opinion. Bill Maher said the exact words on his show not too long ago that Child Pornography is nothing more than thought crime. In response to a Boy Scout leader being arrested for CP, he had this to say:

Underage sex is completely vile. We all agree on that. I took R Kelly right off my Christmas card list when that shit went down. [laughter] But this guy is really being sent to jail for a thought-crime. Okay? It's not a good thing to do, to look at pictures of boys, but it is we have to pause here and say, okay, we are sending someone to jail for looking at pictures. He never tried to contact kids. He never gave them "Jesus Juice." He never said, 'I have a Ferris Wheel at my house.' [laughter] He didn't do anything. It is a thought crime.

And I agree 100%. In fact, him saying that is what got me thinking on this whole issue. Not that I haven't always felt this way, I guess, just that I generally don't sick around thinking about kiddy pr0n and the sick assholes who watch it.

Have I made that clear enough, by the way? Yes, if you're sitting there beating off the child pornography, you are indeed one sick motherfucker. My point is not to say that it's "ok." I'm not at all saying that it's acceptable to download and watch child pornography. What I AM saying is that it is a *moral* wrong, not a *legal* wrong. Watching videos of crimes being committed is not a crime in and of itself! Why aren't all the viewers of "World's Wildest Police Videos" getting arrested? If you've ever watched that show and enjoyed it, then you are guilty of enjoying someone else's criminal behavior and you get that enjoyment because someone had to suffer (the victim of the crime). Does that make YOU a criminal? It's not right that Marvin Turdburglar stole Sue Swanson's custom detailed 2007 Mercedes and took the cops on a 4 hour chase before flipping the car 25 times into a ditch, but if you enjoyed watching it, are YOU continuing to victimize Sue Swanson with every viewing? FUCK NO!

That's the main argument against CP. If you view it, you are victimizing the child again. No the fuck you're NOT. You're being a sicko, that's all. You don't victimize someone by watching what is essentially crime scene footage. If that were true... well, see my point about cop shows.

And let's not overlook the fact that this, like the war on drugs, is a war that will NEVER be won. The only possible way to stop perverts from having jack-off material is to ban any person under the age of 30 from *ever* being in *any* picture, TV show, movie, etc. A Google image search for "little girl" revealed at least half a dozen perfectly innocent images that a pedophile could probably beat his meat to. Opening up the JC Penny sales paper revealed at least 3 such images. Perfectly innocent, yes, but pervs aren't looking at them as cute pictures of kids, they're looking at them as "omg, that's teh HAWT!!111"

Am I saying give up? Am I saying that we should just let the perverts win? No, not at all. I'm saying that we need to shift our focus! The crime is not *enjoying* someone else's victimization. That's sick, yes, but it's not a fucking crime! Go after the people who MAKE this shit! Go after them with twice the ferver we've been going after thought criminals with! Find the people who fuck kids on film, staple their dicks to a wall in an 8x10 cell, and call it a fucking day!

As for the shit that already exists... I know I'm gonna catch heat for this, but fuck you guys. Let them have it! They should properly publish that shit, tax the motherfucking hell out of it and let any sicko who wants it, have it! Shit, think about what it's like to be a sick fuck. They can't get no ass without going to jail for it. Best thing they've got is fuckin' kid pr0n and the JC Penny circular. Let 'em have it, let 'em "release" those pent up sexual frustrations, let 'em fap until their dicks fall off, and just maybe that'll keep them too fucking busy to fuck with my kids or yours!

"No Galen! Studies show that child pr0n increases someone odds of molesting a child!" Uh-huh... Y'mean like how in the 50s, studies showed that Playboy caused men to go rape women in dark parking lots? Or like how heavy metal causes kids to kill themselves? I dare anyone - ANYONE - reading this to provide me a source for this often stated "fact." I don't mean a quote from Sgt. Dipshit in the Bumfuck Gazette. Show me a study performed by qualified psychologists. Go ahead, search for one. What, you don't think I have?! You won't find one, because such a study doesn't exist. Not anything credible, anyway. There is no reliable information that connects viewing pornography (of any kind) to the commission of a crime (of any kind) - NONE! And, believe me, puritan right-wing Christians have been looking for that evidence for as long as mainstream porn has been around! They even tried to hit Larry Flynt with that bullshit!

So, the course of action is simple. STOP locking people up for their thoughts and for not hurting anyone, just because their thoughts disgust you. START locking people up for fucking kids and putting the vids on p2p, newsgroups, etc. That clear enough for ya? GET YOUR GODDAMN PRIORITIES STRAIGHT, YOU ASSHOLES! Glad we had this talk. Now fuck off, ya sick bastard and don't waste your time sending hate mail!

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